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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Well, I finally got my e-Christmas card on line. What a performance! I let Lynettea work on it for me under my instructions, but she has made most of my fur look as if it is plastered on rather than soft and pretty. I told her I would pose in front of the balloon display, but didn't expect to have my fur and my whiskers treated in this fashion.
Also the writing is much smaller and not as bright as I had anticipated.
Happy Christmas Kitties! PURR PURR PURR

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More on Japan

I found some more of Lynettea's pictures to share with you.
The first one is of some koi in a creek near Asakusa shrine in Tokyo. They look quite tasty, don't they. One of them, the pale one on the right, reminds me of one of my fish called Dawn. My biggest fish, actually. Of course I don't eat my fish, as they are my pets. At night she went to a Sizzler restaurant which was overlooking the harbour.
She went on to the balcony outside to take some photos and the guide told her there was a typhoon coming. Well, everyone tried not to show they were scared.
I bet she wished she hadn't left me at home, as I could have been of some help with my advice.

Before she found out about the possible typhoon Lynettea took pictures of the lights in the street outside her hotel.
'But your sparkling eyes are prettier Diamond,' she says. I know she is just trying to soft soap me, but I pretend to be flattered and jump on her lap and purr.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have not been able to get on the computer since posting a few photos of Japan a while ago. I promise I will put some more on soon.

Meanwhile I will share with you that I recently left a food parcel for Lynette on the floor of the lounge room. I am not sure whether she ate it or not, because by the time she found it I was sleeping peacefully in bed.

This time I opened it up so she could see that the organs were nutritious. My previous attempts to feed her did not work and I reasoned that she found the skin too difficult to tackle. Her teeth are not as sharp as mine.

When I roused myself later in the day my little training offering had gone. I am encouraged to think that she might have tasted at least some of it. She didn't say anything to me about it, but concentrated on brushing my furs, so I must assume she was grateful for the gift. She is not very good at expressing gratitude. I must learn to be tolerant.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Feeling a little calmer now

Lynettea let me put this picture on my blog, as she was concerned that I didn't believe her reasons for having to send me to the cat hotel. It is a picture of her beside the statue of Basho (revered ancient Haiku poet) in Tokyo. I am not sure why she is smiling when I am not there. It was all climbing up stairs to get to this place. No wonder she got tired.
In the small street below this place dedicated to Basho there was a 'fox shrine'. You can see the fox in the photo if you look hard. Its face is near the central column in the photo just above the grass blade. (the fox shrines are important to farmers as the fox is considered the messenger of Inari the kami of rice. Maybe foxes protect the crop?
The next picture is of Asakusa Shrine, a very famous shrine in Tokyo. A Japanese couple offered very kindly to take Lynettea's photo. After they took it she couldn't see anyone else in her party and spent some time wandering round feeling nervous before she located them. (If I had been there this would not have happened, as I am exceptionally alert and would not have got lost).
Then she went up the stairs of the shrine you can see and managed to get her fortune forecast. It was a most fortunate fortune, telling her she that her worries and troubles are almost over and her hopes and desires 'come true'. I hope this does not go to her head. Of course she is very lucky that she has me ...
Some of the party who were given papers with bad fortunes on them were told to tie them to a tree so the bad luck would be blown away.
I am feeling a bit more rested now after my stressful 'holiday'.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disturbed Behaviour

I am back home. I got here on Monday evening with the lady from the cat hotel. I ran out down the back so she couldn't get me again. I had to stay under a cushion most of the time in the hotel, because she had a strange kind of 'reflector bed' that I couldn't get the hang of.
There was a Burmese next door who ate cheese. I had a little bit too, because I couldn't see why he should have favours while I had no compensation for being in the dungeon.
Now Lynettea says my behaviour is 'disturbed' and she doesn't like me clawing her and running to the door miaowing anxiously when she goes out and comes back.
No-one brushed my furs while I was away and clumps of under fur came out when Lynettea brushed me.
Well they did give me food, but I just can't get used to hotels.
Lynettea didn't see any cat cafes in Japan. She did pat a cat at a shrine, after asking the carer. The cat was white and sitting in a little cardboard box. She thought it might be an older cat.
She didn't write many haiku, as it was mostly sightseeing. If she had taken me I could have helped her with her haiku.
I will try to get some photos of Japan from her camera. She is still deaf from the plane and very tired, so it will take a while.
Much better for her to stay at home and do her duties.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am waiting nervously to see what happens next. The case is packed, in spite of my efforts to hide inside and there is no room for me to get in. I tried sitting on the lid, but Lynettea didn't like that. She picked me straight off, so I spent a long time lying on the couch checking the case was still there.
I am recuperating on my mat in the sunshine outside when I can, trying to relax before the cat hotel lady comes. Lynettea says she will be in Japan (where is that? I don't like the sound of it.)
She says she will try to go to a cat cafe and take me some photos. I would prefer her to be here and I notice her itinerary does not mention a cat cafe. I wonder if the cats sit around sipping milkshakes.

