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Saturday, December 22, 2007

beautiful card from Adan our friend and Michico our friend

We received a beautiful card from Adan with his photo, looking magnificent. There are also sparkly Christmas decorations on the card and it is splendid beyond belief. Thank you Michico and Adan. We look at it all the time and it is on the dresser in the kitchen, with Adan's portrait, which Lynettea put in a nice frame for me.
I am lucky to have such generous friends from across the world. Lynettea doesn't have as many friends across the globe as I do. She is a bit jealous, I think.
I try to say encouraging things to her such as, "Lynettea you are a lovely person at heart and I appreciate you very much." This makes her feel a bit better. I also like to give her a bit of a cuddle sometimes to show her my affection. I need to remind her if I need some more crispies in my plate too and I butt my head against her. She thinks this is affection, but it is just a reminder to do her duty.
We have animal news on our blog now from Discovery channel. We thought this would be a good idea to let us catch up on what is happening across the world to our interspecies friends.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

thank you

Thank you my friends for your best wishes. I threw up again this evening and Lynettea is trying to give my stomach a rest. I went out on my halter with her and ate a lot of grass and then threw up again. She decided not to give me crispies for a bit, but I was so hungry I started biting off chunks of newspaper and then eating the tail of one of my numerous toy mice. I usually don't take any notice of them. So she gave me a small group of crispies. Then I sat on her lap for a while and then had a bit of a sleep.

I hope I am well soon. I got Lynettea to send a special Christmas hamper to my friend Jim in England today. Jim and Vi helped my mother bring me up when I was little, before I went to Lynettea to look after her. I was three months of age when I was considered old enough to go into the wide world and start my job supervising a human. Not very old for a small kitten to be on his own.

A lot of small kitties are looking for a human to look after this Christmas. Lynettea showed me a story about them in the newspaper this morning. I hope they find a human to look after.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Diamond hasn't been feeling well and is resting. He has been throwing up and went to the vet. His blood tests are normal for a cat of his age (eleven). Hopefully he will be back to posting and visiting his friends soon.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cat sense of taste

Lynettea was busy with her wildlife blog and she found something she thought would be interesting for your humans. We kitties already know it, but you can get your humans to read the article.

'Sugar and spice and everything nice hold no interest for a cat. Our feline friends are only interested in one thing: meat (except for saving up the energy to catch it by napping, or a round of restorative petting) This is not just because inside every domestic tabby lurks a killer just waiting to catch a bird or torture a mouse, it is also because cats lack the ability to taste sweetness, unlike every other mammal examined to date.'

Thursday, November 8, 2007

creation of the cat

Lynettea read this out to me from her daily calendar this morning and I was so excited by this profound insight that I thought I would share it with my friends.
"If God created man in his own image, you've got to wonder; in whose image did he create the nobler cat?"
Author unknown

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

What's going on?

Yes I am well now. Lynettea was very attentive when I wasn't well, but she hasn't let me get near the computer much since then. At least I have been able to visit my friends' blogs several times when I found the computer running. I had to be quick and sometimes was forced to use it late at night when I should have been in bed resting. Here you see me at the top of my runway. I have shelves around my enclosure and a good view of the place next door through the trelliswork. The next door neighbour has moved, so I am scanning anxiously. I hope a dog doesn't move in.

Lynettea was next door sweeping and putting some pea-straw on the next door garden and I saw silly Wallis go in and roll on the pea straw remnants on the paving. He looked like a straw broom. The bits showed up really well on his black fur. Lynettea tried to sweep them off him with her broom, but he rolled over again and covered himself again with the straw.

Can you see my pond in this photo? I help Lynettea feed the fish and I think it may be time to do that now. If you click on my photos you can see them in a larger size.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Twist and groom

Kitties it is important to maintain flexibility as you age. I am over eleven now, but you can see that daily practice has helped me keep supple.
It is important to groom all those hard to reach parts, so join me in a twist and groom.
Lynettea is still worried about me, as I threw up last night. She gave me a dose of my furball medication. I threw up some grass today too. Maybe it is just furballs.
Jai tried to swipe me when I was out for my walk. He was lurking near the gate to my enclosure and as Lynettea opened it he managed to sneak in before she could stop him. He bounded around my fishpond looking at the fish. Fortunately the fish hid under the waterlily leaves, or Jai might have swiped them. Lynettea managed to pick him up and put him out. He protested all the time with a low growling. Lynettea couldn't understand what he was saying and I didn't tell her, as it wasn't very nice.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

feeling a lot better

Thank you to all my friends for your wishes. I am sure they have helped my recovery. Lynettea took me back to my veterinary surgeon on Friday, as I was throwing up and she was worried. The vet took me off my tablets and gave me an injection. My temperature had gone down and also the nasty swelling. We had to stand on the lawn for a long time waiting for the taxi back. I thought it would never come. Lynettea kept fussing at me.
The picture shows me back to my usual intellectual pursuits, checking that Lynettea has filled out the Sudoku puzzles correctly. After that I can help her to select the best bits from the newspaper to read to me. She can't get at it until I have finished checking the Sudoku. Sometimes she is a little impatient. Impatience is a common fault of all our human pets. We kitties soon learn to be tolerant of our human(s), otherwise our lives would be a misery.
My appetite is still not quite back to normal, except for special treat food. The unusual heat for October may be the cause of this.

