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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

why do I go wild?

When we have a game I sometimes go wild. I leap around the house, slash at Lynettea from my bookcase, climb up the wall hanging, get on her bed and wave my claws at her.   She says it is wild and naughty to do this and I am a crazy thing.
But I must. I feel the compulsion. She wants to know what sets me off.

Monday, November 13, 2017

birds or flowers?

Are these birds or flowers? They have bird-like heads with beaks.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Is our garden now a tourist destination?

This morning a small flock of sparrows have come to the birdbath. They are making such a racket that even Lynettea is taking notice.
 I am in my enclosure, in my cave under my bus seat. But I think we might have become an exotic tourist destination for sparrows, after one escaped the 'jaws of death' and Lynettea took it back to the garden.
It must have passed the word around to all its relatives, as if we were some sort of zoo to visit. See the dangerous predator from your safe viewpoint on the birdbath! Splash away and view the tiger! Never mind about the poor defenceless cat with his property being invaded.
I refuse to come out for their entertainment.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

teaching her a lesson

Who is the master of the house? Miaow? Sasha is the Master of the House. Obey me!

I am beginning to have my doubts as to how well she understands my wants.

If she understood me, she would obey instantly.

Standing behind her chair, after I have issued my instructions as loudly as I can -  because everyone knows that you need to shout if someone does not understand what you are saying, I am forced to take physical action. Perhaps that will work. Claws extended and on hind paws. Slash.

Not a good reaction. Instead of doing what I request, she has shut me out of the kitchen. Miaow. Miaow. Miaowwwww!!!!

I may as well go outside and see if any prey has come into my enclosure. It is still mild outside even though it is dark. But I want to go inside. Why am I out here? It is my house.

Creak Creak the door opens. I dash in. Food! Light! Obedient Slave! I feel like Aladdin.

'Would you like a nice massage, Sasha?'

Well, I might consider letting you brush my soft furs, if you are very very good.

under my bus seat

I sit here and think of what I might have been and what I might be if I were allowed to reach my full potential.
As a pet, I am limited in my choices. How would she like to be a pet?

'Now that's a thought, Sasha! Food on demand, comfortable accommodation, a slave to order around.'

Well I am not sure I would like to spend my time looking after her, or hunting in the supermarket for her food. She doesn't eat normal food like mice or lizards or insects.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

She took the bird

A sparrow flew into my enclosure and I thought I had wild food for dinner. I caught it and ran inside, in spite of Lynettea shouting. What was she doing trying to frighten it off?
I held it gently in my jaws and she asked me to let her take it. She took it in her hand and carried it out, shutting the door.
'I put the sparrow on its side near the lettuce shoots. Its tiny claws gripped my palm and its heart beat fast in its tiny chest beneath the soft feathers.  When I walked away to fill the birdbath and came back, it had gone silently. The earth was bare.'

And where was my dinner?

Monday, October 30, 2017

Where did spring go?

Yesterday it was hot and windy. Today I am snuggling in my furs again.
Yesterday evening we played some games. Lynettea was pleased, as she says I lost interest after being tortured in the collar for so long. I felt indifference to everything.
I chased after my ping pongs and my rattly balls and went into my tunnel and ran up and down the hall. We batted the ping pong around.
 It was like old times.