So I won't be away too many years. Lynettea says, 'Don't be silly, Diamond.' She is fond of saying that. 'I won't be away long and you will hardly notice.'
As if I won't notice being in a cat hotel, away from all my usual comforts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Does she really care for me?

I overheard a familiar voice on the phone last night. I remembered it from last year when I went to stay with 'Aunty Pam and my younger sister Katinka.' I sat there on the rug with my most mournful expression, but Lynettea didn't seem to notice. I wonder if she bothers about me at all!
I told her previously that I don't want to go to any cat holiday camps or cat holiday hotels.
I am on the alert now to see if she tries to get me into the cat carrier. Her suitcase is standing around and there are piles of assorted objects that look as if they are to be packed. No amount of her saying, 'You will be really well looked after, Diamond,' or, 'Well, I can't leave you alone here while I am away, Diamond,' will pacify me.
Maybe I should give her some sharp swipes with my paws so she can see I mean business this time. I don't mind staying here by myself as long as there is plenty of my special food left out for me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More 'helpful' computer scammers

We had another group ring us yesterday, saying our computer was full of viruses and broadcasting warnings to their helpful computer service centre.
After our previous experience, in which Lynettea was annoyed to lose fifty dollars, (because she was too trusting and silly) we were most interested. Lynettea tried to keep the man in conversation.
It was difficult to understand him and he had to keep repeating things. At first we thought he was saying 'cure' and then 'pure' and then it turned out to be 'PC'. Lynettea asked him where they were located and he said the UK. When she tried to find out in which city they were operating he hung up suddenly.
I am thinking of starting up a cat detective agency to trace these scammers, but Lynettea thinks they are too tricky for me. At least I can post a warning to alert other kitties so they can advise their humans.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There was so much interest in my haiku writing that Lynettea thought I should really compose one instead of going to sleep 'as usual,' she said.

harvest moon
poking into crevices
for lizards

I particularly like writing moon haiku, as you can see from my winning entries. This one has a more feline flavour than usual.

the moon traps a face
in the fishpond

(Lynettea didn't like the one above. She said, 'whose face, Diamond?' I thought it was obvious, a fish face. Who would be interested in anything else.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

All quiet today

After all the excitement of THE GREAT ESCAPE I have had a quiet couple of days. Since it was pleasant sunny weather I took Lynettea out for her walk and supervised her while she did her favourite garden pastimes of snipping things and weeding things. (Yes, you are right there is a cruel streak there ... thank goodness it is not directed at me).

This morning after her outdoor expedition she spent some time reading The Narrow Road to the Interior (which is not about our hallway) at the table in my enclosure. I lay on the table too, with a couple of my carpet pieces to protect my sensitive body from the wood.

It is nice out there, with only a few popping noises from my goldfish to disturb the silence. I might even feel a haiku coming on as I sink into a dream.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Lynettea says I have at last earned my badge for the Naughty Kitties' Club. I think I was just asserting my right to be a NATURAL CAT. As you know I have long wondered what it would be like to adopt the free wandering life of a natural cat. To stretch my legs and sniff the wind on the open moor (more or less).

I took Lynettea out for a brief walk this morning and then I went back inside my enclosure. She refused to come back in and stayed outside pulling out tiny plants that she refers to as 'weeds'. I am not sure why she is always pulling out these harmless plants. She had removed my halter and was quite away from my supervision.

This rather annoyed me, so I went out quietly and climbed up the fence, then walked along the fence rail and jumped on the roof of the shed next door. By this time Lynettea had realized where I was and was running along below waving her arms and shouting, 'This way Diamond! You can get down here. There is a dog next door and it might bite you.'

She must think I am an idiot. Orla wasn't barking, so she must have been inside. It was nice up there and I could see all around. Finally I got back onto the fence rail and was walking towards the back of the yard to explore some more when Lynettea managed to grab my leg and pull me down.

Then we went inside, as she had 'had enough' she said. She thought she would change my bucket of water. So I sat on my scratching post near the tap and put out my paw to touch her shoulder in affection, as she was filling the bucket. She got a fright (she said) and the bucket tipped over and watered her shoes and socks and her slacks. This would have given them a good freshen up!
After that I went for a nap on my heated Snugglesafe, as the day wasn't all that warm.