Friday, October 19, 2007

resting to get better

I am still not feeling particularly well. I threw up some of my food and haven't eaten much. I am taking the tablets and hope that will make some difference. It is difficult to take the tablets as Lynettea is clumsy. I try to cooperate as best I can. The vet told her I would swallow the tablet if she jerked me up suddenly after putting the tablet into my mouth. Sometimes this works and sometimes I throw the tablet out.
She had several tries this morning before I swallowed and then she found a half tablet that I should have swallowed and put that into my mouth. I have had a lot of brushing to get rid of my loose furs and I haven't been out for a walk for several days now. It seems like forever that I have been lying here feeling not very well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still not feeling well

Thank you kitties for your wishes. Just reading your thoughtful messages cheered me up. I hope I recover soon and will be able to make a proper post with pictures. After the injection yesterday evening, I have had my first tablets this morning. They don't taste very nice, but Lynettea explained that I need to take them to get better. My back is very sore.
My veterinary surgeon thought it was awful that the WILDCAT sprang on me. Lynettea explained that we were just walking quietly on the lead enjoying the cool evening air. I am not allowed to go out until my back isn't sore. I am very civilized and don't roam around attacking other kitties. Although we do chase them if we see them, but just to have a look, not scratch and bite.
A lot of cats are yowling around this area at night now. I usually have to spend quite a bit of time going from window to window to patrol what is going on. I feel too sick to do this now.
I spent some time on Lynettea's clothes in the cupboard this morning before she carefully picked me up and placed me in the sunshine on the windowsill.
I am really not feeling up to my usual self.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am not feeling well

I am not feeling at all well. Lynettea took me in a taxi to my veterinary surgeon and he told her I had a temperature of 40, which is very high. He felt my back and I jumped and miaouwed. There were a lot of big dogs there. One came in the waiting room and put its giant head right up to the bars in my cat carrier. I sank down and stayed very quiet. The WILDCAT, which sprang on me and sunk in its claws had caused an infection. It isn't an abcess yet, which is good. I had an injection and I have to swallow one and a half tablets of medicine every morning and night until the course is finished.
I hope I feel better tomorrow. I am not well enough to post a picture. It is as much as I can do to get a paw to the keyboard to type this message. I think I had better go and rest now.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My Adventure

Pausing in my grooming to tell you of an adventure I had last night. Lynettea had taken me out for my walk (wearing my diamond studded halter, as usual), when I spied a cat at the end of the street. A quick run along the pavement, Lynettea struggling to keep up, she needs to exercise more, and I was able to stare through the railings at a rather large grey cat. As I turned away the WILDCAT ran out of its yard and sprang onto my back. I wasn't at all flustered and was preparing to give it as good as it gave, when Lynettea gave out the most fearful hissing and shrieking, so the WILDCAT, which must have been terrified, let go and dashed away. Lynettea made me go straight home. We couldn't even stop for a sniff here and there. Then she checked me carefully all over for scratches. I lost several tufts of fluff, but nothing else. Lynettea said she could see now why Russians have such thick fur. I sat on her lap for a good while so she could pat and groom me.

Monday, October 8, 2007

My birthday gift

This is my birthday present. I ask you kitties, is this an appropriate gift for an eleven year old cat? I didn't have the heart to say that to Lynettea, as she was obviously so pleased with her gift and she made so many efforts to get me to 'use' the creature. She picked up my front paws and tried to put them on the funny rope surface, but I wriggled away. She then scratched at it with her puny claws, making a scritching noise, along with a thumping noise as the 'mouse' hit against the fence. Well, I gave up in disgust and went into the bathroom for a bit of peace and quiet. I sat on the padded laundry box, which is an ideal place for a bit of contemplative reflection. When I had sat for a while, musing about my lifetime experience, I felt a fraction less tense.

Tomorrow is always another day, I thought, and perhaps we will go outside and I shall have the chance to sit in a bit of spring sunshine.

Friday, September 28, 2007

My Eleventh Birthday

My eleventh birthday. Lynettea took a photo of me today, while I was enjoying a rest on the lounge, but she hasn't uploaded it to the Computer yet, so I am forced to make do with this earlier image taken in August. ADAN will recognize the photo. Thank you very much ADAN for your beautiful picture, which we are keeping on the dresser.

You will, of course be wondering what tributes Lynettea produced for my birthday. I let her give me a few little things, as it seems to give her pleasure. Today she brought home, with great excitement a mouse made of some sort of rope, which she tied onto the side trellis in my outside area.

She tried to make me scratch it with my paws, but I didn't want to. Our neighbour was also there for my birthday. I went and sat on the box in the bathroom until Lynettea decided I had to come out. I think she was embarrassed that I wasn't enjoying her gift. I let her pick me up and take me into the kitchen. After that I sat on my chair for a while. I have a special chair at the table, with a foldup separate piece to support the back and a pure wool fleece mat on top.

