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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

New Apartments

'These are new cardboard apartments for you, Sasha,' said Lynettea.
Perhaps she is trying to distract me from the new filing cabinets, which have displaced my training circuit. I am not too sure about the apartments. Does that mean  I have to stay outside when it is dark and cold? They don't seem to have any heating!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

the morning's incidents

I am sleeping on the bed in my mock furs after a disrupted morning. Lynettea was out. Why does she leave me alone when there is noise and disruption? She wasn't even hunting in the petbarn store or the supermarket for my foods.
When she got home, I greeted her at the door. Usually I don't do this, so she knew I was upset. She was very surprised, because the gas people had come and repaved the street outside her house. The other pits down the street were still there.
We don't know why she had this favour, but she was really pleased. She was not pleased when she opened the letter box and found the company who was delivering two filing cabinets had called twenty minutes before she got home. She had instructed that they were to leave the cabinets, but they had not. She rang them and they will come tomorrow. So she will be here to look after me, as is right.

'This means, Sasha, that two of your scratching posts in the kitchen will have to be moved elsewhere,' she said to me.
'Where will they go?' I asked, looking around the room.
'We will have to see.'
She knows there is no more room for anything.
'You can jump on the filing cabinets, instead, Sasha.'
This is very disruptive. I don't want filing cabinets to jump on and it will completely disrupt my Olympic Training Circuit for the high jump, the long jump and the hurdle.
It is raining so much that it is almost impossible to do any serious training.

Monday, July 25, 2016


My usual schedule was disrupted last night by a blackout sometime after 10 pm. We were watching a TV documentary about Australian sense of humour. Not very funny. Lynettea was laughing.
I was practically dozing off when a loud bang had me fully alert. The TV went off (good) and the lights (I can still see, being feline) and the heater. Then there was another loud bang, which seemed pretty final.
Lynettea just sat there for a while. Maybe she was hoping the power would return. I ran through the house for a quick safety check and out the back to check for intruders. All was fine. Just as well she has me to help in an emergency.
After that I had my evening snack and Lynettea went to bed. Of course I remained on the alert for some time, but finally went into my cosy. We were woken by the TV suddenly coming on in the early hours.
This morning some few  bits of sunshine are coming through the window, but Lynettea said it will rain later.
How does she know that?

Sunday, July 24, 2016

crazy conversations

Sometimes I think Lynettea is obsessed with housework and keeping things tidy. She said to me that I must not worry that I don't help much around the house, as my main job was to be her companion.
That is interesting. I have never worried about how much I help in the house, but I thought it was her job to be my companion.
As for having the house clean and 'fluff-free', as she likes to say, I don't worry about that at all.
Supervising takes up enough of my time, without worrying about extra problems.

Sunday, July 17, 2016


I jumped onto the sink to check the dishes and then onto the table, when there was a big screeching.
I ran inside and stayed in the loungeroom and then fell asleep in my cosy. It was dark and warm.
Lynettea opened the kitchen door later and I came out and let her hug me. She said I am a cat, not a human and must be treated as a cat.
That doesn't sound favourable. Although I am in a prime position as a cat, being smarter in every way.
Why would she have beads all over the table in any case? They are slippery and dangerous.
Later I notice one had landed in my food plate. She said the beads are for a friend's birthday.
I hope the friend likes them, after all the trouble they have caused me!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

All Quiet

After the noise all day yesterday, with the gas workers ripping holes in the street, it is now the weekend and quiet. I am back in my cosy on the lounge, instead of crouching under my bus seat in my enclosure in the freezing cold.
The gas is back on, so there is hot water to wash my plates. Of course I don't wash them. A cat has a human to do that.
Lynettea says the gas workers will continue on Monday, as they will be starting next door. They have left big holes all along the street.
I haven't seen the holes, as I prefer not to take Lynettea out that way when it is noisy.
She says some of the gas workers are female, which surprised her. She said that is progress. No cat gas workers. (They have more sense).

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hissing noise

I heard a loud hissing noise this morning. Gas workers are replacing the pipes in the street and have switched off our gas. There will be no hot water.
Lynettea had the airconditioner on to heat the house, but  she  switched  it  off  when  she  smelt  a gas smell. I will have to curl up and try to keep warm.
I hate noise and construction workers. I would go somewhere else, except I  can't  get  out  and  it  is  too  cold  to  loiter  outside.