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Sunday, May 24, 2015


I refused to take Lynettea for her walkies just now and she was very disappointed. Was I  wrong? I  think  she  takes  me  for  granted. She  must  learn  that  I  can  not  always  be  at her  beck  and  call. I  have  my  own  wishes  to  consider. If  she  had  been  ready  to  go  earlier  when  I  asked  her..
But  no,  she  wanted  to  do  her  own  thing  and  kept  me  hanging  around. Now  I  would  like  to  enjoy  my  rest  in  the  warmth  high  up  in  my  cat  park,  so  she  will  have  to  wait  until  I  offer  again.

Monday, May 18, 2015

keep one ear alert

It is always  a  good  idea  to  listen  for  anything  that  might  sneak  up  to  disturb  your  well  earned  nap. Even  in  your  own  cosy  and  in  your  private  secluded  courtyard. I  had  one  ear  folded  over  as  I  slept  today. Napping  in  my  own  place  while  Lynettea  was  out  at  an  unimportant  meeting  was  so  soothing.  The  sound  of  the  Dragon  fountain  guarding  the  fishpond  quickly  sent  me  into  a  beautiful  dream. Then Lynettea came home. She doesn't give me any peace . There she was, snapping  away until  she  woke  me  up.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Good morning sunshine

First  things  first. A good sit  on  the  windowsill  and  a  good  stretch.  I  have  found  a  warm  breeze  flows  down  here  from  the  heater  to  take  off  the  early  morning  chill  for  a  little  while .

Thursday, May 14, 2015


We had a nasty scam phone call yesterday. Lynettea has just rung the police about it and they told her these people were ringing many others and trying to frighten them into giving money to the fraudsters.
The man rang and said he was from the taxation office and they had found that Lynettea had defrauded the tax department. When he said that, Lynettea didn't reply. She knew she hadn't defrauded anybody. Then the man said he wanted her dealt with and put behind bars. Lynettea kept silent.
So then he said, 'Constable Mark, go around to' .. and then he started to give our address, at which point Lynettea hung up the phone.
The police told Lynettea that these people are making many of these  phone calls and demanding money.
'If you get one of these calls, just hang up and don't give them any money,' the policeman told Lynettea.
I feel relieved as I thought they might take me away, if Lynettea refused to go. I would be easier to pick up, because I am smaller.
Lynettea: 'Don't worry, Sasha. No-one is coming to get you.'

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A thoughtful mood

Another cold day with gloomy clouds looming overhead. I might stay inside.
I am wondering what to do. Notice my beautiful green eyes.
Perhaps I could help with the vacuum cleaning. But that is so rushy. Perhaps not.

Perhaps I could read a book?
But perhaps not. I might find a quiet corner to lie down and go to sleep.

Friday, May 8, 2015

not planning to move soon

reflections on my trip to my Vet

Lynettea managed to take some photos of my trip to my Vet.

here I am waiting on the front porch for the taxi. I can't see the taxi from inside my personal transport module, so Lynettea has to keep a lookout for me. 

This is not a very good photo. The cats in the picture on the wall are blurred. It is the only photo I have of my experience in the waiting room at My Vet. Lynettea deliberately sat here, as the other walls had DOG photos, which she did not consider appropriate. Also the room was too full of DOGS and there were no cats at all. Most of the dogs were large and I had to stay in hiding. After we had seen  My Vet and we were waiting for the taxi, a couple of small noisy DOGS came in leading their human. Lynettea lifted up the blanket a little so I could see them. Proving how silly DOGS can be, one of them ran around the leg of the bench and tied himself up. 

Back home, I decide to check out the place next door, from my shelf. Nothing much going on there. 
No-one is coming, are they? I have had enough excitement for today.