Then I had three different types of treats with my evening meal. It started raining, so I couldn't take Lynettea out for her evening walk. I feel rather tired now after all the excitement.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

grooming lesson 2

This is my much delayed second grooming lesson. Please assume a comfortable position on a soft surface. Your human's bed or possibly a soft couch would be suitable.
Note how I have extended one arm. Do not attempt to groom both arms at once with hasty swipes of the tongue from side to side. This method, although more economical of your precious time, does not result in the sleek appearance that distinguishes the truly well groomed cat.
Each arm must be thoroughly licked from paw to armpit. Do not neglect the rear portion of the arm.
Note how my ears are pricked. It is always necessary, as we know, to maintain alertness even in the most intimate moments.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Well kitties, I thought I would show you a more intellectual side of myself before we went on with more grooming pictures.
Here I am helping Lynettea select a new book from the pile of magazines and papers she has in her tray. The tray never seems to get less full no matter how much she reads. It is a bit like the Magic Pudding, where the pudding immediately grows again when you eat it. This is one of our favourite books and I wish I had one of the puddings. The best thing about it is that you can choose different dishes by twirling the bowl around and asking for what you want. Imagine that kitties. What would be your choice?

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hello kitties again at long last. I haven't been able to get to the computer to put on the pictures Lynettea took of me at a grooming session. She says I can only put one on at a time.

This is me starting to groom. Tentatively at first, I begin in one of the most important places, the paws. Each claw must be thoroughly cleaned. Young kitties pay special attention to this detail. Clean claws and paws separate the well groomed cat from a rough looking street cat. Note the shine of my coat. This is due to a good healthy diet and my regular grooming. You must also instruct your human to brush you frequently. Because my fur is particularly soft Lynettea uses a special velvet brush to tend to it. I will ask her to take a picture of it for you.

More grooming lessons will follow. Young kitties will be able to follow the whole procedure from my photos. Perhaps not suitable for the really young kitty, your mother will attend to your grooming if you are too small.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cats with dementia

Lynettea says this picture makes me look like a wise old owl. I am not sure whether to be flattered or annoyed by this remark.
I have found a post about cats getting dementia. That means getting senile in case any of our human friends are reading the blog. There is a good link on this subject here:

The article says that as long as the cat has a good diet, companionship and mental stimulation he or she is less likely to develop dementia. Also if the human plays with the cat it is good for both of them.

I have to make sure that I take Lynettea out regularly for her walk and play with her at least once a day. I don't want her to be understimulated and get dementia. Otherwise where will my food come from. She may be too forgetful to put any food out or put water in my bowl. I need to look after her.

She thoughtfully warmed up a wheatbag in the microwave for me this afternoon and gave it to me for a snuggle.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Tiger friend

My lizard friend was so popular that Lynettea said I can have another try. I thought I would like a tiger friend, as I can scare the other cats around here so easily.

This tiger looks drowsy and pleasant. Look at his tail curled round his paws. He has a hot rock to sleep on like my hot water service. Do you think he would be a suitable friend? Lynettea says his name is Tiger Boy.After seeing the photo below with his eyes open I am not so sure. His temper doesn't look very reliable.
If you click on the pictures you can see much more large and spectacular photos.
Lynettea has quite a lot of animal photos, as she works as a Volunteer at the Zoo. She doesn't get to feed the animals though, or groom them.

She just helps visitors and gives them maps and information. I prefer to rest at home so I can be ready to give her some of the quality time she needs after her rushing round. She likes to stroke my fur, so I let her, when she is good and also I sit on her lap when I am feeling pleased with her for some reason. This keeps her warm and relaxed.
I don't think the tiger is a really good friend of hers, not like me.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Interspecies friend

This picture is for the Inter-species friendship challenge. A bluetongue lizard visited my enclosure some time ago. It is only a young one, although quite big. Those are big paving blocks. We haven't seen the lizard for a long time now. I didn't quite know what to make of it, so I left it alone. We don't have any pictures of its blue tongue. Because it didn't open its mouth to show the blue tongue it musn't have been frightened.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

sun bath

Here I am sunbathing on my towel on the bed after some strenuous grooming.
You can see how peaceful I look. It is some days since I have been able to post anything. Lynettea hadn't even loaded the pictures from my previous photoshoots onto the computer. We have some lessons in grooming for junior kitties coming up shortly. I have got Lynette to take some shots of me in various positions to demonstrate technique. Meanwhile, below you can see a picture of sneaky Wallis and his brother Jia looking at me from the window sill.
Lynettea has now found out why she was so confused about which cat was which.
You can see one of the cats wears a collar and identity tag showing "Wallis". Don't let this fool you. Their mother told Lynettea that Jia is always getting rid of his tag (smart cat) and she sometimes puts Wallis's tag on Jai. She said Wallis stays home more.
Wallis visits other families down the street. Everyone loves him as he rolls on the floor and lets humans rub his stomach. No one is a stranger to him. Jai does this too, but most people think it is Wallis. Sometimes you can hear one of these people calling from their backyards, "Wallis! Wallis! Where are you Wallis!"

