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Monday, November 24, 2008

Flamingo doing well

The Greater Flamingo is doing well now after his shockingly traumatic experience. Lynettea took this photo for me on 17th November. I have only just managed to get it to put on my blog. If I didn't take some initiative I would get no photos at all.
He is back in his pond with his faithful companion and you can see them standing together in the picture below.
Lynettea tells me he is eating well again and is standing up near the public at the front of his enclosure. Only a little hedge divides the
lawn you see in the
photo from the passing zoo visitors. Some people think he may not be standing quite as close. The Zoo Volunteers have been standing guard near his enclosure watching his every move to check how he is doing and also see that no-one interferes with him.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Greater Flamingo doing well yesterday

Just an update from my bean Lynettea. She saw the Flamingo yesterday at the Zoo and he was eating a tiny bit (not much, which is a concern), drinking some water and preening his feathers energetically.
He stood in the water for a long time with his other flamingo friend, then came and stood quite close to the path on the grass. He is still a very trusting flamingo.

Some Zoo Volunteers were watching over him carefully and visitors to the zoo were coming to check on him all the time. One small girl gave a card for the Greater Flamingo to Lynettea so she could give it to the staff at the Zoo. Lynettea is a Zoo Volunteer. The card was very pretty, as the little girl had drawn a nice picture of the flamingo on the front and neatly printed quite a long message to the flamingo inside the card.
The Zoo Staff told Lynettea that they are collecting all the cards and plan to do something with them.
I will post some new pictures of the flamingo soon.