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Monday, August 13, 2018


Does she expect me to go on mindlessly chasing after the same old toy forever?
Today Lynettea dragged out some toys on a stick. I remember how excited I had been about them as a kitten.  Then I ran into one of the rods and she said they were too dangerous and stashed them away.
Out it comes, electric blue flashing eyes on the mouse. Whoever heard of a natural mouse like that? Long fluffy tail on a stick, fun to grab at once or twice. Maybe one and a half times.
She waves it in front of my tunnel, but gets tired of waiting for me to charge out and grab it. In the end I stalk it slowly by creeping through the tunnel, and then just walk out.
Really I wonder if she thinks I don't remember these toys.
I am an adult cat now. Give me something new.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

How the cat's fur grows on the face

This picture shows my face fur. See massage directions earlier.

A relaxing face massage

This morning I treated myself to a relaxing face massage.
Lynettea said I enjoyed it so much I should put some instructions on the blog.

Let the cat rest his head in the palm of one hand. The cat should be stretched out on a couch or bed with his human sitting beside him. The cat could also be partly on the human's lap.
Massage the nose: down strokes with the tip of a finger at the part of the nose near the nostrils. You will see the furs run towards the nostrils.
Sides of the nose: massage towards the centre line on each side. The furs run towards the centre.
Top section of nose to forehead: massage upward in sweeping strokes.
Forehead: massage with sweeping strokes up between ears.
Cheeks: massage each one with strokes towards each ear.
Under chin: a good rub is particularly important here. Then massage with sweeping strokes from the chin right down the nape.
NOTE: it is important not to stare at the cat, as this is threatening. Blink your eyes slowly at the cat to reassure him you are no threat.
The cat will probably fall asleep several times while being massaged, as it is very relaxing.
If he wakes up suddenly, reassure him with a long slow blink that he is completely safe.

Well, after my massage, I am falling asleep.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Too many toys

I may have to get up. These toys look as if they are taking over.

here I am on my mock wolf fur rug

I am sleeping on my mock fur rug, which is covering Lynettea's eiderdown and my pure wool futon. I have a fluffy scarf around me knitted by one of my friends. At one side bear has fallen into my mock grass and my newest toy is in the front. I had a game with it before falling asleep, but don't feel like playing with it right now. So Lynettea can stop poking at the little mock mouse inside.
In the corner you can see the edge of my brown paper bag from the Scout Shop. I love sitting on it and thinking of when I can be a scout. Am I still too young? My bag may be worn out before Lynettea agrees to me going out and doing anything interesting. Thinking about that, I must see how she is measuring up to my list of demands.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

So are we going out, or what?

I am waiting here to see if we are going out before it starts raining. What a beautiful sunny morning it has been. Now you are back the wind has sprung up and clouds are whirling over the sky.
How much longer can I sit here wondering if I can exercise you while it is still at least fine?
Oh you have been walking, have you?
That doesn't count. It is supervised walking that counts. How else can I teach you all the things you need to know? You aren't very attentive when I take you out. I feel you may never learn.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Do you think she is needy?

Do you think she is needy or what?
When she says things like, 'I love to have you near me, dear cat', I get suspicious.  I look around to see if there are any other cats nearby. But no. It is just us. I know I had an entire packet of my jelly food around half an hour ago, followed by a snack of my crispies, but the plate is empty now.
'Do you need more food, Sasha?'
I am thinking about it. Say some more nice things to me.