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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Palm trees swaying in the wind

is what I am thinking of. It was raining today, although Lynettea told me (because she like to listen to the radio and then tell me these things), that we are well below our average rainfall. She wasn't too pleased when all the rainfall we did have fell on her this morning and wet her rucksack and her papers inside it as well as even her socks inside her shoes. (she did have a raincoat).
Well I think it is pretty silly to go out in the rain anyway. I am resting under the downdraft of the heat from the airconditioner at the moment and then I might have a small snack before getting into bed.
I had to help Lynettea by posing for some light effects in an illustration she was doing. She messed up the photo by doing different filters on it, so I thought I would post it here to show more of my true beauty.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

another haiku awardie - I helped to write it this time

We are one of the haiku winners in the May Dottie awards. You can see I helped Lynettea with her haiku this time. She recognizes that I am the real expert when it comes to moon viewing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winter Thoughts

Now the winter evenings are shutting in I like to take Lynettea out on the path for a bit of hunting training. You will wonder why I persevere with this, when she has been so completely untrainable in the past. I am worried about her future though. She is always muttering about global warming (although it is quite cold at the moment) and I fear if things change for the worse and the SUPERMARKET, where she does her clumsy form of hunting, closes, what will she do for food.

I don't think I could feed both of us at my stage of life. I can only climb half way up the grape vine now, even after I have rushed right down the side of the house from the end of the yard as a run up. Lynettea thinks I have either put on too much weight or my legs are too weak because of age.

She bought me a new velvet style blanket in the sales yesterday. It is big enough for both of us to sleep under. I have it draped around me at the moment. No picture yet.
As far as the hunting training goes, no sign of improvement. She thinks she has taught me to sit on command. I sometimes let her think that, as I have a good sense of humour.