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Thursday, January 31, 2008


It must be the award season for me as I have received another award from Camie's Kitties , the 'You make my day award,' which is very generous of them. I pointed out to Lynettea the comment that I don't blog much, but she said, 'I am not getting into that discussion again, Diamond' She thinks I will sit all day on the computer visiting my friends if she let me. 'Why not?' I say. A cat has to have a social life. What makes her think she can be the only one to have friends. Most of the cats around here are too savage and unpleasant to be friends. They either want to attack me or to take over my house. Sometimes it is like living in a place under siege, with me dashing from window to window, always on the alert.
Wallis nearly got in a couple of days ago. Lynettea then wanted me to go out on my lead to, 'Have a game with your friend Wallis.' I let her know that I preferred to lie in my outside recliner scratching post with my lead dangling over the edge and watch her defend the gate for once. What do I keep a human for anyway. Lynettea said, 'Be careful Diamond, or you may lose the caring cat award!' You can't lose an award after it has been given to you though. Can you?
I am still trying to think of who hasn't received the Thinking Blogger Award, which was awarded to me by Snow and Forest a little while ago.
I am giving it to some cats who may have received it before.
House of the Mostly Black Cats who have a sick Mommy. That makes you think about how worrying it is to have your bean ill. I hope she gets a lot better soon. We are also awarding The Thinking Blogger Award to Anita in the Canary Islands. Because we think that a cat who can write a blog in Spanish and English deserves the award.
Take a look at the blog of the cats below:
Pretty Kittypuss Cat, Felix, Sascha, Lillipilli and Snuffly Benaut from Adelaide Daily Photo, South Australia. These cats help their humans run a blog which has lots of photos and information about where I live. I am awarding all these cats the Thinking Blogger Award too. I think this must make up my total. Enjoy the award kitties and try to pass it on to another five cats who run interesting blogs that make you think.


Kaz's Cats said...

Diamond, Congratulations on even more awards! We're sorry that you can't get on the computer as much as you would like - it's really not fair that humans get to hang out with their friends whenever they want, but then they won't let us on the computer. As for Wallis, well just 'cos cats live near each other doesn't automatically make them best friends - although it's nice to learn to tolerate your neighbours.


Gypsy & Tasha

Daisy said...

Congratulations on your awards! I am glad Wallis did not get in. That could only lead to trouble!

Wrigley & Cobalt said...

Congrats on your new awards Diamond!!