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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Security Alarm triggered

Lynettea went out to the theatre to see Australian Youth Ballet perform the Nutcracker this evening.
When she got home the blue light was flashing, but there was nothing wrong that she could see. She thinks I SASHA might have triggered it.
Why would I have wanted to do that? A loud noise that went on and on.
'Oh, poor Sasha,' she said. you must have had a nasty time.'
'A pity you could not have come to the ballet, where there were a lot of mice. You would have enjoyed it.'

Friday, December 19, 2014

Blog Hop post by Sasha

We think a cat cafe is a good idea

We saw this post on Bocci's blog about a cat cafe
A great idea. We have lots of cafe's near us. It would be wonderful if there was one to help kitties. Especially if humans would get to know our personalities.
Here is a direct link to the cafe web site: The headerof the cat cafe blog says: America’s first permanent cat cafe is now open at 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA!
The article on Bocci's blog says: The good word has spread, and cat cafes have arrived in Denver, Colorado, Naples, Florida, and downtown Manhattan. The picture is from Jim Wilson/New York times.

CAT CAFE IN MELBOURNE: Now we find there is a cat cafe in Melbourne. What a great idea. Let us have at least one in Adelaide, preferably in Norwood. 


Here comes the killer vine trying to climb through the window.

Lynettea says I have a good imagination.

Earning my Keep?

I am now eating so much expensive food that Lynettea said I might have to start earning my keep. She said she heard some children had lemonade stands in the street. I think she saw that in the cartoon Snoopy, as  she couldn't tell me where she had seen that near here.
Maybe, she told me, I could offer pats. She would take the money. I am not sure about this. I can be quite nervous going into the street.
Do you think she is serious?
After all the help I give her in the house, is it fair of her to ask me to bring in money as well?

Lynettea: 'I was not serious, Sasha.'

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Will she get a gift?

Everyone seems to think I have been good and will get a gift. But what about Lynettea? If I get a gift and Sandy Paws doesn't think she deserves one, after my complaints about her, I will feel bad. Maybe Sandy Paws will read my blog entries and decide to punish her.
What shall I do?
I am feeling worried about this.

Santa Claus or Sandy Paws

Lynettea told me about Santa.
'Dear Sasha, many young kitties and humans believe there is a kindly and generous being, who delivers gifts to children and young kitties at Christmas. Kitties usually think of this being as Sandy Paws. Good kitties receive and enjoy gifts as a reward for their beneficial behaviour during the past year. Some kitties believe that Sandy Paws keeps a record of their behaviour.
'This might be difficult, considering how many kitties live in the world and also how many homeless kitties there must be, trying to scratch out a living somehow and survive another day.'
'Do you think I am a good kitty?'
'No kitty would have perfect behaviour, Sasha, but be assured you are my lovely darling cat and I feel Sandy Paws may have a little gift hidden somewhere for you.'
'Can I have it now?'
'It isn't Christmas yet, Sasha.'