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Thursday, March 18, 2010


So I have to lie around with my arms and legs spread out to get my furs cool. Lynettea says the weather is a bit tricky this time of year.

She was annoyed that I caught a small morsel on my evening walk. She picked me up and shook me, but I forced it down my throat quickly and the delicious flavour went all the way down to my stomach.
I have put this photo in to give you an idea of the location of possible morsels. They are usually out and about when it is getting dark. I am closely supervising Lynettea here, although I don't have my halter on to control her. She can't be trusted out of my sight for any length of time. And I like to see her busy about her duties.
A pity there is a piece of fern covering part of my face in this photo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rain on my Furs

My furs got water drops on them this morning. I wanted to go out, but I didn't want to get water on my furs, so I came in again. I tried this a number of times to see if the rain had stopped, but every time my furs got a few sprinkles.
Lynettea said I shouldn't complain, as we have had hardly any rain at all. It is natural to complain when you feel aggrieved. I don't want to feel unnatural or exhibit controlled behaviour. Thought control is more a human style than a cat style.
I try to behave as much like the 'natural cat' as possible in my restricted environment.
Lynettea said I must be trying to imitate Womadelaide this morning with my constant miaouwing. Finally she picked me up and carried me around for a while and then gave my furs an intensive brushing. After that I had a good lie down on my mock fur bedspread, with the window shut to stop the draft blowing cold air on me.
I am not looking forward to WINTER.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Book Launch (not a cat book)

Lynettea asked me to put a notice about her book on my blog. At first I was not sure whether I should do this. Does she really deserve an announcement?
'You haven't put in any of my poems,' I said, 'and there aren't even any poems about cats in it'.
Lynettea said, 'I have two tiger poems, Diamond. Don't be mean!'
So I have relented. As long as she knows who is in control of my blog. I thought of making her crawl across the floor on her hands and knees, but decided not to, as she looks so awkward doing that I feel sorry for her.

She launched the book, called 'A Pause in the Conversation' yesterday at Writers Week. I hope there is a bit less self indulgence from her after this and she can get back to her proper duties of looking after my few and modest wants and needs.