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Saturday, January 31, 2015

worried about me

Lynettea says she is worried about me, as I have thrown up some of my food a few times over the last days. But I am eating the rest of it. She said maybe I am eating it too fast?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I went out

Of course I had to take Lynettea with me. I have to console myself with the thought that she needs exercise and without my efforts where would she get it? She is really lucky to have me and I think she knows it. I desperately try to give her mental stimulation, so we play games all over the house. One of my favourites is helping her make the bed. I leap on it and make her throw the ball so I can play chasies back and forth down the hall and on and off the bed. This is designed to keep her mentally alert.
Sometimes I try everything I can think of and then give up and go to sleep.
Then I might consider advertising for another family to adopt me that would be more fun.
I had better not let Lynettea see that or her feelings might be hurt.
A strange thing, human feelings. They often seem to have none and then get all concerned and give you a lot of cuddling and saying 'most precious cat' and 'my darling kitty' and stuff like that.
Never a thank you for all the thought and care I put into training her to becoming barely acceptable as a kitty friend.
It is all very curious and could be disheartening, if I was a gloomy sort  of cat.
Thankfully, I am extremely tolerant and forgiving.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


When I stand up on my hind legs to give Lynettea a few reminder taps with my paws, my head is higher than the table.
She says, 'You are a big kitty, Sasha!'
I lie down on the floor and MIAOUW. Then I climb up on the bookshelves and gaze mournfully out of the window at the vegetables.
Then I go out into my enclosure.
Lynettea says I have a lot of conversation with her, but she can't go out just yet. What does she mean? She has only just come home! It is my turn now.


This morning I really tried. I even climbed along the backs of chairs, trying to get Lynettea's attention. But no. She fed me and I ate and then threw some of it up.
She cleaned it up and said,'I hope you are not ill, Sasha.'
 Then she sat down and wrote. She gets her topic for the day and then writes an email on her phone, to herself, with her writing for the day. She thinks I have gone to bed. It is very quiet and she was a long time writing. I think the fish must be swimming around hungrily looking for their food, which hasn't landed. Well, I tried my best...


My blog is being neglected while Lynettea is doing her writing course every day. I feel sad about this and apologize to my furriends.

Sasha waiting

Saturday, January 24, 2015


This morning did not start well. Lynettea received a prompt from her writer’s course and grimaced. I couldn't see the prompt at first, but while she was putting her Weetbix in her plate and pouring that unhealthy soy milk on top, I managed to look at the email on her phone. Not good news. I hastily ate some of my breakfast and requested her to take me outside. It is a lovely day here, with warm sunshine resting on my petunias and the other plants.

She needs to go out and I must remember that. Fresh air and exercise. All good.

At last she was ready to go. As I got her to buckle on the halter, I hoped she had not taken too much notice of the prompt. 'Imagine you are a god for the day and make everything happen as you want.' Usually I only have to use my VOICE OF COMMAND a few times during the day. Today, what would happen?

We walked towards the first test, the rat hole in the fence at the back of the vegetable bed. We are growing rocket, perpetual lettuce, Asian greens, spring onions and chives, with a parsley bush going to seed, a chilli bush and two soybean plants.

'No, Sasha, come back. I don't want you anywhere near the rat hole.'

Instead of tugging on the lead, I felt an eerie sense of compulsion and walked OBEDIENTLY down the path to the front gate.

Lynettea said, ‘It would be nice for you to take a walk down the street, Sasha.'

She knows I only like to go out after dark. Again I felt that eerie sense of compulsion and walked straight down the steps and into the street. Strangely enough, I didn't even feel nervous. It was quiet and no one else was there. Usually we see people walking and cars rushing past.

After we had a pleasant stroll in the street, we went back into the garden and I inspected the back fence. When I leapt up, Lynettea said, as usual, ‘Don’t jump, Sasha.'

Then she held me up for a bit and said I was warm and soft. I let her hold me without telling her, by wriggling, ‘I am not a toy.' After this, she suggested we go in and I OBEDIENTLY ran straight into my outdoor enclosure.

I thought I might rest somewhere out of sight for the remainder of the day. Things were getting out of hand.

LATER: I wake up from where I am sleeping under the fur throw and realize it is time for Lynettea to stop working on the computer. I put my paws up towards her shoulder and use the VOICE OF COMMAND to tell her to stop.

Ah! Good! She gets up. ‘Oh Sasha, where have you been?’

Things are back to normal.