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Saturday, September 27, 2014


I was in my outdoor cosy the whole time. So what if she couldn't find me?
 I admit that I was crouched down very low and not easy to see. After all, I like my own privacy.
All the calls of 'Sasha, where are you?' and remarks like, 'I can't manage without you!' may be sweet to hear, but do not call me to any special action.
 Rather, they float over me, like dandelion puffballs in the wind.
 I am dreaming I am a cheetah. Long grass rustles slightly and then I stay stock still. I am immovable. I am a hunting cheetah, stalking its prey.
'Oh, there you are Sasha. What a relief. My little darling. What a pretty cat you are, Sasha.'
Where was I ...

Moth hunting

The wind may blow
The wind may sing
The cat may purr
About anything

Our dove?

Just because 'our dove' was born in the grapevine, it doesn't mean it can freely walk on the pergola roof and make clicking noises with its 'dear little feet.'
I run up my stairs to my lookout and it flies off.
'Doesn't our little dove look sweet sitting on the roof next door,' says Lynettea.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Lizard Visitor

Lynettea sees me close to the front door when she finally gets up today.
'What are you doing there, Sasha?' She peers at me.
'Is something wrong, Sasha? Are you looking at something under the door?'
Then she goes away.
Ten minutes later.
'Where are you, Sasha? Oh. Still sitting near the door.. What are you looking at, Sasha?'
Then she picks me up.
'Why are you wriggling, Sasha. Oh no! Leave that alone!'
Then I get carried into the bedroom and FLUNG onto the bed while she rushes out and closes the door. I can hear her on the other side.
'Little lizard, crawl onto my hand. There you go. You'll be safe with me. Dear little lizard. I'll take you outside now and put you where you'll be safe.'
Door makes a sound of opening. Not the bedroom door.
'You can come out now, Sasha. I've put the dear little lizard into the nasturtiums. He is quite safe now.'
I pretend not to be disgruntled and rush around looking, but there is no trace of our visitor.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I don't think I have trained Lynettea very well, as she let some strangers into the house.
I wondered what was going on when my shoe boxes were tidied up this morning and when I heard people at the door I knew Lynettea had brought people home without asking me first.
I hid under the bed and didn't come out. After a long time when they sat in our outside play area, they peered under the bed and made noises for me to come out. I had my moon bear with me and stayed very quiet.
'I can see Sasha's little face!' said one of them and then the other one crouched down and said a few remarks to me.
After they left I came out and tried to take the wrapping off the gift they had brought me, a book of lovely cat paintings from Japan.
Lynette opened it to show me.
Maybe if they come again I will thank them.
Lynette said they had flown a long way in an aeroplane to visit me and it was a pity I wouldn't come out.

A lovely Japanese cat picture