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Thursday, September 27, 2007

grooming lesson 2

This is my much delayed second grooming lesson. Please assume a comfortable position on a soft surface. Your human's bed or possibly a soft couch would be suitable.
Note how I have extended one arm. Do not attempt to groom both arms at once with hasty swipes of the tongue from side to side. This method, although more economical of your precious time, does not result in the sleek appearance that distinguishes the truly well groomed cat.
Each arm must be thoroughly licked from paw to armpit. Do not neglect the rear portion of the arm.
Note how my ears are pricked. It is always necessary, as we know, to maintain alertness even in the most intimate moments.


Daisy said...

Diamond, that was a very good lesson. I am going to start grooming my arms one at a time now. You are a good groomer.

caricature said...

This is excellent advice Diamond - your shiny fur is a testament of your wonderful grooming skills :)

michico 小芥 said...

Dear Diamond, this is a good lesson, I like the way you showing relax~! And yes, human bed is the best place~!

Thank you for your card, I recieved it, I am so happy about this, I blog it today~! Please come and visit your card photo with me~!!!

And thanks for your kind words, I will always keep the card with me :)