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Thursday, October 19, 2017

looking inside

But I can't get in and scared.

under my bus seat

I was fooled into going outside and am hiding under my bus seat in my enclosure. My cat door is locked so I can't get back into the house. My bus seat is fully enclosed with a cosy underneath, so I am safe here. The termite man is spraying under the floorboards. I hope he goes away soon.

In hiding

We were up early which is never good news. I was able to rush in and recline on the bed and Lynettea served me breakfast quickly.  I barely had a mouthful before painters arrived next door. That was not too bad, but next the termite people rushed in to our place. I am under the bed. Lynettea said I will have to come out later. A lot of noise. It is scary.

Before the noise started

Monday, October 16, 2017

getting purchase

Sometimes you just have to brace yourself on something to get the job done properly.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I can't get used to daylight saving time

It is nearly 10:30 a.m. and I am still in bed and I don't want to get up. How come Lynettea is always springing up early nowadays, even in the weekend? I am just settling down. Daylight saving definitely disrupts my normal routine.
'Lazybones, Sasha. Get up. The day awaits!'

Let me alone! I have been at the window all night guarding the property while you slept!
'Okay. Good kitty! Take your time.'
I will!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Accidents will happen

One of the new things we got was a new microwave. The old microwave was not really old, but it started making a cracking noise and Lynettea was too frightened to use it. The microwave before that nearly burnt the house down, three years ago, and she didn't want to take any risks.
I agree. I remember having all the firemen come in their giant white suits like space creatures and me running past them out the front door, with the fire alarm screaming in my ears. I jumped over the fence and hid in Orla's shed. (Orla is the dog next door). Fortunately Orla didn't want to use the shed and didn't find me there. Orla's parents looked for me, but they couldn't find me either. I stayed out until 10 o'clock at night, when I miaouwed at my bedroom window for Lynettea to let me come inside. It was starting to get colder and I felt peckish.
She seemed to be in a terrible state and it took ages for me to calm her down.
No we don't  want a repeat of that!
Well, Lynettea spent a long time yesterday trying to get up courage to try the new microwave. After exhaustively reading all the instructions she could find, she put in a mug of carob milk to heat. Good. She sat down to drink it very appreciatively, having had no home heated food for several days.
I jumped up on the next chair.
Then she put her arm over to pat me, caught her hand in the handle of the mug and emptied the hot milk all over herself, the table, the chair and the floor. There was only a tiny amount left to drink.
It took us ages to clean it all up. I helped by miaowing. Fortunately no milk went on my furs. The velvet covered chair I was sitting on was drenched, so it was a lucky escape for me. We seemed to be cleaning and polishing so many things for hours.
Now she wants to work out how to heat a lentil pie in the air fryer she bought. It would be easier to bring home a hot pie from the shop, I think. There don't seem to be any recipes for heating things.
Or why not just open some foil packets of pre-prepared foods. That is all I get. Plus a few dried crispies from a bag.
Why is there always such a drama, is what I am thinking.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

not playing with the mousie

We got some new things. Not many, but that means our storage needs reorganizing.  While Lynettea was looking at our old things, she found some of my toys on a string in the shed.
'You never play with these, Sasha,' she said.
How could I play with them if they are packed away? The human at my place does not always use logic.
She brought out the toys and started waving them at me. She was really enjoying herself, so I grabbed a furry mock mouse and scrabbled it to entertain her. Sometimes I feel sorry for her. I went off down the hall and she pursued me, waving the mousie on its stick. You really have to wonder.
Then she waved electronic mouse at me. It has flashing blue eyes.  I never liked it.
It is past time for morning rest.
'Want a cuddlie, Sasha?'
Not just now, thank you!