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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Contemplations in the Wardrobe

Because of the other cat, a rather elegant blue grey creature with green eyes, I need to check the wardrobe regularly to see if I can catch it inside. So far I haven't had any luck in catching it. Sometimes it even seems to be in someone's arms being patted. Curiously that is always when Lynettea has picked me up and is urging me to look in the MIRROR. "Look Diamond, what a pretty cat!" she says, but I don't like to look and duck my head down to see if I can catch it slinking away through a crack.
Inside the WARDROBE I like to sit on top of the coathangers for a while to think. Sometimes when I am feeling meditative I contemplate such classic cat questions as "Where the Sardine? or "The impenetrability of Meouw". If I get shut in by ACCIDENT I sometimes contemplate the deepest cat Question of "Whither".
Lynettea tells me humans don't think about that much, judging by their behaviour. We cats believe that deep contemplation of "Whither" was what led our ancestors to first adopt humans. Maybe we will have to look to some other species to meet our needs in the future. I won't say anything about that to Lynettea, as she would be upset.

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