Monday, October 4, 2010


This is Funi, up a tree. She is not trying to escape, just looking around.

Lynettea was at the Zoo, not me. I wouldn't like to live there, although Lynettea says they have meerkats. I am not a mere cat. I am Supercat Russian Diamond. Whenever Lynettea is out and can't see me I put on my supercat outfit and whoosh around supervising the fish. They are forced to hide under the waterlily leaves if they want privacy. Lynettea wonders why they are so timid about coming out.

But they all rush up to get their food. Even if I prowl around the edge of the pond they don't take much notice if they are concentrating on getting their food. Maybe they regard me as their Protector. I would like to think so.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday I was quietly taking Lynettea for a walk on the path at the side of our house. She had sat down on the edge of the front porch for a rest, after we had been into the street so she could look at the gazanias and tell me how well they were flowering and gaze around as usual (why do they do that) and I was just standing quietly, when I saw it!

So I ran quickly down the side of the house and I didn't know Lynettea could still run so fast. She was quick at coming up behind me and yelling stop Diamond, don't get into a fight with a cat.
But it jumped on top of the fence. So I let it go. It had been sufficiently warned. And Lynettea picked me up and gave me a cuddle and called me her Protector.

Then we went in and I had some fresh crispies for my dinner straight away. She doesn't like me to get into a fight and I don't. But I have to protect my place from intruders, even if there are a lot of rough kitties living round here.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More visitors. Welcome Kitties

Thank you my kind cat friends for visiting to cheer me up on my birthday. I am now bouncing with energy and waiting to take Lynettea out for her walk. The technicial person has just been to look at the Internet connection and he says it is okay, but you never can tell with intermittent faults.

Maybe the cables have worn out through Lynettea using them such a lot. All those flashing lights here and there from computers, modems, TV, must use up a lot of energy and they might get worn out. I asked Lynettea what they ate to keep up their strength and she said, 'Electricity, Diamond,' as if I was silly.

Well I know that it is electricity. But I shouldn't think that is very nourishing. I wouldn't like to eat it. Miaouwwwww!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You Huffle and Welcome Kitties

I was so surprised to find all my kitty visitors. Then Lynettea told me Huffle had sent them to me.
Thank you Huffle - you are a generous cat. I will try to visit all of your blogs soon. I already know some of my visitors, but others are new, so welcome to my blog!

While Lynettea was helping me put some comments on my blog she tried to put a lot on at once and it all broke down. Goodness! Everything went into a seizure and she had to ring up her Internet Provider. They are sending a tech out tomorrow to look at her modem.

Now it is all working again, so we don't know what happened. She told her Internet person, who was quite hard to hear over the phone, that the modem was flashing again, but the lady said according to her we were still not connected.

The human world is hard to understand. I have spent another quiet day resting after all Lynettea's fussing on my birthday. Too much cuddling, brushing and patting can be quite tiring.

You have all made me feel special on my birthday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my September moon haiku published

You will find my September moon haiku here. It is one of the haiku chosen by Dottie for the September moon viewing.
p.s this was a nice birthday present. You can share it my kitty friends by going to the link.

A quiet birthday

I spent a quiet birthday with some extra 'spoiling' as she calls it, from Lynettea.
I slept in late under the polar fleece on the bed. Lynettea didn't have to go to her Philosophy class, as it is school holidays, so she didn't try to make my bed too early. Then, when she picked off the polar fleece and started to heat up my Snugglesafe, I had a brush with my 'baby brush' and I do enjoy that. The sensation of it going through my fur is very pleasant. I even have my face brushed. Of course I close my eyes when my face is brushed, as I don't want bristles in my beautiful green eyes. (even if they are soft baby bristles).

After that I took Lynettea out for a quick walk in the sunshine. She fussed around a bit pulling out some weeds and held a piece of my tall grass clump down so I could take a few bites.
After a while I went back to bed to rest on my Snugglesafe warmer and spent the afternoon there.

