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Monday, October 12, 2009

thanks for your congratulations

Lynettea says I should write a message of thanks to the kitties that have congratulated me. Well, I was going to do that anyway and she shouldn't have been peeking over my shoulder looking at my messages.
I deserve some privacy and need my own space now that I am a famous published author. I think I will request a special writing room be built at the top of the house, so I can have a view over the surrounding landscape and into all the backyards. As well as getting inspiration, I might be able to see some rats there and lizards. And Orla (remember my Irish Terrier fan from next door) could view me posing with my computer at one of the windows.
Meantime, a few sharp slaps of the paw if Lynettea stops patting me too soon. She is not very diligent about this and I have to keep reminding her of her duties.
I don't even have any recent photos loaded to my computer.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My works in Print

Lynettea says she forgot to tell me in all the excitement of my being home again. Just after I left in the middle of a thunderstorm, a neighbour knocked on our door to give Lynettea a parcel he had rescued from our letter box, as it was sticking out into the rain.
It was a book from the National Library of Australia, called a Little Book of Cats and it has two of my poems in it. They also have other poems about cats and lovely pictures.
One of my poems is called 'My Human', which of course is about Lynettea. And it is supposed to be a serious poem, no matter how Lynettea laughs at it. No wonder I get a bit disgruntled. Fancy forgetting to tell me. I have put the reference here in case any cats want to take a look at it. You can also see parts of the book at Google books, but not my poems.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

back home

I have not been able to post after getting home. My friends must think I have gone away for ever. Even now I only have a few minutes. Did I enjoy my holiday?
Well I hardly have the time to get a miaouw in edgeways here, as Lynettea spent so much time telling me what a nice time she had. How can she have a nice time without me? There is something unnatural about that. ESPECIALLY as she was near a nasty beach with waves.
No other cats were here while I was away. I checked the place thoroughly on my return, of course.
I think we will forgo any holidays for a while. It is more relaxing at home.