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After reading my last post, you may be wondering which bed I slept in last night. As usual, I was on patrol for part of the night. Before my human retired we had a laser game so I could stretch my limbs and sharpen my brain before night duties. I had done a spot of cupboard leaping during the day, but it was cold so I spent a good deal of time in the human's bedroom on my heated cosy.  She sets up my bedroom every evening with several extra sleeping spaces for me.  Well, I didn't fancy the new bed, which looked dangerous, and I needed a change from the other cosy because I had been in it most of the day, so I snuggled up on the lounge with some of my mock fur rugs. But night patrol means window watching and then checking for possums from my enclosure out the back, and making sure the fish are asleep. It's a busy time for me. 

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