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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Lynettea took some of my recent posts to her writers group. She said, 'it will do you good to get some feedback, Sasha. It will help you improve your writing style.'
When she got back home, late, after she had filled my bowls with my special gravy chunks in one bowl and my crispies in another bowl, we looked at the comments together.
No-one had written on the pages! I was so disappointed.
'But they all laughed,' said Lynettea.
And she thought that was good!!!
I felt rather humiliated for her, as I feel she could not bear to admit she was reading my work and had passed it off as her own. Are all humans so uncaring and cruel, I wonder?

Let there be light and power

This morning I was sitting on my sundeck, high up in my enclosure, when I heard some banging. The electrician had arrived to replace our switchboard. I felt nervous, so stayed put. I couldn't concentrate on what I was thinking about, my life alone without parents or siblings. (that means brofurs and sisfurs). Is Lynettea enough of a substitute?
Lynettea says my mother would not have wanted to keep me, as she didn't have enough space. Well if she didn't have enough space, then why did she have me at all?
'Please do not feel unwanted,' said Lynettea. 'I want you.'
The electrician was very busy at the switchboard all day and then he came in to test the safety switches. I had gone into the house for a rest, but I ran straight to the highest and furthest of my perching places when he came in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

my Earth Day post

Happy Earth Day fellow kitties. It must be Water Day as well because Lynettea just splashed some water at me when I was standing on the sink. Sometimes I think she doesn't want me up there. I like looking at the dishes to see if there is any food.. What can I say about Earth Day?
As I am still a junior cat (not a  kitten), I haven't travelled widely and my reading is not perfect. I know there is day and night and sometimes I watch the moon and wonder what it is, or a plane flying overhead and wonder where it is going. 
I see the birds and the insects and sometimes another cat or a dog or the fish. I like flowers and sometimes I might eat one.
That must be nature. 
I don't want it too be too hot or cold. It was too hot here in summer. We nearly expired.
I wouldn't want all the people and plants and animals to vanish. I would miss them.
So let's look after everything and each other.
End of Earth Day post.

Monday, April 21, 2014


The cockatoos have just flown past, heading for the hills. There seem to be more of them every day. They fly over our house in a big flock, screeching, just before it is dark. Lynettea came rushing out to see them and we noticed it was 6:05 pm.
 I was outside in my enclosure thinking about things. I was wondering why my real mummy sent me to someone so hard to train..

Sunday, April 20, 2014

my real mummy

I want Lynettea to find a picture of my real mother. She says she took a photo of my mummy and me when I was just a little ball of fluff. I want to find out why my mummy let Lynettea take me away. Was it just for the money?

my natural mother

I wonder what my birth mother looks like and wonder if I shall ever see her. Would she still remember me?
Lynette says not to worry, as she is very happy to look after me.
But somehow i feel insecure. What if Lynettea was to get tired of me?


Lynettea asked me if I found out I was adopted, would I mind very much.