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Monday, February 16, 2009

my silhouette

Here I am occupying myself while waiting for Lynettea to turn on the computer. You can see my silhouette on the wall as I keep watch on the street. I need to keep on the alert, as I am responsible for guarding the house.
If I am not responsible for guarding it, then I don't know who is, as Lynettea doesn't take this task seriously. She is always letting suspicious looking 'friends' through the front door.
I have to supervise them carefully and if necessary 'squash' them by sitting on their laps. I find this a very successful approach. If they don't want furs on them then why do they come inside. That is what I say.


Poppy Q said...

Diamond, I like that almost picture of you. I agree guarding is an important job, and one that I am good at too.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

What a nice place to watch from.

Cliff and Olivia said...

Cool pic of you're shade.

And: Welcome to the Tail Chasers Club! If you'd like, you can get the logo from our blog.

Karen Jo said...

You make a very good house guardian, Diamond. I have a follow button in my sidebar, down a ways, just after my profile. At present, it is next to the post "Tarot Card."

Karen Jo said...

I have given you an award.