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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Vet Visit

This Thursday I knew there was something wrong when Lynettea tried to pick me up. I was very upset when we went by taxi to my Veterinary Surgeon. As I repeatedly told Lynettea, I require some notice for these visits. She said, 'I did let you know yesterday, Diamond, but I don't want to keep repeating it all the time in case you get nervous.'

This time, instead of doing his dirty work in the back room, I had to endure the jabbing needles in my arm in front of Lynettea. She kept saying things like, 'Maybe if Diamond was a bit more relaxed the blood would flow better.' It is hard to relax with a brutish nurse gripping you by the scruff and the Vet jabbing a needle into one arm.

Then they said they didn't have enough blood (maybe they are vampires?) and had to get some from the other arm. I didn't deign to struggle, as I like to appear dignified at all times, but I was glad when it was over.

After that I had to endure a huge tablet being thrown into my mouth in case I had worms. The vet has a tricky way of making me swallow, quite unlike Lynettea's efforts.
Good news though: my blood tests show that I am holding my own, although I have to stay on the kidney diet. Fortunately it doesn't taste too bad.

Lynettea was sorry she didn't think of getting a photo of me having my tests. I ask you! A cat is entitled to some privacy. There is no way that I would put such a photo on my blog, even if she had it!


Kaz's Cats said...

We're sorry to hear that you had to visit the v-e-t, but really glad that you are doing okay on the special food.


Gypsy & Tasha

Sakura said...

but now you are okay?

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Well I am glad that you are doing okay!

SchneiderHein 2 said...

That's right. A vet visit with a camera isn't a good idea!

Diamond said...

Thanks my friends for visiting.

I am also happy for others to leave comments on my blog, but please don't try to post comments that contain links to your on line businesses, or I will reject them.

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, Diamond, that sounds like a horrible experience. We are glad you are doing better now.

Cliff and Olivia said...

Great news about the vet results. Not so good news about the process getting them.

We don't have an on line business so you don't have to reject our comment!


Cliff and Olivia

MmeBenaut said...

Oh, poor Diamond. What a nasty thing to have to endure. I'm sure that Lynettea had your best interests at heart.

Diamond said...

Cliff and Olivia, I don't mind if a kitty has an on line business - good luck to him or her, but I don't want to put a link on my blog to something when it is obviously just business advertising.

ihavecat said...

loved this would have been great but i hear you on poor Petie had to endure my snapping pictures and video of him for the MODKAT product review i just posted!

Nikita said...

Glad U R OK!

I am also glad to find you because now I know of more Poetically inclined Kitties, like me!

I will check out those links in your sidebar!

Nikita Cat

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