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Sunday, December 11, 2016


I am under my bus seat in my cool place. The sun is fierce, even though it is not a heatwave. My bus seat is sheltered by my artificial grass draped over it and has a nice cardboard apartment unit, with a cosy inside it. My mock fur rugs are on top, for when it is a bit cooler and I can lounge on them.
We went for a nice walkies this morning. Lynettea didn't mind how long we  stayed out and I really had to drag her in again.
She got another big plastic container from the shed and washed it.
I had a lot of cuddle time this morning, with Lynettea hugging me close. I bet she would miss me if I wasn't here. I need to be here to look after her and she needs to be here to serve me. My wants are simple and I also am a very lovable cat.
The house is getting untidy with things stacked here and there in the lounge room and bedroom. And I have to make a big leap for the windowsill to look out the kitchen window. It is rather inconvenient. I miaowed something about that to Lynettea, but she just shook her head.
She is not making much progress on cat language, although I try to make her practice every day.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

My things vanishing

My kitchen bookshelf was emptied and vanished up the street, to someone else's address. I don't think that neighbour even has a kitty to sit on it and look out the window.
I don't like change, particularly when it makes me uncomfortable.
I noticed a lot of the cupboard things have come out too.
Lynettea stopped me from chewing some nice corn flavoured packing material. It has a delicious soft succulent texture. I found some in a carton.
She threw it in the bin, saying, 'That may be bad for you, Sasha!'
So I went out into my enclosure, which is nice and sunny. At least it is not raining today.
And then she said something about 'being good for Aunty Pam'. What does that mean?

Something is going on

And I don't like it. I heard Lynettea talking to my human kitty mum, from when I was little. I couldn' t hear what she was saying properly. Something about picking me up. Lynettea knows I hate strangers picking me up. I am going back under the bed to think. It is dark and safe there.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Me relaxing

At last we find the right picture. Will it upload? A hopeful kitty.

Getting used to the technology

I think I need a younger human!!!

Relaxing after walkies

After a short walkies, I decide to bring Lynettea inside again. She can't expect me to be outside with her all the time.
Here I am, relaxing on the floor in my enclosure.
I would now like a serving of my jelly style food. I know humans think one should say please, but why should I thank her for serving me. After all, it gives her  so much pleasure.
I need to think of additional ways to keep her occupied.
This isn't the right photo, as Lynettea has mucked up the connection to the phone and this is all she can find.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sleeping on the Bed

Some kitties are allowed to sleep on the bed of their human. I am not  sure  that  it  is  fair  that  I  am  not.
Lynettea says that if I  were  not  so  big  and  I  could  keep  my  claws  retracted, she might consider it.
Maybe I might learn to keep my claws sheathed, but I  don't  want  to  make  myself  ill  by  going  on  a  diet  and  shrinking, particularly as I  am already slim and well proportioned.
Perhaps this is 'size discrimination'?
We exchanged a few comments on the subject at five am this morning. I  don't think she understood my miaows, as she shut the door and I  was forced to sleep on the lounge.
I am still there, lying in my cosy.