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Friday, September 28, 2007

My Eleventh Birthday

My eleventh birthday. Lynettea took a photo of me today, while I was enjoying a rest on the lounge, but she hasn't uploaded it to the Computer yet, so I am forced to make do with this earlier image taken in August. ADAN will recognize the photo. Thank you very much ADAN for your beautiful picture, which we are keeping on the dresser.

You will, of course be wondering what tributes Lynettea produced for my birthday. I let her give me a few little things, as it seems to give her pleasure. Today she brought home, with great excitement a mouse made of some sort of rope, which she tied onto the side trellis in my outside area.

She tried to make me scratch it with my paws, but I didn't want to. Our neighbour was also there for my birthday. I went and sat on the box in the bathroom until Lynettea decided I had to come out. I think she was embarrassed that I wasn't enjoying her gift. I let her pick me up and take me into the kitchen. After that I sat on my chair for a while. I have a special chair at the table, with a foldup separate piece to support the back and a pure wool fleece mat on top.

Then I had three different types of treats with my evening meal. It started raining, so I couldn't take Lynettea out for her evening walk. I feel rather tired now after all the excitement.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

grooming lesson 2

This is my much delayed second grooming lesson. Please assume a comfortable position on a soft surface. Your human's bed or possibly a soft couch would be suitable.
Note how I have extended one arm. Do not attempt to groom both arms at once with hasty swipes of the tongue from side to side. This method, although more economical of your precious time, does not result in the sleek appearance that distinguishes the truly well groomed cat.
Each arm must be thoroughly licked from paw to armpit. Do not neglect the rear portion of the arm.
Note how my ears are pricked. It is always necessary, as we know, to maintain alertness even in the most intimate moments.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Well kitties, I thought I would show you a more intellectual side of myself before we went on with more grooming pictures.
Here I am helping Lynettea select a new book from the pile of magazines and papers she has in her tray. The tray never seems to get less full no matter how much she reads. It is a bit like the Magic Pudding, where the pudding immediately grows again when you eat it. This is one of our favourite books and I wish I had one of the puddings. The best thing about it is that you can choose different dishes by twirling the bowl around and asking for what you want. Imagine that kitties. What would be your choice?

Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hello kitties again at long last. I haven't been able to get to the computer to put on the pictures Lynettea took of me at a grooming session. She says I can only put one on at a time.

This is me starting to groom. Tentatively at first, I begin in one of the most important places, the paws. Each claw must be thoroughly cleaned. Young kitties pay special attention to this detail. Clean claws and paws separate the well groomed cat from a rough looking street cat. Note the shine of my coat. This is due to a good healthy diet and my regular grooming. You must also instruct your human to brush you frequently. Because my fur is particularly soft Lynettea uses a special velvet brush to tend to it. I will ask her to take a picture of it for you.

More grooming lessons will follow. Young kitties will be able to follow the whole procedure from my photos. Perhaps not suitable for the really young kitty, your mother will attend to your grooming if you are too small.