When I got up I threw up in the lounge room. On the wood floor. Which Lynettea cleaned up quickly. We went for a walk outside then.
None of my kitty friends came for a visit. Lynettea says not to be disappointed. Maybe some of them will notice my post later at some time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Birthday: I will be fourteen on 28 September 2010

Because it is my birthday tomorrow I have put on a few photos to share with my kitty friends.
I didn't think I would be able to post anything. I sprang on the computer to try to get Lynettea to listen to me, but she was busy and put me back on the floor. She can be quite thoughtless sometimes. After a while she looked around and saw I was still sitting there patiently and she suddenly remembered it was my birthday. She picked me up and took me for a 'special cuddle' on the lounge and then let me post my messages to my friends. She even took some portraits of me in my favourite places in the last few days. One on my airconditioner in the garden (with my halter on). I let her off the halter to take some photos, as long as she stayed in my sight.
I also have included a photo of me in the sun on the bedroom windowsill. The bluebells I can see from this position and the flowering crabapple is at the end of my garden.
You can see my grass too, in one of the photos. It has grown rather wild, I am afraid, as because of the rain I haven't been out often enough to get it under control. The white flowers in the garden are rocket, which Lynettea eats (the leaves not the flowers). All I can say to that is UGH!
And she won't even try any of the grass clumps. She got me to smell a violet the other day, so I humoured her, although the scent was so sharp my nose wrinkled.
If anyone wants to drop by for a visit you would be welcome. I can share any of my snacks with you, although I do like to have a nap in the middle of the day. We could have a nap together.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Generous Nature

YES the beads do look nice on me, but I thought Lynettea should wear them. I hardly need enhancements for my elegant appearance. Besides don't you think that beads are a bit hippyish? No one would call me a hip cat. I write haiku, not beat poetry and I never rap. My fur is sleek and shiny, not full of dreadlocks.
Lynettea doesn't have dreadlocks either and she doesn't rap. So why does she want to wear beads?
This is a picture of me grooming myself. I have posted it as a treat for any of your humans who may be looking at my blog. Most humans seem mesmerized by my soft shiny fur. I have a heating pad under my beach towel from Adobe. They sent the towel to me because of all the art work I do on the computer. The red side is supposed to be underneath and the white side is really the underside of the towel.
As I lie there enjoying the winter warmth I sometimes feel as if I am gliding on a wave rushing towards the shore. Then I wake up in a fright, eyes staring and ears pricked up, until I realize I have been having a nightmare.
Sometimes I think I should write directly to the manager at Adobe to thank him or her for the towel and let the company know that I appreciate their generous gift and use it a lot. I have clawed at it here and there, so there are a quite a few threads sticking up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I return

After all the fuss about which lot of humans were going to run the country, the green socks people and the Independents decided the red-haired kitty had the best food bowl and they all settled down for a feed together, while the men in business suits had to look hungrily in at the window. Life is sometimes fair and sometimes unfair, but a bowl of dried food is a good standby in hard times.

Lynettea put these special glass beads on me to see if they looked better on me than her. Well, I ask you! She makes them, so I couldn't be too rude. I suggested that they might suit her better.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


The picture is of Wang Wang at Adelaide Zoo. Lynettea will have to do better next time. I want some nice new portraits to post.
She tells me that the red haired kitty is still battling it out with the men in business suits. The people in green socks are feeling good because more people than before said they also wanted to buy green socks. I hope I don't have to wear green socks on my paws. Dressing up is not for me. Meanwhile we can't work out what the three people in between the red haired kitty and the men in business suits are wearing. They look very pleased with themselves, but aren't giving much away.
If any real cats had been allowed to stand in the election (or vote), then we would have all settled back comfortably by now at our food bowls.

Lynettea can't find out much from the newspaper, as the delivery man is throwing it into a puddle every morning now it is raining and the pages are all soggy.
Maybe next week it will all settle down.

I think I might consider a long rest on the bed until then. I don't like getting my pawsies wet (sorry, paws) and I don't like nasty wet splashes of rain on my beautiful fluffy coat.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Election battle

I think it is the battle of the colours: the red-haired kitty, the people with the green socks and the men in the business suits with the blue ties. Although Lynettea says they don't always wear the business suits nowadays. Some are in swimming costumes. How can that be? It is too cold to go swimming.

She says that she wants to save the bush. Well our grevillea bush is looking rather dried out in parts and needs a trim. Will the red-haired kitty come to do it? Or the people in green socks? I think she is living in a foolish dream, as they will be too busy shouting at one another to come to our place. What about all the other bushes, are they saving them?

Well, I think I will just stay in my heated bed and take a rest. Lynettea says that kitties are still not allowed to vote. And it is the twenty-first century. It is hard to believe, I know.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

SORRY I haven't posted for a bit

My dear friends, I have not been able to post, although I am well. I just have a very recatricant human in charge of the computer. Also she got caught out by a computer scam recently.
Some people rang her saying they would fix up her computer, which was sending floods of warning messages to their Windows Support On Line Centre in Chatswood. It seemed they were very overloaded with trying to deal with all the error messages sent by her computer and had rung up to try to stop them. They showed her lots of the Window's Error Messages on her computer and said the ones in RED WERE PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS. AND NOT TO OPEN THEM ON ANY ACCOUNT.
Then they said they would help her and all for free!!!! She was pleased to hear this, because my cat food is quite expensive and she can't afford to waste money. Unfortunately when they asked her to type in her six digit code so they could help her ---- she had no code. Can you believe that?

