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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm back

I only saw Katinka in the distance and there wasn't any spa. So I could say I was sent there under false promises. Not that I want to be thrown in a hot spa! There were a lot of cats having 'holidays' at this place. Another Russian, called Boris had a place next to mine. He didn't say much, the tall, silent type. I am more sociable, but if someone doesn't want to mix...

Katinka's mummy came out to see me a lot and gave me some unusual foods, which I picked at to be polite.

Meanwhile Lynettea was far away in Armidale at her College reunion. She took a lot of photos, but not much really interesting. I managed to pick out this shot of a kangaroo and her joey that was hopping around in her friend's backyard. There were quite a few kangaroos hopping around there apparently. They were just wild kangaroos, not pets. The joey is quite large, as you can see, with its head sticking out of the pouch.

There was a cat called Tango living there too, so I put in her photo. I could smell this cat on Lynettea when I got back.
What a tiring experience. I have told Lynettea that I don't want anymore short holidays for a while. I have been telling her loudly most of the day, so I hope she gets the message.


Daisy said...

Whoa! A real, live kangaroo and joey! I have never seen one of those before. Welcome back!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I hope she listens you don't have to loose her again for awhile.

Anita said...

Hi Diamond!

I have dominated to my human, because of it, she always takes me of vacations together with her, muahahahaha!

PS: You should do the same thing... Muahahaha!


Phoebe said...

I'm sorry that you are not having the best holiday. That kangaroo looks very interesting though. Monica and I just had a long spa holiday at my grandma's house, but now we are back home.

MacVet said...

Sumtimes beans need to get nagged at.


Diamond said...

welcome Bombay and Bangles. I have added your new blog to my list on the front of my blog and will enjoy visiting your new blog.