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Monday, May 7, 2007

This is a poem I wrote for Lynettea. She sent it to the Flippy cats' web site for me and I have it there on my page.
My Human

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I stare through the picket fence,
watch dogs trotting on leads,
snuffling at the pavement,
obedient, obsequious.

I meow.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
She walks me on a harness.
She says the red colour
shows off my green eyes,
complements my blue-grey fur.

I hide.

My human thinks I’m a dog.
I climb trees; she pulls me down.
I chase birds; she tugs the lead.
I crunch grasshoppers; she frowns.
I bolt home; she says ‘sit’.

I yowl.

This morning when I wake
she grooms me with a brush,
strokes me, exclaims
‘there are rainbows in your fur.
You are my lovely cat’.

I purr.
By Diamond (Copyright © Lynette M. Arden, 2002)
That is a photo of my little friend Abbie. I was feeling her woolly fur. I haven't seen her for a long time, but Lynettea tells me she hasn't grown a lot.


Daisy said...

What a wonderful poem, I love it!

Diamond said...

Thank you Daisy!

michi 2412 said...

Dear Lynette,

sometimes I´am very amused about the translation in google. It is not able to translate specifically words and also the text has another meaning. For your help I will try to write my posts also in english. Is this OK? But sometimes I can´t do that with the best will, because it lost the joke of the word, you understand me?

Kind regards from vienna ;-)

yao-lin said...

what a lovely poem!

In response to your comment: the orange thing I was wearing was stretchy fabric but admittedly, I didn't like it much either so I made the human take it off after five seconds! Hence only one armband :-) xx

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Diamond, we read your comment on "die coolen Hubers Blog" and your Google translation. Now we can understand your problems with the "fish". If you have to read this mess, Germany and Austria are very silly countries. But we confirm you: the translation from english to german is also sometimes a little bit strange.
Poorly your sugestions for a better cat life don´t work in the wet and cold climate of Hanover. We know Lemon grass but we can get it here only as spice for cooking. It was always cut in small pieces. And the lizzards need more sun. So we have only the frogs and pond efts for hunting.
If we looking at your picture it seems to be impossible to mistake you with a dog. But we understand your frustration about the disrespect of your feline rights.

Phoebe said...

That is a fantastic poem! And it says that you wrote it, Diamond. It is very well developed. I love it.

The Crew said...

Hi Diamond! I tagged you for a new game. Go to our blog if you want to play.

Your friend

Kimo & Sabi said...

Tag, yer it! Come by our bloggie fer instructions.

Phoebe said...

Diamond, I tagged you for a game. I hope you will come by my blog to find out about it.

=^..^= said...

Beeoooteefully written!


Pablo said...

Great poem, Diamond! I've never thought about life that way, but it's amazing how much people try and make us behave like dogs, isn't it? But we're cats, and in the end, that's why they love us. Your poem tells that story beautifully.