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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where are Wallis and Jai?

I haven't seen either Wallis or Jai for ages now. Their house seems quite deserted. I feel more comfortable going outside now and have even gone onto my porch and sat on the gas meter in the sunshine a few times. It is nice not to have two cats poking at me or springing out at me from the bushes.
Here I am looking out my kitchen window to see if either of them are lurking in the sword ferns at the side of my house.
I asked Lynettea to take this photo so I could put it on my blog. She is always snapping photos of uninteresting things, so why not me for a change? At least this will give her something worthwhile to display on the computer.

Friday, August 1, 2008


For those who haven't heard of the glorious Tonto here is something about the film Harry and Tonto. Although several cats nominated Tonto for an Oscar, unfortunately their nominations were disregarded by the 'authorities'.
There is a review of Tonto's performance at this web site, which describes a number of famous cats who have made movies.