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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Poem for Lucy

Here is a tribute to Lucy, who passed away suddenly before I was born. She wouldn't come in when she was called at night. Kitties, don't run onto the road, it is full of terrible metal monsters with big glowing bug eyes. Lucy was four years old. Read her tribute poem on her special page:
See Lucy's picture in my message below on cat vaccination for FIV. In case you are sad, I will think of a nice cheerful message to write next time.


Lux said...

That was a beautiful tribute to Lucy, Diamond.

Daisy said...

For some reason, I was not able to open the special page for Lucy. I am very sorry that Lucy went to the Rainbow Bridge. That is a very sweet drawing of her, and it is good that you are passing along the message about the dangers of the road. I am not allowed on the road except in my stroller, and even then the loud cars scare me! I wish I could have met Lucy. But I am glad I know you, Diamond.

Diamond said...

Hello Lux and Diamond, you are both very special cats. I am not sure why you couldn't read the poem Daisy. Maybe if you pasted the link in your browser.
I have put it here for you to read.

Tribute to Lucy

We shared one footprint
In the street
My cat and I,
My cat in a cardboard box and I.
A neighbour had brought her collar.
It took death to keep her still.

"Soon replaced", said my brother.

We stand now, sometimes,
Where she lies in the garden,
My new cat and I,
My new cat, in a halter.
Mint grows around
Her private piece of slate
And spring crab-apple blossom
Drifts upon her grave.

In Loving Memory of Lucy
who passed away at four years of age
Copyright © Lynette M. Arden, 2001

Daisy said...

The link worked this time. What a great poem, it made my eyes leak a little. Lucy will always be with you in your heart. And you are so lucky to have a special place to visit with her in the garden.

Junior said...

Lucy looks like she was a great cat! can play in my contest. Meowm says she doesn't mind shipping out of the country!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I think that is a very nice tribute. It sounds like your mommy loved Lucy very much. I'm glad you're safe on a harness when you go out.
I am FIV+ because mommy rescued me off the street. The vaccination is still pretty new here too and mommy tells everyone how important it is. It is important to be vaccinated just in case even the most indoor kitty sneaks out.
Good job with letting people know!
PS Lucy's picture is very pretty.

Diamond said...

Dear Mr Hendrix, Lynettea said to tell you that Lucy had a half a cortisone tablet every second day after the vet found she had HIV. Then she stopped being sick all the time.
I had cortisone tablets too for a long while. I must write up the story of my ILLNESS and my TRAVELS IN A PLANE for you to read.