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Sunday, August 5, 2007

sun bath

Here I am sunbathing on my towel on the bed after some strenuous grooming.
You can see how peaceful I look. It is some days since I have been able to post anything. Lynettea hadn't even loaded the pictures from my previous photoshoots onto the computer. We have some lessons in grooming for junior kitties coming up shortly. I have got Lynette to take some shots of me in various positions to demonstrate technique. Meanwhile, below you can see a picture of sneaky Wallis and his brother Jia looking at me from the window sill.
Lynettea has now found out why she was so confused about which cat was which.
You can see one of the cats wears a collar and identity tag showing "Wallis". Don't let this fool you. Their mother told Lynettea that Jia is always getting rid of his tag (smart cat) and she sometimes puts Wallis's tag on Jai. She said Wallis stays home more.
Wallis visits other families down the street. Everyone loves him as he rolls on the floor and lets humans rub his stomach. No one is a stranger to him. Jai does this too, but most people think it is Wallis. Sometimes you can hear one of these people calling from their backyards, "Wallis! Wallis! Where are you Wallis!"


Daisy said...

I can tell Wallis is very sneaky and naughty by the expression on his face. And playing tricks like switching collars!

Diamond, I hope you have a relaxing afternoon napping in the sun.

The Cat Realm said...

I Dare You...!
Come on over and check it out.

caricature said...

Oh you look so cozy taking that sunbath Diamond :)

Lux said...

Hi Diamond - you *do look very peaceful on that towel! I'm looking forward to the pictures from the photoshoot!