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Monday, June 23, 2008

Asleep in my velvet house

Here I am in my velvet house. I am not using this house at the moment, after I spent a lot of time in it, day and night for around a week. Lynettea thinks it is because one of her friends patted me in the house and I didn't like that. She has washed the fluffy that I have on the floor of the house and she keeps saying, 'Look Diamond, what a lovely fresh fluffy and I have smoothed it all out for you.' Then she puts her arm in and smooths it all out so I can see.

I watch, but don't go inside. I prefer to sleep under the blanket or under the downdraft from the heater in the loungeroom. And of course during the day I just live on my hot water service. What would I do without that. EveryCat should have his own hot water service to sleep on.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sleeping in my velvet house

I don't have a picture of it, but I am sleeping in my velvet house. Lynettea decided to get my house out from the top of the cupboard, as the nights are getting chilly. She put it on the end of our bed. I say 'our bed' because I let her use part of it at night. I am enjoying going into the little red velvet house. It has a fluffy little woolly rug on the bottom and is nice and comfy when I curl up.
Lynettea says she is willing to sleep with her legs hooked up all night if it means that I can stay warm. I don't like to use the velvet house in any of the other rooms.
When we watch TV I lie on the lounge. You have seen plenty of pictures of me doing that. And during the day I often sit on my hot water service, so I can keep one eye out for the rough street cats that jump over the fence and sneak about in the yard. (Wallis and Jai and some others).
Maybe I will get some other pictures soon to post. If I am lucky! Lynettea took some photos of me in the velvet house.