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Naughty Wallis

Hello Kitties, sorry I haven't posted any messages for a while. Lynettea is a problem. She is either out or using the computer or rushing around doing something. She doesn't often leave the computer running so I can get my paws on it.
Maybe if you sent her a reminder I would get more time of my own. She doesn't realize that I, too have my own activities and commitments and a responsibility to my readership. Kitties often come last in this world, I am afraid.
We had a photoshoot today, but the photos are still in the camera, so I have put an old one of WALLIS sneaking into my enclosure. He even dared to go on my scratching post while I gazed down at him from the hot water service. Lynettea picked him up quickly and put him outside. He struggled a bit, wriggling his OVERFAT BODY around, but she was quite merciless.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Me in action

Thanks Michiko and Junior for nominating me as Rockin' Boy Blogger. I notice a lot of kitties have already received nominations, so I will add one Boy, because he deserves it for coping so long without his Mummy on hand.
I thought kitties might be interested to view my 'windchime action.' I ring the wind chimes to summon Lynettea to her task of looking after my very simple wants and needs. This time it was to alert her to a cat (Wallis) sneaking around outside my enclosure. I am wearing my diamond studded lead, ready to take some exercise. I am not sure whether I want to leave the top of my hot water service to go out into the cold. You can see the slight indecision in my pose. Please observe my right paw action: stretch, tap the wind chime, retract paw, then observe the effects.
First, of course, you must show this post to your human Kittymum or Kittydad so they will purchase a windchime for you to use. Then you need to train the human to come when you ring. One warning: training a human can be quite demanding of your time and is not for everycat.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The origin of domestic cats

Lynettea showed me this, dear Kitties. Some of the more intellectual Kitties will be interested in our history. For more information you can have a look at the article in the link below.
'Cat fanciers have long known that their feline friends have wild origins.
Now scientists have identified the
house cat's maternal ancestors and traced them back to the Fertile Crescent.
We know we are pretty special!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Thanks from Lynettea

this is me on the kitchen chair

Lynettea asked me to thank all the lovely kitties for visiting her wildlife blog. She has now realized that she can't put code on it to see how many visitors she has, so maybe some humans and kitties have been looking at it without her knowing. She feels a bit encouraged, as she has spent a lot of time putting the links on to interesting articles.
As for me, sometimes I look at the articles that have interesting pictures, like the new baby pygmy hippo or the white whale she put on today, although I don't think they would be very nice to pat. Too wet and slippery. Lynettea will be glad to touch my nice warm fur after that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hello kitties, no I haven't suddenly changed shape and temperament and that isn't me in the tree. This is a shameless plea for someone to look at Lynettea's blog. Everyone is looking at my blog and she has no visitors at all. She can't find a single visitor to her blog when she looks on Feedburner. She uploads interesting links about what is happening to wildlife. Such as about giant penguins as big as people that walked around the desert in Peru in the olden days and gorillas using serviettes (that is really weird!) and chimpanzees helping people to get objects they can't reach and showing people they really have a good heart after all. I like Lynettea to reach things for me, so can't say that I am very altruistic. Sometimes I even have to give a sharp miaouw, which brings her to heel.
Anyway if you want to have a look at this sort of stuff you could go to her blog.
Otherwise stick with the good cat stuff on mine. I could say ha ha ha, everyone is visiting my blog not yours, but I am not that mean. Am I?

Monday, June 18, 2007

On the Mink

Here I am with my eyes shut enjoying the winter warmth from the air conditioner. As you kitties will all know, I am having delightful cat dreams that humans cannot even imagine. When Lynettea asks me what they are I remain wordless. Who can describe the beauteous nature of the cat Dreamworld.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Winter has come! here I am lounging under one of my furs. Lynettea has caught the colour of my emerald eyes. I look like a film star! Now all I need is a Director. We haven't even got a Director's chair out, so I don't expect one will come. Lynettea says there are two canvas Director's chairs in the shed, that she can dust off if I manage to attract a Director. Maybe one will visit my blog.
She has taken another snap of me to show that I have a wide variety of talents. Here I am looking sultry and alluring. I think I could play a Gary Cooper type role, or a Cary Grant. Not a Brad Pitt, thank you! Something a bit more intellectual is my style.
Lynettea says I might make a good Fred Astaire, but I have my doubts, although I am very athletic and I do like dancing. My elevation* is also QUITE EXCEPTIONAL.

*The ability to achieve height in a jump, as in ballet.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

How I got my name DIAMOND

Hello Kitties! Bombay has asked me how I got my name 'Diamond'. Well to share a secret with you my real name is Almaaz or диамант. This is Russian for Diamond, of course.

Lynettea wanted to call me this name because she read that Isaac Newton's cat was called Diamond and also that Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so she thought she had better have one of them.

I hope you can see my alert expression in my photo. I have just seen one of the Wallis cats in the garden. Lynettea thought there was only one Wallis, but I could have told her long ago that there were two. One has a red collar and disc saying 'Wallis' and the other is called 'Jai' and doesn't have a collar. They look much the same to Lynettea as they are chocolate coloured Burmese cats. They don't have very good manners and spend their time bolting round the district from one yard to another.

I think Wallis wants to come inside, but Lynettea won't let him through the door. They hiss at me if I am outside on my halter and lead, but I disdain them and show perfect indifference. I can chase them off as I am bigger.

