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Thursday, August 19, 2010

SORRY I haven't posted for a bit

My dear friends, I have not been able to post, although I am well. I just have a very recatricant human in charge of the computer. Also she got caught out by a computer scam recently.
Some people rang her saying they would fix up her computer, which was sending floods of warning messages to their Windows Support On Line Centre in Chatswood. It seemed they were very overloaded with trying to deal with all the error messages sent by her computer and had rung up to try to stop them. They showed her lots of the Window's Error Messages on her computer and said the ones in RED WERE PARTICULARLY DANGEROUS. AND NOT TO OPEN THEM ON ANY ACCOUNT.
Then they said they would help her and all for free!!!! She was pleased to hear this, because my cat food is quite expensive and she can't afford to waste money. Unfortunately when they asked her to type in her six digit code so they could help her ---- she had no code. Can you believe that?

They said everyone has a six digit code (except Lynettea). She really felt out of it when they told her that. Everyone else had the code. Well the nice man she was speaking to said he could get her a code for $50, which did not seem all that expensive when she looked at his other plans (up to $350.) So she paid for the code and let them start fixing her computer.
That was not a good idea.
After a little while (7 minutes) she noticed that the tech was not there on the chat line anymore, although he said that he would be around forty minutes fixing it all up for her. He also told her that the company would ring her every year and fix her computer for free now she had the lifetime code.
So she put the six digit code in the little box again. I was sitting on the lounge watching her do all this and was quite concerned. The lifetime six digit code said it had expired. Then when she tried again the message said the six digit code did not exist. So she rang the bank in the middle of the night and the lady told her she should put a bar on her credit card and search the computer for viruses. Then Lynettea found none of the nice people's phones at the Windows support on line in Chatswood were answering. Perhaps they had all gone home?
She is feeling a bit grumpy about this and especially as she has had to cancel her credit card.
Well I let her have a little space to tell you this information. I am sure none of the kitties reading my blog would fall for this trap, but what about your humans? Can they be trusted with the computer? Or the phone?


The Paw Relations said...

We're sorry that your mum was scammed by some bad people. Sometimes humans can ge so horrid xxx

TK and Squashies said...

We is so sorry that happens to your mommy. Mean people suck!
You tells your mommy to does like the kitties when someone takes their noms- shakes it off and gets another noms. Is hard- we knows.
Purrs to your mommy.

MmeBenaut said...

Oh how awful for Lynettea! How I hate those scammers.