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Friday, October 31, 2008

Greater Flamingo back on exhibit

For those, like me, who are worried about the injured elderly Greater Flamingo there is some good news. He went back to his night quarters last night, which is a special shed near the Flamingo Grotto, to be with his friend the Chilean Flamingo.
Today, 31st October, he is standing on his own and back in his usual exhibit, the Flamingo Grotto, which has a little waterfall and a pool for the two flamingos to wade in, as well as a nice piece of lawn.
The Adelaide Zoo has a notice up about the flamingo's progress, as well as some pictures of the poor bird strung up in a hammock and information about these two flamingos and flamingos in general. The Flamingo Grotto was built in 1885 and is the oldest exhibit in the zoo, as well as housing the oldest creature in the zoo.
I did hear that he had been beaten with a mobile phone, which is most distressing. What a senseless act! We cats can but wonder at the cruelty of some humans. I am making a lot of purrs for his recovery.
Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Purrrrrrrr.
Get well my friend.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

elderly flamingo attacked

Dear friends, I am horrified. Lynettea told me that one of my friends of another species has been attacked by cowardly louts. The elderly Greater Flamingo, the one on the left of the photo, suffered injuries to his beak and head. This bird may be the oldest flamingo in the world. He is about 75.
Lynettea took their photo only a couple of weeks ago.
She is very upset that anyone would attack the gentle bird. He used to stand near the edge of the enclosure close to people, showing no fear. He and his companion, a Chilean Flamingo came to the zoo in the 1930's (ancient times) as eggs. The Greater Flamingo is now blind and the other one almost blind, so they help one another.
Everyone loves them.
I feel very sad, but Lynettea told me that the Greater Flamingo may be recovering now. The other flamingo would be sad without him.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fairy Penguins

Some of my kind friends were worried by my comments about the dog. Thank you my dear friends. Taking the bell off my halter seems to have worked quite well and the dog isn't barking at me anymore. I wonder if it is still there. All seems very quiet at the moment, except for some people banging and hammering or drilling and sawing. Humans can make a lot of noise. It would be quieter if they had paws. Has anyone thought of that?
Lynettea decided to lend me a few of her photos, as she thought my blog was getting a bit dull.
Here are some Fairy Penguins at Adelaide Zoo. They have just moved to their new enclosure, which is temporary, but they don't know that. They will get a new home when the new Panda exhibit is finished. Meanwhile they are deciding whether they like this new place.
So they decide to have a meeting.
Here they are at their meeting.
After that they seem a lot happier and start exploring around their
new large pool.
I don't think I would like
to move to a new place either. Aren't
their little flippers funny!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Dog, a Dog, a Dog

My new neighbour is a DOG. I can't see him really well through the crack in the fence. He looks a sort of sandy colour. He barks and growls and I run inside.

Lynettea is quite distressed about this and has now taken the bell off my halter. We tiptoed out very quietly this morning and the dog didn't hear us. I was able to poke around in our garden and look through the fence a bit. Then I heard a noise and I decided to go in. Even though it wasn't a bark or growl, I was just so keyed up and alert that I didn't want to go outside after that.

I think we will have to start going out in the evening again.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back

I only saw Katinka in the distance and there wasn't any spa. So I could say I was sent there under false promises. Not that I want to be thrown in a hot spa! There were a lot of cats having 'holidays' at this place. Another Russian, called Boris had a place next to mine. He didn't say much, the tall, silent type. I am more sociable, but if someone doesn't want to mix...

Katinka's mummy came out to see me a lot and gave me some unusual foods, which I picked at to be polite.

Meanwhile Lynettea was far away in Armidale at her College reunion. She took a lot of photos, but not much really interesting. I managed to pick out this shot of a kangaroo and her joey that was hopping around in her friend's backyard. There were quite a few kangaroos hopping around there apparently. They were just wild kangaroos, not pets. The joey is quite large, as you can see, with its head sticking out of the pouch.

There was a cat called Tango living there too, so I put in her photo. I could smell this cat on Lynettea when I got back.
What a tiring experience. I have told Lynettea that I don't want anymore short holidays for a while. I have been telling her loudly most of the day, so I hope she gets the message.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

goodness I don't know what to think

Lynettea was packing the suitcase and then she rang Katinka's mummy. They were talking about me, as I heard my name mentioned. I was in another room, but my ears pricked up and I came in just as Katinka's mummy was saying she would pick me up tomorrow. Does that mean that I have to go after all?
Lynettea says she doesn't want to leave me here on my own, but I will only be away for a short time.
I wonder if Katinka will let me go in her spa if she has one.
Normally I don't like water though. I fell in the fishpond when I was young and naive and my fur got very sopped.
I hope I get something to eat,or I will be very hungry by the time Lynettea gets back.
What a lot of worrrrrrrries. Miaouwwww.
Don't worry about me my friends. I am brave and intrepid and will get through this.
I will try to be calm and meditate on the beautiful Amazon lily Lynettea photographed for me in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Maybe if I shut my eyes peacefully then when I wake up I will find this is all just a nasty dream.

Miaouwww, miaouwww.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does anyone have Katinka's email address?

Because I think I want to send her an email explaining that I won't be able to come after all, as I have pressing duties here looking after Lynettea.
There is a suitcase in the hallway now.
Does that mean Lynettea is thinking of going away? She needs to be here so I can look after her.