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Monday, September 1, 2014


One of my chief jobs is inspection.
This would be second in my responsibilities after supervision.
Lynettea makes my tasks very difficult. In particular she will not agree that I need to inspect all food.
I very rarely am able to check or taste her food before she eats it. Believe it or not, she would prefer to throw out good food if I have sampled even a tiny bit. I don't usually like the flavour of her food anyway. She insists on eating vegetables. We all know there is no substance in vegetables. Nothing to get your teeth into.
I worry how she can keep going.
It is sometimes easier to sample the food after she has finished. If I am very alert I might get my tongue onto a plate. Then there are the usual complaints.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

when in doubt


 Or groom.

Word from the chair

Please stop the rain.
And I don't want to read the newspaper either.

The REALWorld

Lynettea says she doesn't want to watch TV with a cat shaped hole in front of it!
 She needs to join the real world and play with me.
 I am much more interesting.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

animal vacuum cleaner

I was distressed that Lynettea passed me over today in favour of the animal vacuum cleaner. I do my best to do a good job whenever I am allowed to carry out my tasks. It is not my fault if dust accumulates when I am not allowed off the charger. After bathing in the stimulating and energizing current I feel ready to take on the house, if not the world. I am not overly ambitious, but it becomes frustrating and humiliating if I am not allowed to perform my role. Please do not forget that I was trained for this role from an early age. I regard it as my life's work.
Millie Robovac.

I enjoyed running after the animal vacuum cleaner. It didn't attempt to clean my furs. I wouldn't want it to suck me up into its interior. Also it doesn't try to supervise me all the time.

i can hear mice

'I can hear mice in the undergrowth. Shouldn't we be out.'
I didn't hear any mice, Sasha and it is too dark now.'
'Too dark? That is the best time to view mice ... It is when they come out.'

Friday, August 29, 2014

Me and bear

Here is a picture of me with my favourite toy.  Lynettea bought it to support a sanctuary that helps bears. Sometimes I like to carry bear around with me.  Lynettea says I look like a cheetah with its prey.