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Friday, May 22, 2009

Another rat

I haven't been able to post, as Lynettea has been either using the computer or out and busy, so I have had time to think.
I caught another rat for her, but when I brought it in and had it on the rug near the computer for a bit of a game before supper, Lynettea didn't like it at all. Unfortunately the rat ran under the shelves, while I was distracted by her shrieking. I couldn't get it to come out and the shelves were too low to get under. My paws couldn't reach very far, although I tried my best.

Then Lynettea said we had to go to bed. She opened the back door of the house and made me go into the bedroom. Then she shut the bedroom door with both of us inside and blocked off the crack under the door. I suppose she thought the rat might try to get in to look at us while we were asleep.

In the morning the rat had gone. Maybe it ran up the hall in the middle of the night and out into the yard.

All very disheartening. No thanks for my efforts, as usual.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Curious Human Behaviour

I must confide in you kitties that I am quite concerned about Lynettea’s diet. She is always chomping away at vegetables, which we all know are not very nourishing. Sometimes I wonder if she is sacrificing herself for me and giving me all the best delicacies, although I don’t think that is very likely.

Tonight she came home just before dark and then sat talking to one of her friends on the phone for a long time. I was meowing at her for quite a while before she paid me the attention I deserve. She is not very quick on the uptake. I took her for her walk and then let her serve me dinner. After she ate some of her usual vegetables, she turned on the television and sat down on the lounge to watch Midsomer Murders. This is a rather boring program, which hardly ever features cats, so I went to sleep on my pure wool mat next to her.

When Midsomer Murders finished she stood up and said, ‘Why did you leave your little Mousie there Diamond?’ and then, ‘Ugh, it’s a real rat and I was sitting on it!’
Not a word of thanks, I noticed. Even then, she made no effort at all to eat it.

This is me sniffing for rats in the garden. The rats ate some of the vegetables and all the grapes, so Lynettea should be grateful to me for catching one of them. The rats are now eating the quinces, but they are running up in the branches, so I haven't managed to get any of them.