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Monday, October 8, 2007

My birthday gift

This is my birthday present. I ask you kitties, is this an appropriate gift for an eleven year old cat? I didn't have the heart to say that to Lynettea, as she was obviously so pleased with her gift and she made so many efforts to get me to 'use' the creature. She picked up my front paws and tried to put them on the funny rope surface, but I wriggled away. She then scratched at it with her puny claws, making a scritching noise, along with a thumping noise as the 'mouse' hit against the fence. Well, I gave up in disgust and went into the bathroom for a bit of peace and quiet. I sat on the padded laundry box, which is an ideal place for a bit of contemplative reflection. When I had sat for a while, musing about my lifetime experience, I felt a fraction less tense.

Tomorrow is always another day, I thought, and perhaps we will go outside and I shall have the chance to sit in a bit of spring sunshine.


michico*Adan said...

Well, Diamond,

Even you are not like it so much, but at least your human use her heart to thinking what gift for you is the best.
Sometimes, michico brought me some gift, there are all expensive, but only a little items I like it~! So, I always say to her she is wasting her money and time.

But, I still love her, because that is the prove she loves me. So is your lady. I bet actually you still grateful for her heart. Just we don't like very much, hehehehe~!!!

Happy Birthday after all. The gift is not the point, the point is the heart~! Go kiss your human~!!!

Purrrr, purrr, purrrs,

The Crew said...

Diamond, I sympathize with you. At 10 years old I don't play nearly as much as I used to. Have you tried explaining to your human that we "senior catizens" would prefer a nice tent to nap in, rather than a toy mouse?


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Happy Birthday! Hey, my mommy ties a shoestring around the mousies tail and drags it behind her. I love that game. Maybe you'll like it better then.

happy 11th birthday Diamond!!!

Diamond said...

Thanks Adan, George and Mr Hendrix for your sympathetic comments. You can't really tell from the photo, but the mouse is quite a large one and intended for scratching. We had lots of cuddles on my birthday too, and I enjoyed those.

Junior said...

Did it at least have nip in it?

Diamond said...

Junior, I think it has catnip in it, but I am not too fussed about catnip, unlike my neighbour Wallis, who jumps in my catnip pot and rolls around crushing all the stems. He then jumps off, half knocking my pot over. Lynettea is fed up with his behaviour, but since the pot is outside my enclosure I can't keep an eye on it. I don't mind a bit of nip rubbed on my fur occasionally.

The Cat Realm said...

I see where you are coming from. Caviar, shrimp, and salmon would have been much more appropriate.

SchneiderHein said...

Hello Diamond,
this mouse is a perfect birthday present, but you should use it in another way: Our Maus tells us by using her grey scratch-mouse that it's time for a walk in the garden. She uses this mouse with the small bell only after she wakes up and then we should open the door.
We know, you have your wind chimes near one of your favourite resting places, but perhaps this mouse will be sometimes easier to reach. So you have a second alternative to ring Lynetta if you want anything!
Silke & Wolfgang

Gattina said...

I agree with you, elderly cats should be respected, lol ! Lisa wouldn't play either. But Rosie helped me with some Halloween decoration !

Diamond said...

Thank you friends for all your helpful suggestions. So far I have not been able to make myself approach the mouse. It is still hanging forlornly on the trellis.