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Saturday, May 26, 2007

How I got my name DIAMOND

Hello Kitties! Bombay has asked me how I got my name 'Diamond'. Well to share a secret with you my real name is Almaaz or диамант. This is Russian for Diamond, of course.

Lynettea wanted to call me this name because she read that Isaac Newton's cat was called Diamond and also that Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so she thought she had better have one of them.

I hope you can see my alert expression in my photo. I have just seen one of the Wallis cats in the garden. Lynettea thought there was only one Wallis, but I could have told her long ago that there were two. One has a red collar and disc saying 'Wallis' and the other is called 'Jai' and doesn't have a collar. They look much the same to Lynettea as they are chocolate coloured Burmese cats. They don't have very good manners and spend their time bolting round the district from one yard to another.

I think Wallis wants to come inside, but Lynettea won't let him through the door. They hiss at me if I am outside on my halter and lead, but I disdain them and show perfect indifference. I can chase them off as I am bigger.

Monday, May 21, 2007

my favourite things

Daisy the curly cat tagged me for this meme.
Lynettea says I have to be quick about listing my favourite things, as she wants to get ready for bed and is preparing to shut the COMPUTER down.
1. Sleeping (Lynettea suggested this to me - maybe she means to insult me, or maybe she wants to hurry me up). I like sleeping on the bed mostly and like snuggling up to Lynettea on a cold night. I also sleep on top of the hot water service when it is cold.
2. hunting whenever I get the chance. I am always in the enclosure or on the lead but have so far caught a mouse and a rat, many lizards and grasshoppers, butterflies and moths. Lynettea says this is a disgusting total and she is ashamed. Sometimes she manages to rescue them by picking me up and shaking me until my jaws loosen. What a spoiler!
3. Chasing other cats. Lynettea has to run after me on the lead down the street and usually at night. This is really good fun and gives her some exercise. She needs to keep fit to look after me.
4. Eating my favourite crunchy crispies with the soft centres.
5. Brushing. Lynettea brushes me with a velvet brush that is meant for clothes (she tells me). I like this and I purr quite loudly. She says 'brush, brush, Diamond' and I jump up to have my grooming.
6. Looking for intruding cats. I have to check the windows and all around my outside enclosure for intruder cats. I can also run on top of my high shelf around the enclosure to look for them. I miaouw loudly to warn them off.
7. Exploring my garden, which has clumps of grass for me including lemongrass and other aromatic herbs in pots. I like watching the birdbath, but as I am not outside by myself I don't get the chance to catch any.
8. Climbing up the grape vines. I haven't had a chance to do this recently.
9. Jumping on the fence. I haven't been able to do this after I got my old lead stuck in a crack. Lynettea says she has to supervise me closely. She doesn't want lots of leads stuck in the fence. She hasn't been able to get it out so far and neither has our neighbour.
10. Patting. That is humans patting me. I let visitors pat me and enjoy their tribute praise. I also like games of shuttlecock with a little furry ball and chasing the toy mice and biting off their tails. Well I have run out of space.
Thank you Daisy for inviting me to write about this. I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with all of you. Maybe you will be add to your own activities from my list. I have made this pink for DAISY.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Thank you kitties for all your visits and comments. I apologize for not posting them sooner. Lynettea didn't tell me she was about to upgrade the computer, which meant we didn't have it for some days and not all of it works now. She has been so busy trying to make it work that I haven't been able to get a paw on the keyboard.
I may be able to visit some of your blogs and do some of the games if I sneak out and switch the computer on when Lynettea falls asleep. Her eyes must get tired soon with all that staring at the screen.
I am concerned about her now it is getting colder. I need to keep her warm at night. Have you noticed humans have a pathetic tuft of fur on the head and not much else to keep them warm? I wonder if there is some medication or food they could take to get a good coat of fur for the winter at least. It would be nice to have a furry human to snuggle to. Rather like a teddy bear.
The Peru teddy bear on the chair in the kitchen isn't warm and it is too small to be snuggly. I don't think it is alive. Alive things usually move and it only moves if Lynettea picks it up. She bops it at me as if I should take an interest. WHAT A JOKE!
I prefer the nest of small mice she brought back a couple of days ago. I haven't been able to get them out of the cellophane pack yet. Lynettea got one out and I bit the tail off.
Well, I shall try to visit you all again soon.

PS THIS IS MY FISH 'DAWN' IN THE PHOTO IN MY POND. Lynettea called him Dawn, although it turned out to be a he. She said Dawn could be a name for a male fish as she found some male gods of the dawn on the Internet. She says the Egyptian god of dawn was the Scarab. Also there are Phoenician, Latvian, Caananite gods of the dawn. She hasn't been able to locate more, as she hasn't had time. I can see this will be a new interest for her, proving to me that she was right after all. Well we all know humans have monstrous egos! Cats are more suitably modest in their approach.

Monday, May 7, 2007

This is a poem I wrote for Lynettea. She sent it to the Flippy cats' web site for me and I have it there on my page.
My Human

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I stare through the picket fence,
watch dogs trotting on leads,
snuffling at the pavement,
obedient, obsequious.

I meow.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
She walks me on a harness.
She says the red colour
shows off my green eyes,
complements my blue-grey fur.

I hide.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I climb trees; she pulls me down.
I chase birds; she tugs the lead.
I crunch grasshoppers; she frowns.
I bolt home; she says ‘sit’.

I yowl.

This morning when I wake
she grooms me with a brush,
strokes me, exclaims
‘there are rainbows in your fur.
You are my lovely cat’.

I purr.
By Diamond (Copyright © Lynette M. Arden, 2002)
That is a photo of my little friend Abbie. I was feeling her woolly fur. I haven't seen her for a long time, but Lynettea tells me she hasn't grown a lot.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


Kitties you will notice that Lynettea has thoughtfully placed some wind chimes near one of my favourite resting places (on top of the hot water service). She tells me that I can ring them if I want anything. She even showed me how to do it by pushing the hanging piece with her hands. She must think I am rather slow, as I had already worked that out for myself. I don't usually bother to ring, as a few loud miaouws are enough to attract her attention. The clock shows it is nearly lunchtime. Lynettea will need to eat something to keep her strength up. I don't usually eat much during the day, although I like to make sure there is always something in my dish. If not I will have to ring the wind chimes very loudly. Miaouw! Miaouw! Miaouw!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

updating for blogroll

I are not sure how this works and Lynettea is worse than useless at working things out, so I am pawing it alone. Ping ping ping.

Wordless Wednesday

My new halter

Greetings Kitties! At last Lynettea has taken a photo of me in my new, diamond studded halter. You can see me here waiting to go out for my walk. After we finally got the door open, my halter adjusted and I posed for a few photos, we suddenly heard a torrent of rain pelting on the verandah roof. Lynettea was so keen to go out that she said, 'Diamond we can still go out. We will just stay on the porch. It will be dry there'
She opened the security screen door and a filthy gust of wind blew in all over me. 'miaouw! miaouw! miaouw!' Well I ask you. I turned round and headed straight back down the hall. Lynettea was most disappointed. She had been looking forward to her walk.