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Friday, August 20, 2010

Election battle

I think it is the battle of the colours: the red-haired kitty, the people with the green socks and the men in the business suits with the blue ties. Although Lynettea says they don't always wear the business suits nowadays. Some are in swimming costumes. How can that be? It is too cold to go swimming.

She says that she wants to save the bush. Well our grevillea bush is looking rather dried out in parts and needs a trim. Will the red-haired kitty come to do it? Or the people in green socks? I think she is living in a foolish dream, as they will be too busy shouting at one another to come to our place. What about all the other bushes, are they saving them?

Well, I think I will just stay in my heated bed and take a rest. Lynettea says that kitties are still not allowed to vote. And it is the twenty-first century. It is hard to believe, I know.


Bocci said...

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and become a follower if you will-thanks!
Yes it is a shame that cats (and dogs too!) can't vote...

Your buddy,

TK and Squashies said...

It is quite the carnival. Politics is the same every where.
I hopes your bush gets saved. It is a world treasure and should be taken care of...
I'm with you, off to bed!

Boy n Beethoven said...

Well, I think Wynettea should just vote for you and get it all done with.


Keisha said...

I think I'd vote for the candidate who has a dog.