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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Born Free

Lynettea was looking at my previous article and said that she sympathized with my feelings, but it is a dangerous world beyond the fence and I need to have her with me.
It is strange to think of being totally free. Lynettea tells me there are humans like that, without cats ( or dogs as a second best). How can they survive without correct and loving supervision, I wonder.
Maybe that explains a lot of the difficulties in the world. Feral humans. With no supervisors. That makes me feel sad.
Let's think of something more positive. Turn on the television.


Lynettea now seems to be determined to patrol my every step when I take her out.
I am trying to give her a few hints to back off, but she is taking no notice. We stood for a long time in the corners of the backyard, looking at the fence railings, with me gazing up and Lynettea staring at me. It was rather disconcerting. It is not as if I want to escape. Just that I would like to explore. If I can't see over the fence, then how do I know whether I want to visit the next yard or not?
I am experiencing frustration and it is not comfortable.
Lynettea says, 'You won't like it over there, Sasha.'
I would like to know: how does she know that?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In my cosy

I am supposed to have photo shoots instead of resting?
Isn't there some code of conduct for this? I shouldn't be at her convenience. I am inclined to get impatient and test her hand with my claws. These are the photos with the not very good camera, but she can upload them at once.
When the other photos go into the computer I can make a post with them, showing off my expressive face and eyes.


As you all know, I am very good at taking my recatricant human for walkies, leading her about in the hope that some mental stimulation will prod her into a fully alert state.
I am not sure how well this is working. Today, for example, we went out and then I had to go in when she remembered she had to  put out the garbage and then we went out again. Lynettea was puzzled that my halter seemed loose and started to make unnecessary remarks about Diamond had needed a bigger halter and my father being a big cat.
Then of course the remarks about how I should eat more and 'fill out'.
She was looking at me, sprawled on the warm concrete path, and wondered out loud about me being inactive today. Why that matters I have no idea.
Then it was, 'Sasha your halter is twisted. You can hardly walk.'
My halter was fastened by some clumsy human in front of one leg and behind the other.
'Oh why didn't you say something?'
Well I did MIAOUW.
After she managed to fix the halter I became much more active. I rushed down to the back garden and sprang part way up the fence before she managed to catch me, pull me down and carry me inside. I struggled as we went into my enclosure.
'That is very dangerous, Sasha. You will have to have me holding your lead absolutely all the time now!'

Monday, November 24, 2014

world affairs

She is about to go out and I am miaouwing. 'I will leave the radio on for you, Sasha,' she says.
She knows I like to keep abreast of world affairs.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

chasing flying insects

Today it rained. Big thunderclouds came overhead and I decided to hide, as I don't like strange and deafening noises. 
Lynettea thinks I was hiding in the wardrobe and I may have been, but I prefer she doesn't know everything about what I do, down to the last detail. 
 In the afternoon Lynettea went to the theatre just around the corner from us. She said it was an exciting play called Bracken Moor, with piercing screams and thunderclaps. It was difficult for her to tell which thunderclaps were coming from outside and which were stage effects. After one thunderclap a ghostly figure appeared on the staircase and after one piercing scream from an actress Lynettea felt the sound rush down her spine and the air go cold. 
She may enjoy that sort of thing. I do not. 
At twilight the rain had passed and big insects were flying around. I tried to catch some, but Lynettea pulled on her lead.
 She says that, as I am a Russian Prince, I have to have a bodyguard in the street. I don't think she is a very good bodyguard, and besides, I am taking her for a walk. Sometimes I think she is trying to CONTROL me.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blog hop post

We are trying to do the blog hop again. Hopefully the human is up to doing the codes.