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Monday, January 25, 2010

Orla and other matters

First I must tell you that Lynettea just discovered this photo on her mobile phone a few days ago. She hadn't worked out how to put the photos on the computer, but with my help they were soon uploaded. I chose this photo of the dust storm at Terrigal last September, as I thought other kitties might enjoy it. Particularly if they haven't been in a dust storm. The thought of a dust storm makes my furs all electric.
Now for a more relaxing scene: me under my beach umbrella. I don't have a beach yet, and in fact I don't think I would like the sand in my furs.
Out for Lynettea's exercise this evening, I was sitting on the warm path just inside the picket fence, wondering when Lynettea would stand up, when Orla went past leading her humans. She forces them to go for a walk every day. She is obviously as enamoured of me as ever, as she started snuffling under the gate, waving her tail about. I do feel sorry for her hopeless love, but am at the same time a little nervous. She is too young and boisterous for me I feel and I do not find that mass of unruly ginger fur attractive. If she were a cat then I could only describe her as ugly. For a dog .....?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vet Visit

This Thursday I knew there was something wrong when Lynettea tried to pick me up. I was very upset when we went by taxi to my Veterinary Surgeon. As I repeatedly told Lynettea, I require some notice for these visits. She said, 'I did let you know yesterday, Diamond, but I don't want to keep repeating it all the time in case you get nervous.'

This time, instead of doing his dirty work in the back room, I had to endure the jabbing needles in my arm in front of Lynettea. She kept saying things like, 'Maybe if Diamond was a bit more relaxed the blood would flow better.' It is hard to relax with a brutish nurse gripping you by the scruff and the Vet jabbing a needle into one arm.

Then they said they didn't have enough blood (maybe they are vampires?) and had to get some from the other arm. I didn't deign to struggle, as I like to appear dignified at all times, but I was glad when it was over.

After that I had to endure a huge tablet being thrown into my mouth in case I had worms. The vet has a tricky way of making me swallow, quite unlike Lynettea's efforts.
Good news though: my blood tests show that I am holding my own, although I have to stay on the kidney diet. Fortunately it doesn't taste too bad.

Lynettea was sorry she didn't think of getting a photo of me having my tests. I ask you! A cat is entitled to some privacy. There is no way that I would put such a photo on my blog, even if she had it!