They said everyone has a six digit code (except Lynettea). She really felt out of it when they told her that. Everyone else had the code. Well the nice man she was speaking to said he could get her a code for $50, which did not seem all that expensive when she looked at his other plans (up to $350.) So she paid for the code and let them start fixing her computer.
That was not a good idea.
After a little while (7 minutes) she noticed that the tech was not there on the chat line anymore, although he said that he would be around forty minutes fixing it all up for her. He also told her that the company would ring her every year and fix her computer for free now she had the lifetime code.
So she put the six digit code in the little box again. I was sitting on the lounge watching her do all this and was quite concerned. The lifetime six digit code said it had expired. Then when she tried again the message said the six digit code did not exist. So she rang the bank in the middle of the night and the lady told her she should put a bar on her credit card and search the computer for viruses. Then Lynettea found none of the nice people's phones at the Windows support on line in Chatswood were answering. Perhaps they had all gone home?
She is feeling a bit grumpy about this and especially as she has had to cancel her credit card.
Well I let her have a little space to tell you this information. I am sure none of the kitties reading my blog would fall for this trap, but what about your humans? Can they be trusted with the computer? Or the phone?

Friday, July 23, 2010


I am on my heating pad on the bed most of the time lately. It is cold and gloomy. Just outside for a very brief walk to munch on a blade or two of grass and check my territory. Also to give Lynettea a little much needed exercise. She tells me she goes out for a walk by herself - but I don't know how much exercise she gets doing that.

All I know is that I prefer to keep WARM.

I noticed again that there are no kitties standing for Member of Parliament in the election (Australia), apart from the red haired kitty, that is. She looks lively enough. Lynettea says she isn't really a kitty, as she doesn't have enough fur. Now she tells me.

I am not prepared to stand for election, as I don't think I would like the travelling or standing around on drafty platforms in the COLD trying to answer foolish questions. Lynettea tells me kitties are not allowed to stand for Parliament. How can that be?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Palm trees swaying in the wind

is what I am thinking of. It was raining today, although Lynettea told me (because she like to listen to the radio and then tell me these things), that we are well below our average rainfall. She wasn't too pleased when all the rainfall we did have fell on her this morning and wet her rucksack and her papers inside it as well as even her socks inside her shoes. (she did have a raincoat).
Well I think it is pretty silly to go out in the rain anyway. I am resting under the downdraft of the heat from the airconditioner at the moment and then I might have a small snack before getting into bed.
I had to help Lynettea by posing for some light effects in an illustration she was doing. She messed up the photo by doing different filters on it, so I thought I would post it here to show more of my true beauty.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

another haiku awardie - I helped to write it this time

We are one of the haiku winners in the May Dottie awards. You can see I helped Lynettea with her haiku this time. She recognizes that I am the real expert when it comes to moon viewing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winter Thoughts

Now the winter evenings are shutting in I like to take Lynettea out on the path for a bit of hunting training. You will wonder why I persevere with this, when she has been so completely untrainable in the past. I am worried about her future though. She is always muttering about global warming (although it is quite cold at the moment) and I fear if things change for the worse and the SUPERMARKET, where she does her clumsy form of hunting, closes, what will she do for food.

I don't think I could feed both of us at my stage of life. I can only climb half way up the grape vine now, even after I have rushed right down the side of the house from the end of the yard as a run up. Lynettea thinks I have either put on too much weight or my legs are too weak because of age.

She bought me a new velvet style blanket in the sales yesterday. It is big enough for both of us to sleep under. I have it draped around me at the moment. No picture yet.
As far as the hunting training goes, no sign of improvement. She thinks she has taught me to sit on command. I sometimes let her think that, as I have a good sense of humour.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Lynettea told me I am very controlling. I was surprised she noticed at last and feel quite flattered.
I have at last got her used to sleeping on the other side of the bed and she didn't even complain last night when she had to get out onto the cold floor without the mat. The mat is on my side of the bed. I used to sleep on the other side of the bed, but find the new side much more comfortable, especially as the mat is warmer on my paws if I have to get up.
I don't usually have to get up until Lynettea makes up my daybed for me on top of the bed with my heated Snugglesafe and futon. I don't really see the point in this, as I could stay in bed all day under my polar fleece blanket.
This is a picture of me supervising Lynettea through the open door. You need to biggify it to see me properly in all my furry glory. I feel sorry for humans without any fur in this weather.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Roses - did I get any? No

