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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Palm trees swaying in the wind

is what I am thinking of. It was raining today, although Lynettea told me (because she like to listen to the radio and then tell me these things), that we are well below our average rainfall. She wasn't too pleased when all the rainfall we did have fell on her this morning and wet her rucksack and her papers inside it as well as even her socks inside her shoes. (she did have a raincoat).
Well I think it is pretty silly to go out in the rain anyway. I am resting under the downdraft of the heat from the airconditioner at the moment and then I might have a small snack before getting into bed.
I had to help Lynettea by posing for some light effects in an illustration she was doing. She messed up the photo by doing different filters on it, so I thought I would post it here to show more of my true beauty.


Furkidsmom said...

Our palm trees are swaying, but we don't have any rain. Mom says we need it.

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Karen Jo said...

That's a cool picture of you, Diamond. I'm sorry that the only rain fell on your Mom. That happened to my Mom yesterday, but it rained a lot longer than it took her to get to work.

Keisha said...

O hai! We had a palm tree in front of our house. Then it got all brown and crackly because it had yucky stuff, so Dad cut it down. I hope we plant a new one instead. :)

MoMo said...

You look wonderful in that pic, Diamond. Looks great to us.

It's cold but sunny here but I'm not allowed out yet.

Thankyou for coming to visit and purr for me. Much appreciated!

meowmeowmans said...

That is a very dramatic photo of you, Diamond. You are indeed beautiful!

Huffle Mawson said...

I hope you are not too chilly over there Diamond!

Ravinder Chowhan said...

wow what a picture of diamond, i have seen the same kind of diamond in another website.hmmm whcih website,, ohyea

MmeBenaut said...

Snuffly just ignores the rain but then again, his coat is a bit thicker than yours Diamond. He's had to negotiate quite a few fallen trees too. Sascha is like you though, she likes to stay inside and keep warm and she is often under the doona close to the electric blanket. I think Snuffly must think she's a spoilt brat.