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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Naughty Wallis

Hello Kitties, sorry I haven't posted any messages for a while. Lynettea is a problem. She is either out or using the computer or rushing around doing something. She doesn't often leave the computer running so I can get my paws on it.
Maybe if you sent her a reminder I would get more time of my own. She doesn't realize that I, too have my own activities and commitments and a responsibility to my readership. Kitties often come last in this world, I am afraid.
We had a photoshoot today, but the photos are still in the camera, so I have put an old one of WALLIS sneaking into my enclosure. He even dared to go on my scratching post while I gazed down at him from the hot water service. Lynettea picked him up quickly and put him outside. He struggled a bit, wriggling his OVERFAT BODY around, but she was quite merciless.


Daisy said...

Hmm, Wallis seems to be a very bad cat to sneak into your enclosure! And to use your scratching post? That is quite rude of him.

Wallis, you need to learn some manners, OK?

Karen Jo said...

Wallis looks very sneaky.

Lux said...

Isn't that just like beans - not thinking of us needing to connect with all our friends? Hmpf!

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Awww Wallis looks very sneaky indeed. Glad to see you have some time to come blog! We missed seeing you all around. Can't wait to see the new pictures too!

Purrs and Love

The Cat Realm said...

You need to train your humans better! What a terrible treatment: no time on the computer, not getting the pictures out of the camera right away, that is horrible!
Anastasia has a way with biting if something isn't done fast or well enough. I use the "pathetic eye" and persistence and subtle manipulation.
Yao-Lin and we are working on a manual. You need to do something to make the beans work better!!!
For now, try the biting...
And tell your humans if they don't treat you better we will send them the evil curse!

Boy said...

*poke poke poke*
Wynettea, wemember to weave your compoooter on! that weminder enough?
Should I poke her a bit more?

*poke poke poke poke poke*

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Diamond,
we are also stressed by naughty foreign cats in our garden. Everyday they try to conquer the house and our buffet. Last week Allegra dogs a impertinent black cat, which suddenly stops and returns. What a mess!
You are a lucky one, if you have sunny days because here it´s raining nearly all the week. But where are the announced fotos? We are here to see your sunbath. By the way in a half year we will be happy to visit your blog. Than we will warm ourselves at your summer pictures. Because our garden will be grey and a little bit dull.
Maus & Allegra

caricature said...

That's a very cute picture of the naughty Wallis...miss you Diamond :)

Pablo said...

Ohhh... I hate it when othercats move in on my turf. Can't wait to see your photoshoot photos!

Jake and Bathsheba said...

We're glad that our Mom let us visit you today, Diamond. We've been able to make posts, but she was limiting our visiting time. :( Oh, why to we have to be dependent upon them for computer time.