I finally got a rose photo from Lynettea's ginko at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. But she didn't bring me any roses.
'Well, here is a nice photo for you, Diamond of some roses.'
'You can't smell digital photos,' I said, 'they don't even smell of photo paper. And the computer doesn't smell attractive. It smells like metals and I don't think too much of that glowing light can be good for you. Not if you use the computer all the time. Perhaps if you let me have a go now and then you wouldn't strain your eyes!'
Here is a photo of the Bicentennial Conservatory. There were no cats in there, although they do have some birds and some butterflies. Cats weren't even allowed to buy tickets to go in.
Lynettea saw a tiny dog on the bus today. I wonder if cats are allowed to buy tickets to go on the bus.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not allowed to play?

not allowed to play with rats, snatched away from lizards, no butterflies to bat. does she think i can be amused by neon coloured flannel mice and feathers on a stick? NOT ALLOWED to touch the fish in MY POND, best if you don't jump over the fence Diamond, trees and vines are not meant as playgrounds DIAMOND. If you eat that grass you will probably throw up Diamond. DO NOT PRETEND TO BE A JAGUAR, DIAMOND OR YOU WILL KNOCK ME OVER.
It's not much fun around here. Well I do get plenty of DIET food and water and my fur brushed a couple times a day, and she carries me round when I want (often) and heats up my snugglesafe warming pad and puts it on my futon for me to sleep. And sometimes we go outside with me controlling her on the lead - which is a lot of work for me, I must say. Sometimes I feel like running off on my own, ignoring my responsibility, even if I am generally a 'caring cat'.

And I don't get to post on my blog much. Do you think this necklace is too feminine for me?

Monday, May 24, 2010

No Rat in the Morning

We stayed in the bedroom all night with the door shut and in the morning the rat had gone. So I can't even have rat friends in the house now?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

a BAD situation

Just a quick note to say I am trapped in the hallway. Lynettea has shut the door into the kitchen. She saw me having a game with the RAT under the kitchen table. Unfortunately the RAT ran behind the stove. I was watching for it to come out, but Lynettea decided we would have to come into the front of the house. I have been waiting for her to open the door for hours ........

Sunday, May 9, 2010

the quick cat

Lynettea wrote me a haiku, but I don't know if it is satisfactory as an apology. It seems a bit equivocal.

the quick cat
almost catches a moth
autumn twilight

I have just given her a sharp signal that I am ready for bed. My snugglesafe warmer has been freshly heated and I have some soft wheatbags around it.
Thank you for your other suggestions. I will see if Lynettea does any of them. She is not easy to train.

I will try to get some of her pictures she took at her ginko on Saturday at the Botanic Gardens. She said all the roses in the Rose Garden were flowering. I had to stay home. No cats are allowed in the Botanic Gardens - another example of discrimination against cats.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I saw her using my name

Lynettea thought I was asleep, but she didn't notice I had one eye open and I could see she was using my name on another blog.

She got an awardie for a haiku about the April moon. I was surprised, first to see that she had written on the moon, which we know is my subject, and that she dared to use my picture in her comments.

I will have to think of some punishment. Any suggestions? (not too cruel). I don't want to be thought of as Cruella Diamond.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thank You My Friends

Thank you my kind friends for your well wishes. I have more friends sending me their CARE AND CONCERN than Lynettea does if she is feeling unwell. Oh well, at least she has me to look after her; she should be grateful for that. She should be grateful I remind her to do all sorts of things too. She can be very forgetful.

And also she should be grateful I didn't claw her friend this afternoon. I kept my claws sheathed as her friend no longer reeks of DOG. I don't try to claw her, it is just a nervous reaction of my claws going in and out. Apparently the dog the friend took walking went to the Rainbow Bridge a little while ago. I hope there are not too many dogs at the cat Rainbow Bridge. Gentle small dogs would be welcome, if they are quiet and well behaved.

I need Lynettea to put out my food now, so must go.

I have put on a picture of a meerkat, as I have no new photos of myself uploaded. I don't think it is really a cat though, as it doesn't look intelligent enough. Also I don't think meerkats purr. Maybe it is a deviant sideline on our evolutionary tree.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My miaouw goes quiet

Lynettea was worried because my miaouw went very quiet and scratchy. She rang up the vet and the nurse said to keep an eye on me and put some water on my crispies. So she put water on some of my crispies, but I didn't eat any of the watered crispies (disgusting).

