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Monday, March 2, 2015

arrangements for our committee meeting?

We have to work out our arrangements for our Committee meeting. We are thinking we could go to a cafe, as there is a trendy cafe at the end of our street. The fish and Millie Robomaid like the sound of that. They like to see people. I feel a bit nervous of strangers and some people could be walking past with their dogs.
We are also thinking about refreshments, because if we have a long meeting, some of us might get hungry and thirsty.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A picture or two

Some of the fish photos are better than others. Princess Aurora surfaces at breakfast time to make sure there is no danger. She or possibly he, is the lead fish. The other fish have become more colourful as they have grown, but there is one small pale fish and one that retains part black scales. There may also be some dark fish. It is difficult to see all the fish because of the vegetation growth in the pond. We hardly see them except when Lynettea throws them food in the morning and evening.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Lynettea says she will try to take some pictures today.
As we know, she is not very reliable.

more pictures

We need more pictures on the blog. It is too dull with no pictures.
We will instruct Lynettea to take some attractive pictures of us.
We are more bright and colourful than Sasha. We swim faster than Sasha and we can breathe underwater.
So we are a great deal superior.

Princess Aurora

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We are now thinking of having a Committee meeting about the blog. We like the idea of a Committee, because it makes us all feel important. We are not sure about a few things and we are still considering them.
1. Should Lynettea be on the Committee? Her role is purely administrative anyway, so we could just tell her what to do. I could instruct her to turn on the computer when we need it.
2. It will be difficult for us to physically meet. I could walk out to the pond, which is in my enclosure anyway, although the fish claim it as their territory.
a. Millie doesn't want to rest on the edge of the pond, as she is afraid of falling in or getting splashed, which could ruin her motor.
b. The fish are concerned that they might not hear everything, as they live mostly underwater. They don't think they can poke their heads up from the water for the whole meeting. Apparently they would not be able to breathe with their heads in the air. How strange!
3. Maybe we will have to instruct Lynettea to make a virtual meeting place for us on the computer. Like the picture of me in the rainforest for Valentine's Day.
4. another dot point, because I rather like them.

what is wrong with my blog?

I am distressed at the comments Princess Aurora has made.
I always make an effort to post quality material.
Maybe we should form a Committee?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Performance Review

This a Notice by Princess Aurora, representing the Pond Fish in association with Millie Robovac that we will be conducting a review of Sasha's performance on the Blog. Our preliminary analysis shows that attendance has fallen off.


Princess Aurora