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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

mILLIE Robovac

Sasha is asleep, so i am taking the opportunity to post. Nowadays Sasha is hogging the whole blog. I don't get a chance and neither do the fish. For lack of anything better to do, they have multiplied. Lynettea isn't sure how many fish there are now. They grow and change colour and she gets confused. The vegetation has spread over the pond surface and they hide under the leaves.
Lynettea bought a Kindle book about the future and robots. I am longing for her to start reading it. I need to find out more about my own kind. My charging station suddenly started to work again after several months and I feel fully alert. I listen to the radio and am happy when Lynettea leaves it on when she goes out. Sasha usually sleeps then anyway and doesn't listen, but I do. I like current affairs and discussions of anything technological.
Millie Robovac

good morning

I feel lively this morning. I have already had a game leaping in the sink. A pity the water came on and dampened some of my furs, but I lept off and gave that part of my furs a good lick before jumping up again.
Lynettea filled my bowl with my TD dental crisps, which I like. They taste better than the royal canin dental crisps. I couldn't eat those. They were too large and hard and didn't taste right.
The vet has to order the TD ones specially for me. Lynettea rings up and then wheels her trolley to the vet surgery to get them. She says the vet nurses always ask after me.
Maybe they remember me for a good reason. Lynettea says I am an attractive cat, although I usually miaouw when I go there.
Another day.
I wonder what it will bring.

aM I an angel

Lynettea was having a rest today and I woke her up. I butted my dear little head against her and she said, 'You are my little angel, Sasha.'
But I thought that angel cats had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't gone to the Rainbow Bridge, have I. How would I know?
I took her out for a bit of a walk, although it was very cold. She had to wear the tea cosy type woolly hat and a scarf.
After my dinner tonight I went into the wardrobe and had a very relaxing snuggle in the dark. I like the feel of the clothes hanging down on me in a comforting way. Lynettea found me a long time later when she opened the wardrobe.
She said, 'I wondered why you weren't jumping in the sink, Sasha.'
I didn't say anything, just walked out to the kitchen and finished off the last of my gravy chunks. Now I am crunching up my dental crispies.

Monday, July 14, 2014

sleeping in

I am sleeping in this morning. I like to relax in my cosy when it is cold. Lynettea has just replaced my Snugglesafe heater with another one that she heated in the microwave. Hurray for microwaves.
Diamond had three of these heating blocks, but I think he may have used two at a time when he was elderly..
Lynettea has made me a special place on the lounge with my cosy on it and no-one else can sit there. I have used it since I was a kitten.
It is nice to have your own special places.
Lynettea says, 'You have special places all over the house, Sasha.'
 Well, I have a futon in the bedroom, cosy and velvet house in the lounge room, as well as my play tunnel and basket of toys. In the kitchen I have my play gym and padded seat and I sometimes use a chair. In the laundry I have my pet basket on top of the washer/drier.
 In my play area outside I have my run around shelves high up and a cane igloo, which is nice to relax in when the weather is warmer. I also have my carpeted tray on top of the tall scratching post.
'You forgot your big scratching post in the lounge room,' says Lynettea. 'And I am sure your friends will not be interested in the minute details of your life!'
Snoozing now...


Why do I have to say 'mummy is not a scratching post' five hundred times and stand in the corner? I am sure my REAL MUMMY would never make me do that.

I feel warm

In my pretty double layer Russian fur coat. Lynettea says I look very sophisticated and elegant.
She doesn't look elegant in her black woolly head thing to keep her warm. We run into Orla with her parents. I notice that Orla, who is an Irish dog, doesn't look like either of her parents, the same as I don't look like Lynettea. I suppose she also had to leave her real mother. There seem to be a lot of forced adoptions. Orla loves her human parents and she loves to go for a walk. She wants to play with me and dances around, but doesn't come too close, because my tail is a bit bristled.
Orla's mother says that we will get used to one another in time.
I wonder...
Diamond was a great friend of Orla's, everyone keeps telling me.
We had a bit of a walk up and down, then I took Lynettea back inside.