Today my miaouw is a lot better. Lynettea said she never thought she would say how much she appreciated my loud miaouw. Is that an insult?
I think I will take it as a compliment and note of concern. I let her brush my dear furs quite a bit, as it seemed to relieve her tension.

We went out for our walk, with me trying to control Lynettea, with difficulty. She had her notebook and stood there writing in it. Then I realized she was standing in a place where the ants were going about their business. So the ants stopped going about their usual activities and jumped on Lynettea. Shortly after that we had to go inside again so Lynettea could take off her clothes to find all the stray ants.

What a lot of noise and jumping around. I didn't have time to look for any morsels.

Lynettea's poetry book New Poets 15 is on the front of the Wakefield Press web site now, but they might shift it after a while, as it is a new book now and later it will be old like cast off furs. There is nothing sadder than cast off furs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

you can read some of the poems

Lynettea says I should put the address where you can read some of her poems in her book and look at the cover and her picture and biography. I thought we were going to get back to normal, but I suppose I can do that for her.

and now we can concentrate on some of my affairs for a change. I need to catch up on my sleep after all the excitement.

Friday, April 9, 2010

After the book launch

Lynettea told me that some people actually laughed at some of her poems. I was mortified for her, but she didn't seem too worried. She is obviously not as sensitive as a cat would be. I don't appreciate ridicule at all and get annoyed if her 'friends' laugh at what I write.

Her 'friends' also ate all the food before she had a chance to get any. I really felt sorry for her and let her brush my coat for a while to help her settle down.

I think I will have a lie down this morning, as it has been raining. Strange to see the falling water - I am quite unused to it. Nasty on the paws, but it may bring out a few morsels later. I didn't get a chance to look for any last night as Lynettea had to go to her launch late in the afternoon and didn't get back until it was 'too late to go out now Diamond' time.

I quite enjoy a walk in the dark, but Lynettea is likely to get bitten by mosquitoes or a spider on her or 'fall over in the pitch black'. Humans are a strange lot.

The last few times I have taken her out I have renewed my interest in climbing on the trunk and branch of the grape vine. Lynettea was quite excited to see me take my run up from the back fence and down the side of the house and then climb straight up the trunk. She wasn't so pleased when I got onto a branch and had to turn around carefully to get down.

She kept giving me instructions like 'turn this way Diamond. You will get your lead tangled if you go under that vine,' etc. Of course I got down with no trouble and dashed right back to my enclosure with my tail up.
Maybe life will settle down to normal after this.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Lynettea is going to her book launch (second book launch after Writers Week) tonight. I am not sure why they have two launches. It would be easier for her if she had some cat poems in it to read. At least people would be interested to listen to those. I offered to help her compose some special cat poems for the event, but she said, 'I have to read what is in the book, Diamond.'
Well! I know when I am not wanted! I am spending the entire rest of the day sleeping on my upstairs bed in my cat run.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I have to lie around with my arms and legs spread out to get my furs cool. Lynettea says the weather is a bit tricky this time of year.

She was annoyed that I caught a small morsel on my evening walk. She picked me up and shook me, but I forced it down my throat quickly and the delicious flavour went all the way down to my stomach.
I have put this photo in to give you an idea of the location of possible morsels. They are usually out and about when it is getting dark. I am closely supervising Lynettea here, although I don't have my halter on to control her. She can't be trusted out of my sight for any length of time. And I like to see her busy about her duties.
A pity there is a piece of fern covering part of my face in this photo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain on my Furs

My furs got water drops on them this morning. I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to get water on my furs, so I came in again. I tried this a number of times to see if the rain had stopped, but every time my furs got a few sprinkles.
Lynettea said I shouldn't complain, as we have had hardly any rain at all. It is natural to complain when you feel aggrieved. I don't want to feel unnatural or exhibit controlled behaviour. Thought control is more a human style than a cat style.
I try to behave as much like the 'natural cat' as possible in my restricted environment.
Lynettea said I must be trying to imitate Womadelaide this morning with my constant miaouwing. Finally she picked me up and carried me around for a while and then gave my furs an intensive brushing. After that I had a good lie down on my mock fur bedspread, with the window shut to stop the draft blowing cold air on me.
I am not looking forward to WINTER.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Launch (not a cat book)

Lynettea asked me to put a notice about her book on my blog. At first I was not sure whether I should do this. Does she really deserve an announcement?
'You haven't put in any of my poems,' I said, 'and there aren't even any poems about cats in it'.
Lynettea said, 'I have two tiger poems, Diamond. Don't be mean!'
So I have relented. As long as she knows who is in control of my blog. I thought of making her crawl across the floor on her hands and knees, but decided not to, as she looks so awkward doing that I feel sorry for her.

