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Saturday, December 15, 2007

thank you

Thank you my friends for your best wishes. I threw up again this evening and Lynettea is trying to give my stomach a rest. I went out on my halter with her and ate a lot of grass and then threw up again. She decided not to give me crispies for a bit, but I was so hungry I started biting off chunks of newspaper and then eating the tail of one of my numerous toy mice. I usually don't take any notice of them. So she gave me a small group of crispies. Then I sat on her lap for a while and then had a bit of a sleep.

I hope I am well soon. I got Lynettea to send a special Christmas hamper to my friend Jim in England today. Jim and Vi helped my mother bring me up when I was little, before I went to Lynettea to look after her. I was three months of age when I was considered old enough to go into the wide world and start my job supervising a human. Not very old for a small kitten to be on his own.

A lot of small kitties are looking for a human to look after this Christmas. Lynettea showed me a story about them in the newspaper this morning. I hope they find a human to look after.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Well, that is kind of the idea behind eating grass - so that you'll throw up. It helps to settle your tummy.

There is a new program at the shelters here to help kittens and woofies get homes for the holidays. It's a break from the traditional operations of the holiday season where they usually don't adopt out. Hopefully it will work and lots of kittens will be going to new homes this year.

Gattina said...

Eating grass is very important for you ! That cleans the stomac and cats always threw up after having eaten grass. And when they have something they really need it. Lynetta should give you some senior can food that is very light. I had this once with ol' Lisa (16 ) and she felt immediately better.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Diamond, I hope you feel better. I hate to be sick.

Diamond said...

thanks to my kind visiting cats for their all their kind words and advice. I do eat senior food,but it is dry food. I haven't thrown up today yet, so maybe that is a good sign. I am only getting little bits of my food at a time to eat.

michico*Adan said...

Oah Diamond,
I am so worry about you~!
Cat grass is always helpful, in fact, it safed my life 5 years ago.
So, I sincerely hope you could have some~!
I take grass every morning~!!!!
Please stay well~!!!!!

Kiss, and kiss~!

Boy said...

I sometimes eat gwass to make mineself thwow up too, and then after that I feel much better.
Hope you get well soon! A yucky stomach is no fun!

Daisy said...

I wish every kitty would find their very own special home. Diamond, I hope your tummy feels better soon.

Lux said...

I do hope you're feeling better by now, Diamond.

Get well wishes,

snowforest said...

Glad you are feeling better Diamond - hope you recover totally real soon - we iz sending you lots of healing purrayers...

michico*Adan said...

Dear Diamond,

I hope you are doing good today.
It's almost Christmas, and I hope your condition is totally ok and great~!!!!!

I miss you and wish you and your beans are great~!!

Kiss, and purr,
Adan * michico

Diamond said...

Dearest friends, I haven't been able to get to my blog as Lynettea got sick as soon as I started to get better. She couldn't even switch the computer on for me. Today we are both feeling healthy again. I haven't thrown up for a while now (I can hear Lynettea saying 'touch wood' as she is very superstitious).