Monday, May 21, 2007

my favourite things

Daisy the curly cat tagged me for this meme.
Lynettea says I have to be quick about listing my favourite things, as she wants to get ready for bed and is preparing to shut the COMPUTER down.
1. Sleeping (Lynettea suggested this to me - maybe she means to insult me, or maybe she wants to hurry me up). I like sleeping on the bed mostly and like snuggling up to Lynettea on a cold night. I also sleep on top of the hot water service when it is cold.
2. hunting whenever I get the chance. I am always in the enclosure or on the lead but have so far caught a mouse and a rat, many lizards and grasshoppers, butterflies and moths. Lynettea says this is a disgusting total and she is ashamed. Sometimes she manages to rescue them by picking me up and shaking me until my jaws loosen. What a spoiler!
3. Chasing other cats. Lynettea has to run after me on the lead down the street and usually at night. This is really good fun and gives her some exercise. She needs to keep fit to look after me.
4. Eating my favourite crunchy crispies with the soft centres.
5. Brushing. Lynettea brushes me with a velvet brush that is meant for clothes (she tells me). I like this and I purr quite loudly. She says 'brush, brush, Diamond' and I jump up to have my grooming.
6. Looking for intruding cats. I have to check the windows and all around my outside enclosure for intruder cats. I can also run on top of my high shelf around the enclosure to look for them. I miaouw loudly to warn them off.
7. Exploring my garden, which has clumps of grass for me including lemongrass and other aromatic herbs in pots. I like watching the birdbath, but as I am not outside by myself I don't get the chance to catch any.
8. Climbing up the grape vines. I haven't had a chance to do this recently.
9. Jumping on the fence. I haven't been able to do this after I got my old lead stuck in a crack. Lynettea says she has to supervise me closely. She doesn't want lots of leads stuck in the fence. She hasn't been able to get it out so far and neither has our neighbour.
10. Patting. That is humans patting me. I let visitors pat me and enjoy their tribute praise. I also like games of shuttlecock with a little furry ball and chasing the toy mice and biting off their tails. Well I have run out of space.
Thank you Daisy for inviting me to write about this. I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with all of you. Maybe you will be add to your own activities from my list. I have made this pink for DAISY.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Thank you kitties for all your visits and comments. I apologize for not posting them sooner. Lynettea didn't tell me she was about to upgrade the computer, which meant we didn't have it for some days and not all of it works now. She has been so busy trying to make it work that I haven't been able to get a paw on the keyboard.
I may be able to visit some of your blogs and do some of the games if I sneak out and switch the computer on when Lynettea falls asleep. Her eyes must get tired soon with all that staring at the screen.
I am concerned about her now it is getting colder. I need to keep her warm at night. Have you noticed humans have a pathetic tuft of fur on the head and not much else to keep them warm? I wonder if there is some medication or food they could take to get a good coat of fur for the winter at least. It would be nice to have a furry human to snuggle to. Rather like a teddy bear.
The Peru teddy bear on the chair in the kitchen isn't warm and it is too small to be snuggly. I don't think it is alive. Alive things usually move and it only moves if Lynettea picks it up. She bops it at me as if I should take an interest. WHAT A JOKE!
I prefer the nest of small mice she brought back a couple of days ago. I haven't been able to get them out of the cellophane pack yet. Lynettea got one out and I bit the tail off.
Well, I shall try to visit you all again soon.

PS THIS IS MY FISH 'DAWN' IN THE PHOTO IN MY POND. Lynettea called him Dawn, although it turned out to be a he. She said Dawn could be a name for a male fish as she found some male gods of the dawn on the Internet. She says the Egyptian god of dawn was the Scarab. Also there are Phoenician, Latvian, Caananite gods of the dawn. She hasn't been able to locate more, as she hasn't had time. I can see this will be a new interest for her, proving to me that she was right after all. Well we all know humans have monstrous egos! Cats are more suitably modest in their approach.

Monday, May 7, 2007

This is a poem I wrote for Lynettea. She sent it to the Flippy cats' web site for me and I have it there on my page.
My Human

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I stare through the picket fence,
watch dogs trotting on leads,
snuffling at the pavement,
obedient, obsequious.

I meow.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
She walks me on a harness.
She says the red colour
shows off my green eyes,
complements my blue-grey fur.

I hide.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I climb trees; she pulls me down.
I chase birds; she tugs the lead.
I crunch grasshoppers; she frowns.
I bolt home; she says ‘sit’.

I yowl.

This morning when I wake
she grooms me with a brush,
strokes me, exclaims
‘there are rainbows in your fur.
You are my lovely cat’.

I purr.
By Diamond (Copyright © Lynette M. Arden, 2002)
That is a photo of my little friend Abbie. I was feeling her woolly fur. I haven't seen her for a long time, but Lynettea tells me she hasn't grown a lot.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Kitties you will notice that Lynettea has thoughtfully placed some wind chimes near one of my favourite resting places (on top of the hot water service). She tells me that I can ring them if I want anything. She even showed me how to do it by pushing the hanging piece with her hands. She must think I am rather slow, as I had already worked that out for myself. I don't usually bother to ring, as a few loud miaouws are enough to attract her attention. The clock shows it is nearly lunchtime. Lynettea will need to eat something to keep her strength up. I don't usually eat much during the day, although I like to make sure there is always something in my dish. If not I will have to ring the wind chimes very loudly. Miaouw! Miaouw! Miaouw!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

updating for blogroll

I are not sure how this works and Lynettea is worse than useless at working things out, so I am pawing it alone. Ping ping ping.

