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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hot Diamond

Hello Kitties, I have been away so long you may have all abandoned me. Lynettea has been so busy on the COMPUTER that I haven't been able to get a paw to the keyboard. Instead I have spent quite a bit of time lolling here and there and gathering my strength. Here is a picture of me lolling on the cool wooden floorboards.

In summer I usually take Lynettea for her walk down the street after dark. That way I can attempt to teach her a bit. She is a lamentably slow learner. Pivot and stalk with the sudden stop after a dash are not easy skills for her to learn. She hasn't learnt to use her nose at all. I try to show her by example 'sniff, sniff' at the car tyres and clumps of vegetation, but she stands there inertly, sometimes looking up at the sky and saying things like,

"That is Orion's belt and sword, Diamond. Can you see that bright star? That is Orion's faithful dog Sirius."

If I hear a dog I know to return home quickly. I make a few markings around the place on bushes and trees. If Lynettea doesn't know how to do it I have to show her. Well kitties, I hope I haven't lost all my new friends.

Miaouw, miaouw!


Lux said...

Don't give up on Lynettea, Diamond. Just keep up the good work and someday it may pay off!

I'm glad you got a chance to sneak on the computer ...

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

We knew you were taking a break. Glad to know that you have been resting.

Daisy said...

Diamond, I wouldn't leave you! But I am glad you came back. It looks like you made good use of your down time, too.

My Mommie doesn't use her nose good either! It is very strange.

Gattina said...

I saw your link on Jake and Bathsheba's blog and now I am here, what a beautiful cat you are ! I have four cats and write stories about them on my cat blog "My cats and funny stories" I am a bit an outsider in the cat blogger world, because I don't let my cats blog, I prefer to do it myself, lol !

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Hi, Diamond. Good luck with teaching your lady to walk on a leash. It sounds like she's good at recognizing the constellations. Our mom could use some help with that.


Diamond said...

Oh Goodie, my cat friends haven't given up on me. I have added Gattina's cat blog to my list too.
I have to rest now, as I threw up a hairball earlier.

Boy said...'re finawwy back!
I was wondewing where you went to!