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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I received a great insult from Lynettea. She told me my blog must be the diary of a nobody, as I have no experience outside the home.
Whose fault is that?
She told me she needs to keep me safe. Does she mean safe and boring?
'I can't even describe a lot of the world to you, Sasha, as you cannot relate it to your home environment and won't know what I am talking about.'
'Try me!'
'Well there is a place you would not like...'
'How do you know that?'
'Let me describe it and see what you think. It is covered with gritty substance, like your cat litter, but ground up very finely. Next to the fine grit, imagine the water in your bowl, or the water in the goldfishes' pond, only a lot more of it, so much that you can't see the end of it, no matter how far you gaze.'
'Even if I climb up a hill?'
'There is a hill near this place, also covered with the fine grit. But even from there you can't see an end to the water. And I must mention that the water is making splashings, very large and wet splashings. So, with the fine grit blowing into your fur...'
'Splashings? Like when you notice me jumping into the sink? I don't like water in my furs. But if I kept far away from the splashings, I would enjoy rushing up and down the hill. Why didn't you tell me about this place before? When can we go?'

Monday, June 29, 2015

a surprise gift

Late this afternoon, a surprise  gift  arrived. Our neighbour had collected it for Lynettea while she was busy having lunch at the cafĂ©.
At first we had it in the  hall, but Lynettea  was  afraid  she  might  trip  on  it, so she put it in front  of my cat door.
She says it will brush my back as I  go  in  and  out  the  door . If  I  don't like it, she  will move  it. I am still  making  up  my  mind.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

out at lunch

I am making a friend of the phone so it can tell me what Lynettea  is doing.
she is in a cafe that does not allow cats.  This is most unfair. She said I  must  rest  at  home .

thank you

To the few faithful  kitties  who  may  be  looking  at  my  blog  and  not  finding  anything  new, it is not my fault. Lynettea  should  apologize  to  me  for  not  allowing  me  near  the  computer.
I have  a  lot  of  things  still  to  say. For  now  I  will  post  my  picture. I have selected  a  thoughtful  and  commanding  pose.

Friday, June 5, 2015

please please me

If you shove the camera  in  my  face, what can  you  expect?

and saying 'ouch' won't do you any good, either.

I want to be a pet therapy cat

Since everyone seems full of praise for pet therapy cats, I thought I would like to make that my career.
Lynettea laughed when I said that to her.
She said, 'Sasha, if you were to go to a nursing home, the residents would have to crouch down and reach under the bed to pat you. I don't think elderly people would be able to do that.'
How insulting! Although it is true I would be nervous.
'Don't worry,' said Lynettea, 'perhaps you could be my personal pet therapy cat. You know how you love to help me!'
Well, I might think about it...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Special Cat

This is about a very special cat that Lynettea met while she was waiting for the bus. The bus stop is at the shopping centre, so you can imagine there were quite a number of people walking past. I take Lynettea out into our street, but this would be far too busy for me. So Lynettea was very surprised to see an elegant white kitty go past wearing a halter and leading her human. Her human then sat down on the wooden bus seat beside the bus stop and helped the kitty to step into a carrying bag.
Lynettea was very intrigued by this and spoke to the kitty's human. She doesn't know much cat language and perhaps would not dare to speak directly to such a regal kitty anyway. The human told Lynettea that Adela was a very special cat and her occupation was a Pet Therapy Cat.
Then everyone boarded the bus, with Adela in her special carry bag.
At the next stop a bunch of rowdy people got on, shouting at one another and cursing. Adela did not seem at all concerned. A bit later on, she put her paws out of the bag, but her human security person stroked her furs and put her paws back inside. Then they got off the bus at a stop in the Parklands, so Adela could take her human for a nice walkies on the grass.

Adela Pet Therapy Cat riding on the bus