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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Naughty Wallis

Hello Kitties, sorry I haven't posted any messages for a while. Lynettea is a problem. She is either out or using the computer or rushing around doing something. She doesn't often leave the computer running so I can get my paws on it.
Maybe if you sent her a reminder I would get more time of my own. She doesn't realize that I, too have my own activities and commitments and a responsibility to my readership. Kitties often come last in this world, I am afraid.
We had a photoshoot today, but the photos are still in the camera, so I have put an old one of WALLIS sneaking into my enclosure. He even dared to go on my scratching post while I gazed down at him from the hot water service. Lynettea picked him up quickly and put him outside. He struggled a bit, wriggling his OVERFAT BODY around, but she was quite merciless.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Me in action

Thanks Michiko and Junior for nominating me as Rockin' Boy Blogger. I notice a lot of kitties have already received nominations, so I will add one Boy, because he deserves it for coping so long without his Mummy on hand.
I thought kitties might be interested to view my 'windchime action.' I ring the wind chimes to summon Lynettea to her task of looking after my very simple wants and needs. This time it was to alert her to a cat (Wallis) sneaking around outside my enclosure. I am wearing my diamond studded lead, ready to take some exercise. I am not sure whether I want to leave the top of my hot water service to go out into the cold. You can see the slight indecision in my pose. Please observe my right paw action: stretch, tap the wind chime, retract paw, then observe the effects.
First, of course, you must show this post to your human Kittymum or Kittydad so they will purchase a windchime for you to use. Then you need to train the human to come when you ring. One warning: training a human can be quite demanding of your time and is not for everycat.