Since I am not receiving any awards, Lynettea said 'Don't worry Diamond. I will make a special award for you and you can put it on your blog.' So here it is. My first award. Thank you Lynettea. It is pretty special to get an award from your human, don't you think?'
A happy day to all kitties. Enjoy yourselves wherever you are. Purrs and hugs from Diamond.
Lynettea says I can pass this award on to some other kitties we know are very caring, so I am sending it to Adan and to Boy who are both very loving kitties. I can tell this from the way they write in their blogs. Maybe I will send it to some other cats too later. What fun!


Congratulations Diamond~!
I think Lynettea is very very sweet~! She gets the spirit of the award~!! Is the love between you and Lynettea :)

This is truly very sweet~!!!
I am sure you are the most caring cat of all~!!!! And Lynettea is the most lovely mommy~~~~

For the question you ask me:
If you like to pass someone, you would note on the article, and that lucky friend will have this award~

Purr,Wish you have a wonderful weekend!
Black Cat said…
Oh poor Diamond, I don't know why you're not getting awards. I wish I'd known before coz I've just finished giving out some and have used up all the numbers I can give. But the award Lynettea made for you is very, very pretty and sweet. You certainly deserve to get lots of awards:) xxx
Aww, Diamond, we're very sorry we missed you when we were passing out one earlier this week! You are definitely a caring cat and your award is well-deserved. Have a great weekend!
YEAH! I think that is wonderful. Now, I bet you will start getting all sorts of awards!
Boy said…
Hey Diamond, you've gotted an award fwom your bean and now your kitty fwiend, me, has given you another award! Come check out mine bwoggy!
Daisy said…
It was very sweet of Lynettea to make a special award for you. And you are a caring cat!
What a sweet award! Concatulations!
Dearest Diamond! This is a beautiful award your mom has given you. Quite an honor to get an award from a bean! Adan and Boy are purrrfect kitties to pass it on too. Adan has given it to me and I wanted to come and thank you for it also. You are a most handsome and caring kitty. Please stop by for a spot of tea today:)
Dear Diamond, what a beautiful award and what a talented human you own. How's the weather in Adelaide at the moment. Here on the South Coast of England it was very cold today but lovely and sunny with clear blue skies. We could see France from the top of the ridge it was so clear - right across the English Channel. FAZ
Parker said…
I think that this was very sweet of you to do!

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