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Monday, May 21, 2007

my favourite things

Daisy the curly cat tagged me for this meme.
Lynettea says I have to be quick about listing my favourite things, as she wants to get ready for bed and is preparing to shut the COMPUTER down.
1. Sleeping (Lynettea suggested this to me - maybe she means to insult me, or maybe she wants to hurry me up). I like sleeping on the bed mostly and like snuggling up to Lynettea on a cold night. I also sleep on top of the hot water service when it is cold.
2. hunting whenever I get the chance. I am always in the enclosure or on the lead but have so far caught a mouse and a rat, many lizards and grasshoppers, butterflies and moths. Lynettea says this is a disgusting total and she is ashamed. Sometimes she manages to rescue them by picking me up and shaking me until my jaws loosen. What a spoiler!
3. Chasing other cats. Lynettea has to run after me on the lead down the street and usually at night. This is really good fun and gives her some exercise. She needs to keep fit to look after me.
4. Eating my favourite crunchy crispies with the soft centres.
5. Brushing. Lynettea brushes me with a velvet brush that is meant for clothes (she tells me). I like this and I purr quite loudly. She says 'brush, brush, Diamond' and I jump up to have my grooming.
6. Looking for intruding cats. I have to check the windows and all around my outside enclosure for intruder cats. I can also run on top of my high shelf around the enclosure to look for them. I miaouw loudly to warn them off.
7. Exploring my garden, which has clumps of grass for me including lemongrass and other aromatic herbs in pots. I like watching the birdbath, but as I am not outside by myself I don't get the chance to catch any.
8. Climbing up the grape vines. I haven't had a chance to do this recently.
9. Jumping on the fence. I haven't been able to do this after I got my old lead stuck in a crack. Lynettea says she has to supervise me closely. She doesn't want lots of leads stuck in the fence. She hasn't been able to get it out so far and neither has our neighbour.
10. Patting. That is humans patting me. I let visitors pat me and enjoy their tribute praise. I also like games of shuttlecock with a little furry ball and chasing the toy mice and biting off their tails. Well I have run out of space.
Thank you Daisy for inviting me to write about this. I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with all of you. Maybe you will be add to your own activities from my list. I have made this pink for DAISY.


=^..^= said...

There is one more fing I want to know about you, Diamond. How did you get your name?


Dragonheart said...

That is a good list of favourite things! 1 and 10 are on my list of favourite things too. Most of the others don't apply to me, since I'm an indoor-only cat, but I can easily see why you like them. :)

Daisy said...

Good list Diamond, thanks for playing. I am very impressed with your hunting abilities. I have never caught (or even seen) a mouse or a rat before. Lizards are very fun to chase though.

I like to sleep too. It is fun.

Lux said...

Thanks for sharing, Diamond - I like reading about you!

caricature said...


nice blog. i'm starting a new blog about cats at:
added ur link there. check it out!
would appreciate if u reciprocate :)

SchneiderHein said...

Hi Diamond, these are really interesting facts of your life and most of them we agree with you.
Last week the weather was terrible here in Hannover. So we stayed the most time of the day in bed or wardrobes and presses. Since yesterday it's warm and sunny. Now we like to live outside at the pond for sleeping and a little bit hunting. Your fish pond is beautiful - so you have a nice TV program in your garden!
Now it's time to go outside again...
Maus & Allegra