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Monday, January 16, 2017

My calendar gift arrives

The postman brought my gift on the day it rained heavily. Instead of shoving it in the letterbox, he rang the doorbell.
I was hiding in the wardrobe and was unable to answer, as the wardrobe door was shut. Lynettea found me there when she wanted to thank me.
Fortunately the calendar was dry, although the end of the parcel was damp, as the calendar had been wrapped in plastic.
'Oh, thank you, Sasha,' said Lynettea. And she put my calendar on the printer, so we could both see it.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Why sitting on your human is good

A cat should sit on his human every day.
The reasons for this? Firstly, it helps socialize the human. Humans, you may have noticed, like to stare at a cat. This is very rude and should not be permitted. Slowly blink your eyes and encourage her to do the same. Gradually she will learn polite cat behaviour.
While you sit on the human, she is unable to move.  Preferably she should concentrate totally on the cat during this activity.
It is a good time for her to actively engage in a soft grooming activity such as stroking or brushing. The more loose fur she can remove, the less remains to cause furballs.
Sitting on your human has a beneficial calming  psychological effect for the human too.
Tame your human by draping over her. I am so big that only the front parts of me can fit on my human's lap, so I rest comfortably on the couch and place my front paws on her.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017

Planet Earth 2

We just watched the trailer together for BBC Planet Earth 2.  I wonder when I can see it on TV?
I like Nature shows.
Lynettea was watching a show about Japan tonight and she had my moon bear watching it with her. I gave moon bear a good jab and seizing him with my teeth I threw him to the floor.
I think she should only watch with me. I climbed on her a bit after that.
We will definitely watch Planet Earth 2 together when it comes to TV.

The fish put a link from their blog to the trailer. They grumbled as usual. They are lucky I take notice of them, but I suppose I have to look out for them a little bit.

More rain through the hail holes

Wake up Allianze Insurance Company! Hail from the skies punched holes in my enclosure roof on 11 November and they are still there more than two months later!
Lynettea is ringing the building estimator, as the insurance company case manager does not answer her calls. The building estimator tells her that they submitted their estimate on 19 December and are waiting to hear.
Lynettea rings the general Allianze number, but they are all assisting other more interesting customers. They tell her they will return her call sometime in an hour or so if she presses 1. She is wondering about that.
So she stays on line.
'Please keep holding,' says the man's voice. 'Your patience is appreciated.'
 He doesn't know that Lynettea is not at all patient.
She wants my hail holes mended.
At least the pipes are no longer banging, but my window sash is broken now. I can't sit and look out the kitchen window for at least a week, until it can be mended.
Lynettea says, 'Where are you, Sasha? Are you under the bed, Sasha.'
It is very quiet. Just dripping rain and occasionally a man's voice saying, 'Thanks for your patience ...'

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hot Turtledove

This dove is sitting in our cast iron bird bath in the heat. Biggify to see properly. At least her or his tail feathers are cool.  A sparrow also flew in and out while the dove continues to sit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A lot of racket

Lynettea ran the kitchen tap and got all the pipes to bang loudly, as she knew the plumber would finally be coming. They banged for 10 minutes, then stopped. I went into the bedroom again and lay on my daybed. She knew I didn't like the noise, but took no notice. Before the plumber came, the pipes suddenly stopped banging, which showed it was not a good idea.
My ears felt better.
Then I heard the gate click and went under the bed. The plumber is here. Lynettea shut the bedroom door so I would feel safe.
I can hear him tramping through the house. All the pipes started banging again, but he got them to stop and he is working.
I wonder how much longer I will have to stay here.
Maybe I will stay underbed anyway now and fall asleep . . .
But I don't think I feel at ease with a stranger in the house.