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Thursday, May 3, 2007


Kitties you will notice that Lynettea has thoughtfully placed some wind chimes near one of my favourite resting places (on top of the hot water service). She tells me that I can ring them if I want anything. She even showed me how to do it by pushing the hanging piece with her hands. She must think I am rather slow, as I had already worked that out for myself. I don't usually bother to ring, as a few loud miaouws are enough to attract her attention. The clock shows it is nearly lunchtime. Lynettea will need to eat something to keep her strength up. I don't usually eat much during the day, although I like to make sure there is always something in my dish. If not I will have to ring the wind chimes very loudly. Miaouw! Miaouw! Miaouw!


Daisy said...

What a great setup you have, Diamond. Does Lynettea come running as soon as you ring the chimes?

Willow said...

I hope that you got food in your bowl. Did you ring or miau for your food.

Purrrs, Willow

Phoebe said...

OH, that looks like a very convenient system. That is very considerate of Lynettea to do for you. It's a good thing you are around to remind her to eat her lunch.

PS. I knew you had a new post cause you pinged!!

Diamond said...

Whether I miaouw or ring Lynettea seems to take notice of me. She sometimes takes a while to work out what I need her to do for me.

Dragonheart said...

Wow, Diamond, you have trained your human very well! That's a very nice setup you have there. :)

=^..^= said...

Is Lyneattea your bean-butler? You are so lucky! You fink maybe she cud train my brofur Bangles to be my butler?


yao-lin said...

That is a truely wonderful idea. You wouldn't even have to move to be waited on!!! Your human must be very well trained to think of such an, where can I get such an object?

Kimo & Sabi said...

That wind chime thingy looks like fun!

Lux said...

How nice of Lynettea to give you those chimes so you can draw attention to your needs!

SchneiderHein said...

Oh what a wonderful place to lie on! We hope Lynettas service will be perfct all the time.
Maus & Allegra

Diamond, we are really sorry. We have a lot of problems with our "Babel fish" on our "Maus & Allegra" blog. At the moment we don't know why the fish isn't able to translate the posts in english.
In our new post you will see Allegra's garden. All her interesting places when she walked outside. We hope you enjoy our photographs.
Silke & Wolfgang

Diamond said...

Hello Maus and Allegra, how nice to see you visit. I will rush over to your blog to see Allegra's garden. We can sort of get an idea of what you post. Lynettea helps me a bit. She knows a few words in German, but not many.

michi 2412 said...

Dear Diamond,

at first: Thank you for visit our blog and for your comment! We love to sit on the tree, because here you can see anything what happens! Also it is necessary to look, where the neighbour-cat is.

What a nice place you lay!

We are so sorry, but our english is very bad, even tough we are of american extraction.

So we send you greetings from vienna

michi 2412 said...

By the way, I understand your english better, as the horrible translation of google.

Greetings from Austria (not Australia ;-))

Diamond said...

Hello Michi, it is lovely to see you. Sorry about the German translation in Google. It does that to English too when translated from German.