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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Maintaining agilty

Hello Kitties, at long last I am permitted to add some pictures to my blog. My friends have probably forgotten me by now (hint hint to Lynettea).
It is extremely important to maintain agility as we age.
I usually join Lynettea when she does her floor exercises. She doesn't let me use her special exercise mat, but she puts a couple of small carpet mats beside her larger mat and says, 'There you are Diamond, you can do some exercises too!'
I find it hard to really concentrate on my grooming exercises while Lynettea is 'trying' to do Pilates. I don't think she is very good at it. I usually offer to help her by running under her raised legs in an attempt to support her, but she insists she can do it alone. She seems more interested in whether I am still on my own mat than anything else. She won't get very far that way.
I usually concentrate on serious grooming when I lie on my wool rug on the lounge. You can see how agile I am.
Attention to detail is also very important for any well groomed cat. You can observe here that I am grooming the fine furs on the tip of my tail. See how shiny my fur looks!
Can you see my little mousie at the top of the picture. Mousie gets a bit lonely, so I play with him a bit sometimes. A pity he is such an odd red colour. I think some cruel person must have put dye on his furs.