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Sunday, August 30, 2015

locked in

You would think that while they were sitting there watching television and chatting, they might have wondered where I was. No, I was not outside enjoying the sunshine on one of my shelves, or curled up in my outside cosy.
I was locked in the bathroom. Lynettea  was surprised to find me there after her friend had gone. She kept calling out, 'Sasha where are you?'
As I am resourceful, I  had pulled the towels on the floor and made a nest for a while. Otherwise I would have been cold.
It is cosier here on the lounge in my blanket.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A sometimes thing

Maybe Lynettea sometimes behaves like a Mummy to me and sometimes like an assistant. But I am not sure that a Mummy is a sometimes thing.
Sometimes she is very unhelpful.
These are my gazanias Lynettea planted for Diamond around my street tree many years ago. I like to sniff around the edges. Today there was a bee, but I didn't touch it.

Friday, August 28, 2015


When Lynettea put this blanket up against my back as I fell asleep, I wondered if I should call her 'Mummy'. When she took the flashy just now, I realized I didn't want to. Besides I am two and a half now. Maybe I should give up thoughts of having a Mummy.

morning has woken

 Will I get up or have a sleep in? The window is very bright. I think Lynettea pulled up the blind to take my photo, as the flashy was making my eyes flash. My eyes, she says, light up like little torches and ruin the photo, the photo being the most important thing to her. If I close my eyes, she complains about that. I think I will close them again and drift off ...

Unwelcome morning - too early
Notice my scarf, knitted for me by a friend.

Wild Thing

When night begins to fall, I feel a different spirit begin to come on me. This is my favourite time to go out. My other favourite time is when it is sunny outside on a cold day. Then I can climb up to a windowsill, or on top of the airconditioner unit and feel the sun warm my furs.
We went out this evening for a while. It was a bit of a nuisance taking Lynettea. She says she has to look after me. Ha Ha!!!
She looks up and down the street to check if any dogs are taking their humans out. Some humans are very dependant on their dogs. The dogs have to take them for walkies every day, or the  humans would get no exercise.
This evening I was just checking out the watertank next door when two dogs appeared. I quickly took Lynettea in and after the dogs had gone past we went out and saw them off down the street. The only dog Lynettea is not nervous of is Orla next door.
As we were chasing the  dogs, Lynettea said to me, 'Your tail is all bushed out like a fox, Sasha.'
Of course it was bushed out.
I am just about to have my nightly fur brushing before I go to bed.

Parsley for her dinner

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

checking the socks

I am now 'sock checker in chief'.
Why is Lynettea so late in putting the washing out to dry? It is after dark and
time to go to bed. I decide to help her out with sorting the socks.

Friday, August 21, 2015

a period of anxiety

Today I was anxious when my water fountain was cleaned. I am not used to seeing it waterless and it always makes me nervous.
After that we went for a walk and Lynettea was busy on the computer for too long. She was out all morning and I felt neglected.
Just now, I supervised the fish while they ate their dinners. As it was dark, the outside light shone right down into the water. I wonder if the fish get cold, swimming down there.
When I asked Lynettea, she said, 'you must be developing empathy, Sasha.'
What does that mean?