Wordless Wednesday

My new halter

Greetings Kitties! At last Lynettea has taken a photo of me in my new, diamond studded halter. You can see me here waiting to go out for my walk. After we finally got the door open, my halter adjusted and I posed for a few photos, we suddenly heard a torrent of rain pelting on the verandah roof. Lynettea was so keen to go out that she said, 'Diamond we can still go out. We will just stay on the porch. It will be dry there'
She opened the security screen door and a filthy gust of wind blew in all over me. 'miaouw! miaouw! miaouw!' Well I ask you. I turned round and headed straight back down the hall. Lynettea was most disappointed. She had been looking forward to her walk.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Night walk

Here is a picture of my lemongrass. You can see it behind the birdbath.

We ran down the street tonight and I stopped in front of a place to look through the security screen door. It was after dark (about 6.45 pm). Lynettea was gazing into space as usual when she heard someone from the house. It was one of her elderly neighbours who had spotted her from the hallway. They thought something bad had happened to her and then they couldn't find the door key of the security screen door. They couldn't see me down on the street as they have a solid fence.

I didn't want to stay, but Lynettea felt she had to reassure them that everything was alright, I was just taking her for her usual walk at night. Lynettea's friend Gloria said she didn't think it was a good idea to be out after dark. They probably don't realize that Lynettea has me to defend us. Then they said their stove had suddenly seized up and they were trying to investigate what had gone wrong while they were trying to cook dinner.

Thank goodness I don't have to rely on a stove to cook my dinner. I get too hungry.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


For those of you who are wondering, I now have a new halter and lead. I haven't got a picture of it yet. Lynettea will have to take one for me. The old lead is still stuck in the fence. Lynettea isn't letting me run around anywhere now. She stays very close by. At least she can make herself useful if I need anything, but I don't think I will get another chance to jump on the fence. At least that is what she says.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Junior just said I was lucky to go outside. Well today I am in disgrace. Lynettea said she is disgusted with me. She trusted me to walk around a little on my lead by myself and I took the opportunity to climb the trellis before she could catch me. (She had to almost get on all fours to climb under the bough of the quince tree, which is dragged right down by a heavy load of ripe fruit.)

Meanwhile I had scrambled from the trellis - you can see it in the picture below, onto the top of the paling fence and I was enjoying myself clambering along the top rail looking at the scenery in the next yard. Lynettea couldn't grab me, as I moved along rather briskly, so she ran next door into the neighbour's yard. The neighbour came out too. By this time I had turned around and was heading back along the fence when I got stuck. I dragged and dragged at my halter, but the lead was wedged and held me tight.

Lynettea tried to reach me, but she couldn't, as she is too short, so the neighbour tried, but she was also too short! Then Lynettea climbed onto the neighbour's cane chair, but although she could reach me she thought she might fall off if she grabbed me. So she got down again. I kept on tugging at the lead. At this point the neighbour sensibly suggested she UNCLIP THE HALTER AND THE LEAD! From then on it was a clear go for me and I jumped off the fence straight away and went inside.

Lynettea was quite annoyed that the lead was still stuck in the fence. She took her ladder next door and the neighbour tried to poke it from our place with some grasping instrument, but they both failed to dislodge it, so they sat down and had a cup of Chinese tea while the neighbour did the crossword in our newspaper and Lynettea did the Sudoku.

What a fuss about a silly old halter! I didn't want to wear it anyway!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Me enjoying a grass snack

I thought my kitty friends might like to see my grass. I have other grass growing in the garden.
This clump was in my enclosure until recently. Lynettea thought it was looking a bit the worse for wear and she cut it back and took it outside to regenerate. It is now regenerated so much that I need to eat it quite frequently to stop it taking over like a Triffid. Lynettea said she will cut it back, don't worry. You can see my halter draped loosely around me. It is a refreshing red colour that shows off my pretty blue-grey fur. Notice my sharp teeth. I will post some of my other grass pictures later.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

a senior cat (for Jake and Bathsheba)

This is a picture of a senior cat enjoying the sunshine. Mollie is a cat that Lynettea knows. You can see how her ears are pricked up even though she looks somnolent. I thought you might enjoy one of my poems, tapped by my own paws.

