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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Hello Kitties! This is a note I am typing in from Lynettea:

Please let your humans know that there is a vaccination for FIV now. Maybe it has been available elsewhere for some time, but it has only been available in Australia for a couple of years.
This is a picture of Lucy that Lynettea drew. Lucy came to live with Lynettea many years ago as a little kitten, not even six weeks old, when her human passed away suddenly.Lucy inherited FIV from her Mum.
My Comment:

I don't like having my vaccinations either. I have heard some of you kitties wingeing about a trip to the vet and I probably make more fuss than I need to. I hate riding in the taxi in my carrier and complain all the way. Lynettea feels she has to keep apologizing to the taxi driver. (MY VOICE is rather resonant). You don't want to get any of those nasty diseases though, do you?

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