She launched the book, called 'A Pause in the Conversation' yesterday at Writers Week. I hope there is a bit less self indulgence from her after this and she can get back to her proper duties of looking after my few and modest wants and needs.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Thank you Huffle awarding me this award.
Here are some of the rules of the award. For all of the rules go to
Each superior scribbler must pass on the AWARD to 5 friends who are also SS.
Each SS must link the author and name of the blog from whom he receives the award.
Each SS must display the award on his/her blog and link to the post which explains the award. (we couldn't find this post or the one where you have to add your name to the Mr Linky List.
Anyway please enjoy the award. I am passing it on to some recent visitors to my blog. Thanks for visiting me and being company. I can recommend these blogs deserve a visit and definitely deserve the award. You will have to use the Google translator on Mause and Allegra's blog, if you don't speak German.
Melvin the Amazing Teacup Himalayan Cat
All the cats at the Animal Shelter PAWS
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Yoggie at Cat Poets
and two other Russian Blue cats in Germany,
Maus and Allegra
some of these cats may already have received the award. I couldn't find blog addresses for one of my recent visitors and couldn't see anywhere to post on another.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Political Kitty/kitteh

I am rushing to make my political comments before the elections campaigning starts, because Lynettea says I will have to put my real name and postcode on the blog. My real name is no problem, Diamond, of course, but I don't know what the post code is. I suppose I could ask her. I don't want to be prosecuted either. I wonder if they have a special type of jail for political kitty offenders. I wouldn't want to go to a human jail. Although Lynettea says that the other prisoners would probably pat my furs a lot, as I am so fluffy and sweet.

She doesn't bother much about my sharp mind. Now I had better hurry up, but I can't think of many political comments. If they desalinate the water I hope it isn't too salty for me to drink and it won't rot my teeth. I am not interested in whether or where they build a sports stadium, as there is not likely to be anything for kitties. Cat athletes are very neglected and I don't think any of the Parties has budgeted for cat sports.

Climate change? Well all I know is that it is hot this summer and we don't even need to sleep under a sheet. I would like to see an iceberg though, if one floated north. It would be nice and cool under the paws on a hot day.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Orla and other matters

First I must tell you that Lynettea just discovered this photo on her mobile phone a few days ago. She hadn't worked out how to put the photos on the computer, but with my help they were soon uploaded. I chose this photo of the dust storm at Terrigal last September, as I thought other kitties might enjoy it. Particularly if they haven't been in a dust storm. The thought of a dust storm makes my furs all electric.
Now for a more relaxing scene: me under my beach umbrella. I don't have a beach yet, and in fact I don't think I would like the sand in my furs.
Out for Lynettea's exercise this evening, I was sitting on the warm path just inside the picket fence, wondering when Lynettea would stand up, when Orla went past leading her humans. She forces them to go for a walk every day. She is obviously as enamoured of me as ever, as she started snuffling under the gate, waving her tail about. I do feel sorry for her hopeless love, but am at the same time a little nervous. She is too young and boisterous for me I feel and I do not find that mass of unruly ginger fur attractive. If she were a cat then I could only describe her as ugly. For a dog .....?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vet Visit

This Thursday I knew there was something wrong when Lynettea tried to pick me up. I was very upset when we went by taxi to my Veterinary Surgeon. As I repeatedly told Lynettea, I require some notice for these visits. She said, 'I did let you know yesterday, Diamond, but I don't want to keep repeating it all the time in case you get nervous.'

This time, instead of doing his dirty work in the back room, I had to endure the jabbing needles in my arm in front of Lynettea. She kept saying things like, 'Maybe if Diamond was a bit more relaxed the blood would flow better.' It is hard to relax with a brutish nurse gripping you by the scruff and the Vet jabbing a needle into one arm.

Then they said they didn't have enough blood (maybe they are vampires?) and had to get some from the other arm. I didn't deign to struggle, as I like to appear dignified at all times, but I was glad when it was over.

After that I had to endure a huge tablet being thrown into my mouth in case I had worms. The vet has a tricky way of making me swallow, quite unlike Lynettea's efforts.
Good news though: my blood tests show that I am holding my own, although I have to stay on the kidney diet. Fortunately it doesn't taste too bad.

Lynettea was sorry she didn't think of getting a photo of me having my tests. I ask you! A cat is entitled to some privacy. There is no way that I would put such a photo on my blog, even if she had it!