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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The origin of domestic cats

Lynettea showed me this, dear Kitties. Some of the more intellectual Kitties will be interested in our history. For more information you can have a look at the article in the link below.
'Cat fanciers have long known that their feline friends have wild origins.
Now scientists have identified the
house cat's maternal ancestors and traced them back to the Fertile Crescent.
We know we are pretty special!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Thanks from Lynettea

this is me on the kitchen chair

Lynettea asked me to thank all the lovely kitties for visiting her wildlife blog. She has now realized that she can't put code on it to see how many visitors she has, so maybe some humans and kitties have been looking at it without her knowing. She feels a bit encouraged, as she has spent a lot of time putting the links on to interesting articles.
As for me, sometimes I look at the articles that have interesting pictures, like the new baby pygmy hippo or the white whale she put on today, although I don't think they would be very nice to pat. Too wet and slippery. Lynettea will be glad to touch my nice warm fur after that.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Hello kitties, no I haven't suddenly changed shape and temperament and that isn't me in the tree. This is a shameless plea for someone to look at Lynettea's blog. Everyone is looking at my blog and she has no visitors at all. She can't find a single visitor to her blog when she looks on Feedburner. She uploads interesting links about what is happening to wildlife. Such as about giant penguins as big as people that walked around the desert in Peru in the olden days and gorillas using serviettes (that is really weird!) and chimpanzees helping people to get objects they can't reach and showing people they really have a good heart after all. I like Lynettea to reach things for me, so can't say that I am very altruistic. Sometimes I even have to give a sharp miaouw, which brings her to heel.
Anyway if you want to have a look at this sort of stuff you could go to her blog.
Otherwise stick with the good cat stuff on mine. I could say ha ha ha, everyone is visiting my blog not yours, but I am not that mean. Am I?

Monday, June 18, 2007

On the Mink

Here I am with my eyes shut enjoying the winter warmth from the air conditioner. As you kitties will all know, I am having delightful cat dreams that humans cannot even imagine. When Lynettea asks me what they are I remain wordless. Who can describe the beauteous nature of the cat Dreamworld.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Winter has come! here I am lounging under one of my furs. Lynettea has caught the colour of my emerald eyes. I look like a film star! Now all I need is a Director. We haven't even got a Director's chair out, so I don't expect one will come. Lynettea says there are two canvas Director's chairs in the shed, that she can dust off if I manage to attract a Director. Maybe one will visit my blog.
She has taken another snap of me to show that I have a wide variety of talents. Here I am looking sultry and alluring. I think I could play a Gary Cooper type role, or a Cary Grant. Not a Brad Pitt, thank you! Something a bit more intellectual is my style.
Lynettea says I might make a good Fred Astaire, but I have my doubts, although I am very athletic and I do like dancing. My elevation* is also QUITE EXCEPTIONAL.

*The ability to achieve height in a jump, as in ballet.