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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Me enjoying a grass snack

I thought my kitty friends might like to see my grass. I have other grass growing in the garden.
This clump was in my enclosure until recently. Lynettea thought it was looking a bit the worse for wear and she cut it back and took it outside to regenerate. It is now regenerated so much that I need to eat it quite frequently to stop it taking over like a Triffid. Lynettea said she will cut it back, don't worry. You can see my halter draped loosely around me. It is a refreshing red colour that shows off my pretty blue-grey fur. Notice my sharp teeth. I will post some of my other grass pictures later.


Daisy said...

Wow! I clicked to enlarge and I can see the grass in your teeths! Very cute. You are lucky to get so many different grasses. And I like your red leash, it goes good with your furs.

The Meezer Gang said...

We have never eaten grass before, but you make it look yummy! Ans we have to say that the red harness looks smashing with your blue fur!

Diamond said...

Dear Meezers, I think you should get your humans to plant you some grasses. Most kitties seem to like them.
Yes Daisy, I agree my teeth are worth looking at. I feel a bit like a movie star. A pity Lynette didn't take a video clip of me. I don't think she knows how to put it on the web though.

Boy said...

You're so wucky to have your own gwass!
Mine mummy never give me gwass of mine own, and she gwumbles when I take the bitey on her pwants!

Diamond said...

Hello Boy. NICE to see you. I am not getting much time on the computer.

Junior said...

That is great grass! Is it good? And is it good for you? You are so lucky you get to go outside!