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Saturday, September 20, 2014

training issues

I am closely supervising Lynettea while she enters this post for me. The phone makes a little ticking noise when she taps it.
This is me. You can see what a serious and committed Blogger I have become.
I found an article in the paper today about training and showed it to Lynettea.
It said you should never shout at cats, only give them positive reinforcement.
I wonder if that would work with Lynettea?
Maybe I should stop miaowing at her and scratching her when I am displeased.
That will be difficult, as I have got into a routine.

Maybe if she spends more time patting and stroking me I will grow more calm.
Maybe if she pays strict attention to my food bowl and entertains me on demand I will have no reason to be displeased.
Can humans really ever be completely trained?
That is the question we have to face, sooner or later.
They are certainly not very quick on the uptake. Can we love them, nevertheless?
With all their faults there can still be something endearing about a human, if one looks hard enough.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

sink jumping

We rounded off the day with a short session of sink jumping. That is, I jumped in the sink, because Lynettea is no good at all at this sport.
She hasn't worked out the psychology of it.
So, the end of a cold day, a  spatter of rain and my Snugglesafe heating pad dinging in the microwave to show it is ready.
Off to bed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Adventure time

I didn't want to stay on the heated cosy and thought I would go outside. Lynettea went out early and I couldn't get her on the lead. A cat doesn't really need a human to lead around, but as we know, Lynettea thinks she has to guard me. Sometimes a knight feels freer without his squire accompanying him everywhere, I tell her. (or worse, his mother running after him with a jumper and warnings about not getting a chill).
Finally, not being able to exit the pergola area without a key, and having looked at the fish   .... boring as they all hide under the slate shelves and the leaves  ... I decide to settle in my cane eyrie and pretend to be an eagle or a cheetah, or a hunting Russian. The mountain breeze is drifting past me high up in my lair. A bit chill, but I am hardy. I snuggle down, but stay alert.
Then Lynettea comes home.
'Oh. It's raining. Aren't you cold there?' Pokes around.
Then I get this.
blanket and surf towel on the igloo

'Are you warmer now, Sasha?'

'This will be even warmer for you!'

How can I pretend to be an eagle in an eyrie now! I can hardly see out. 

I am okay

I just felt a little disgruntled early in the day.
I relented later and took Lynettea out for her walkies. I only let her have a short walk, while I checked here and there. I was in a mood to spot check.
Then we came in so I could allow her to serve my food. All this rushing in and out by my human is disconcerting.
She needs to stay home and look after me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sasha refused to go for his normal walkies this morning. I had to leave after that. Now I am home and he hasn't noticed I am back. I think he is in his cosy in his outside play area.
'Have you seen him come in, Millie?
'He hasn't come past me. I have been fully alert, guarding the house.'
'I have to go out again. Then come back and go out again.' I hope there is not a problem...'
'I will keep watching out for him, Lynettea.'
'Good Millie.'

I didn't go out today

I didn't go out. It was too late when Lynettea got home, she told me. I like walking after dark, even if it is cold.
Maybe tomorrow.....

Monday, September 15, 2014

What is my REAL name?

Sasha, Sashie, Alexander, my beautiful kitten, darling kitty, Don't jump there, my little boy, Naughty Cat, The most beautiful cat in the World, My Little Darling Kitteh , Gorgeous One, Don't claw Me, . . The list goes on and I get confused. I think if I had one regular name it would be easier to remember.