One of my cat haiku

afternoon nap
awake at the first
stir of a lizard

Friday, March 30, 2007


A picture of my catnip plant.
I tried to put this on my blog this afternoon, but couldn't open the files. I had to get Lynettea to fix some of her mistakes on the computer. She had to remove a new program she downloaded and reinstall her other programs before I could find the picture. I might put a picture of my grass on later. I will ask Lynettea to take a picture of some of my grass clumps. She put one of my clumps out in the sun to make it shoot more and it is now very vigorous. She has to cut back one of my cat grass clumps in the garden quite a lot. I usually wee on it actually (sorry to be rather crude).
Today I jumped on the back fence. I only had time for a quick look at the place at the back before Lynettea dragged me off and carried me inside. I don't think I am in her good books after I spent some time recently in the cupboard with the plates and cups. It wasn't my fault that she shut me inside. I couldn't help it if she couldn't find me anywhere. I was quite keen to leave the cupboard by the time she found me.

p.s. I think couch grass is my favourite. We have some growing near the front gate so I can chew on it. Lemon grass is quite nice too, if you try the new shoots. I am a bit of a grass connoisseur.

p.p.s tigers like lavender. Did you know that?

Sunday, March 25, 2007

me on the flokati rug

Another photo of me lolling around. I am enjoying a spot of sunshine on the flokati rug. It is a bit worn, but I didn't do that.
A new cat has moved in next door. Lynettea looked at its disc label, which said Wallis and a phone number. She decided to call the cat Wallis. I suppose it was easier to call it that than use the phone number as well.
"Wallis" jumped on Lynettea's lap when she sat down. I thought that was a bit much. I didn't mind so much when "Wallis" was just lying down on the path.
I think "Wallis" is a bit of a busybody, as he leaps on the windowsill and stares at me lying on my futon. I think I deserve a little privacy when I take my midday nap!
We had a lovely run this evening, as daylight saving has finished and it was quite dark. Lynettea said she saw the Milky Way. I didn't see any milk, which didn't worry me. I gave up milk after kittenhood. "When I became a cat, I put away kittenish things."
I saw another cat at the end of the street and ran after it. Lynettea also ran fast and stopped looking at the milk. AT LEAST SHE GOT A BIT OF EXERCISE!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hot Diamond

Hello Kitties, I have been away so long you may have all abandoned me. Lynettea has been so busy on the COMPUTER that I haven't been able to get a paw to the keyboard. Instead I have spent quite a bit of time lolling here and there and gathering my strength. Here is a picture of me lolling on the cool wooden floorboards.

In summer I usually take Lynettea for her walk down the street after dark. That way I can attempt to teach her a bit. She is a lamentably slow learner. Pivot and stalk with the sudden stop after a dash are not easy skills for her to learn. She hasn't learnt to use her nose at all. I try to show her by example 'sniff, sniff' at the car tyres and clumps of vegetation, but she stands there inertly, sometimes looking up at the sky and saying things like,

"That is Orion's belt and sword, Diamond. Can you see that bright star? That is Orion's faithful dog Sirius."

If I hear a dog I know to return home quickly. I make a few markings around the place on bushes and trees. If Lynettea doesn't know how to do it I have to show her. Well kitties, I hope I haven't lost all my new friends.

Miaouw, miaouw!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Poem for Lucy

Here is a tribute to Lucy, who passed away suddenly before I was born. She wouldn't come in when she was called at night. Kitties, don't run onto the road, it is full of terrible metal monsters with big glowing bug eyes. Lucy was four years old. Read her tribute poem on her special page:
See Lucy's picture in my message below on cat vaccination for FIV. In case you are sad, I will think of a nice cheerful message to write next time.


Hello Kitties! This is a note I am typing in from Lynettea:

Please let your humans know that there is a vaccination for FIV now. Maybe it has been available elsewhere for some time, but it has only been available in Australia for a couple of years.
This is a picture of Lucy that Lynettea drew. Lucy came to live with Lynettea many years ago as a little kitten, not even six weeks old, when her human passed away suddenly.Lucy inherited FIV from her Mum.
My Comment:

I don't like having my vaccinations either. I have heard some of you kitties wingeing about a trip to the vet and I probably make more fuss than I need to. I hate riding in the taxi in my carrier and complain all the way. Lynettea feels she has to keep apologizing to the taxi driver. (MY VOICE is rather resonant). You don't want to get any of those nasty diseases though, do you?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

me and the Peruvian bear

Lynettea tells me this is a bear from Peru. It normally sits on its special Seagrass Chair in the kitchen.
If you want to sit in the chair you need to nurse the bear. "Which can make you feel more relaxed," she says.
I didn't feel relaxed having my photo taken with the bear. It was rather a nuisance and I ended up sitting on its hind paws.
A pity Lynettea has cut off the tip of my tail in this photo.
Can you see the extraordinarily alert expression in my eyes?

Contemplations in the Wardrobe

Because of the other cat, a rather elegant blue grey creature with green eyes, I need to check the wardrobe regularly to see if I can catch it inside. So far I haven't had any luck in catching it. Sometimes it even seems to be in someone's arms being patted. Curiously that is always when Lynettea has picked me up and is urging me to look in the MIRROR. "Look Diamond, what a pretty cat!" she says, but I don't like to look and duck my head down to see if I can catch it slinking away through a crack.
Inside the WARDROBE I like to sit on top of the coathangers for a while to think. Sometimes when I am feeling meditative I contemplate such classic cat questions as "Where the Sardine? or "The impenetrability of Meouw". If I get shut in by ACCIDENT I sometimes contemplate the deepest cat Question of "Whither".
Lynettea tells me humans don't think about that much, judging by their behaviour. We cats believe that deep contemplation of "Whither" was what led our ancestors to first adopt humans. Maybe we will have to look to some other species to meet our needs in the future. I won't say anything about that to Lynettea, as she would be upset.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cat Poem

Well, I think this is funny!
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof
woof woof woof woof


Saturday, February 17, 2007

More on Isaac Newton and Human Behaviour

More on Isaac Newton (previous post: Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton had a cat called Diamond? Lynettea heard it on a radio quiz show. He invented the cat flap, which is apparently his chief claim to fame.)

