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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Dog, a Dog, a Dog

My new neighbour is a DOG. I can't see him really well through the crack in the fence. He looks a sort of sandy colour. He barks and growls and I run inside.

Lynettea is quite distressed about this and has now taken the bell off my halter. We tiptoed out very quietly this morning and the dog didn't hear us. I was able to poke around in our garden and look through the fence a bit. Then I heard a noise and I decided to go in. Even though it wasn't a bark or growl, I was just so keyed up and alert that I didn't want to go outside after that.

I think we will have to start going out in the evening again.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

I do not like doggies, but I guess you can't always pick your neighbors.

Karen Jo said...

How rotten to have a dog who barks and growls at you move in next door. Maybe going out in the evening is a good idea.

Diamond said...

Thanks for visiting me.

Beethoven said...

Oh dear...poor Diamond!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dogs are NO fun! I hate them!! They are so impolite.

Diamond said...

How nice to see you Yoggie and Beethoven, my friends. I hope you like my Fairy Penguin post.