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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I have to do a post

because I am losing all my friends, even if Lynettea says she has a cold and is busy. She doesn't understand my psychology.

I am feeling a lot more like my old self nowadays. Lynettea told me she saw Jai and Wallises mum down the street and that Jai and Wallis are really liking their new home and now stay in their own yard. Why couldn't they do that when they were here, I might ask.

I have to keep a watch for any other kitties that might intrude, but now I can go out into the sunshine and lie in the garden with Lynettea guarding me (of course as usual) without having to be frightened of feral paws darting from every bush and shrub.

There is a black and white cat over the road that has hissed at me a few times, but I don't bother to hiss back, as it is not the kind of thing a well mannered gentlecat does.

I have worked out one new good way of getting attention. By darting in front of the television screen. I get even more attention if I try to claw it. I wonder what would happen if I managed to give it a good scratch. This is one of the ways that I tell Lynettea that it is time to go to bed. Like now!


Monty Q. Kat said...

Morning Diamond! I hope you're having a purrfectly wonderful day 'across the sea'! :D

Daisy said...

Hi Diamond! I am glad that Jai and Wallis are okay. I missed you!

Diamond said...

Hello Daisy and Monty q kat. It is good to have my friends visiting again.