Lynettea tells me I am WRONG about Isaac Newton. His main claim to fame was not inventing the cat flap, but in failing to catch the apple when it fell from the tree. Now, that makes some sense. Who would want to catch an apple anyway. They don't even smell nice. I have seen Lynettea eating them UUGH!
What cat in their right mind would go out in a boat to save huge wet lumpy animals (whales), even if they had the most charming personalities in the world. The cats might get WET! Apparently some of these humans took shelter behind an iceberg by roping it to the boat to keep out of the wind. Lynettea was most impressed.
Just a note: Lynettea is surprised I have so many views.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy New Year (a bit late)

Happy New Year for 2007. This is a bit late, but I thought you might like to see my card. You will need to click on the card to see me lapping at my water. Lynettea made it for me from a drawing she did. The neon sign also sparkles.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Today Lynettea brought me home two new wool mats from an Art Gallery. She told me she couldn't afford to buy the art works, so chose to buy the rugs for me instead. To reward her I decided to let her take a photo of me posing on the table. I have really taken to the mats. They are from the Animal Welfare.
Lynettea tells me that if something happens to her I can go to the Peppertree Cottage run by Animal Welfare. She had a look there and found a lot of elderly cats enjoying life. She said it is better than a nursing home for humans. Humans don't always have a very nice place to go when they are old. I think I would prefer to stay here, though.
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Thursday, February 8, 2007

A thoughtful moment

Pausing for a moment in the garden, I wonder about the meaning of life and then go back to more practical activities.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Well what a relief, no displaced cats have arrived yet. Lynettea didn't mention them this morning and there were a few crunchy treats last night (after I miaouwed a lot), so there are no food shortages yet. The weather is cooler today, so maybe we can get back to normal.

I haven't worked out yet how to make one of the little photos to put on my posts. Lynettea isn't much help, as she is tapping away at something else or going out somewhere.

I have managed to put a few links to my cat friends on my blog, so that is a step forward.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Thoughts on the FUTURE

Hello all you cats who have visited me. I will be sure to pay return visits as soon as I am able. It is too hot to go out today.
Besides I have a lot to think about.

This morning, as Lynettea was running back and forth with the bucket watering all the pot plants she kept muttering about "the anticipated mass movement of people that will be displaced by climate change".
I gathered she had been reading something in the sheets of newspaper that I perch on when I sit on the dining table.

When she moved on to mutter about "the austerities that will be imposed by drought" she made me nervous. I hope this doesn't mean there will be no more soft centred crunchy food treats and a crowd of displaced cats around my food bowl.

These thoughts so alarmed me that I ran in and crouched on top of her jackets in the wardrobe until Lynettea pulled me out and forced me to go for a walk.

She said "You must face the WORLD Diamond! It is no use hiding in a corner".

My thought: humans aren't making the best job of running the world anyway. Does she expect us cats to fix it all now they have made such a mess.
I hope we don't run into Kemiri while we are out. She is very cute, but probably dangerous.
One of Lynettea's photos from the ZOO. She thinks I am interested because it is another cat.


Friday, February 2, 2007

Morning musings

Today is a rest day after my experiences yesterday at the Vet. It is hot, so I am inclined to rest inside for a while and then spend some time lounging in the tray of my carpet covered scratching post under my pergola.
You will notice that I am posting in my own name now. It is a bit of a wrestle with the computer keyboard, but I have to develop some independence if I am to share my musings with you. Lynettea is always urging me to use my brain.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


This morning I was startled from slumber by lynettea and rudely thrust into my cat carrier. She had donned a sturdy coat and was so swift that I had no time to gather myself up for the usual struggle, so I voiced my disapproval all the way in the taxi.
Lynettea kept apologizing to the taxi driver and making supposedly soothing noises. I was even more dismayed when the door to the vet's house was opened by the servant of a large brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Fortunately the DOG was leaving.
We had to wait some time before our appointment. Lynettea kept pointing out to me 'the lovely quiet ginger cat' being fondled by its attendants on the opposite bench, but I wasn't impressed.
After the usual indignities and jabs from the Vet, he told lynettea that he had never seen me in better health.
I have now retired to my futon. Lynettea tried to interest me in various current issues, such as the fate of the Murray River, but I have had enough for today and need a rest.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Welcome to my Blogspot

Hello visitors, I am a gorgeous Russian Blue Cat. Enough said, you may think (or miaouw). I expect many of you are Computer Literate Cats, as I hear many stories of cats using the keyboard when their human is typing in messages. I usually don't need to tap in items myself, as my human is very well trained.
I have had an exciting life, in the past. Nowadays I usually muse and sleep. If my human can work out how to do it, she will put a picture of my elegant form on this blog.