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Thursday, September 30, 2010

More visitors. Welcome Kitties

Thank you my kind cat friends for visiting to cheer me up on my birthday. I am now bouncing with energy and waiting to take Lynettea out for her walk. The technicial person has just been to look at the Internet connection and he says it is okay, but you never can tell with intermittent faults.

Maybe the cables have worn out through Lynettea using them such a lot. All those flashing lights here and there from computers, modems, TV, must use up a lot of energy and they might get worn out. I asked Lynettea what they ate to keep up their strength and she said, 'Electricity, Diamond,' as if I was silly.

Well I know that it is electricity. But I shouldn't think that is very nourishing. I wouldn't like to eat it. Miaouwwwww!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You Huffle and Welcome Kitties

I was so surprised to find all my kitty visitors. Then Lynettea told me Huffle had sent them to me.
Thank you Huffle - you are a generous cat. I will try to visit all of your blogs soon. I already know some of my visitors, but others are new, so welcome to my blog!

While Lynettea was helping me put some comments on my blog she tried to put a lot on at once and it all broke down. Goodness! Everything went into a seizure and she had to ring up her Internet Provider. They are sending a tech out tomorrow to look at her modem.

Now it is all working again, so we don't know what happened. She told her Internet person, who was quite hard to hear over the phone, that the modem was flashing again, but the lady said according to her we were still not connected.

The human world is hard to understand. I have spent another quiet day resting after all Lynettea's fussing on my birthday. Too much cuddling, brushing and patting can be quite tiring.

You have all made me feel special on my birthday.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my September moon haiku published

You will find my September moon haiku here. It is one of the haiku chosen by Dottie for the September moon viewing.
p.s this was a nice birthday present. You can share it my kitty friends by going to the link.

A quiet birthday

I spent a quiet birthday with some extra 'spoiling' as she calls it, from Lynettea.
I slept in late under the polar fleece on the bed. Lynettea didn't have to go to her Philosophy class, as it is school holidays, so she didn't try to make my bed too early. Then, when she picked off the polar fleece and started to heat up my Snugglesafe, I had a brush with my 'baby brush' and I do enjoy that. The sensation of it going through my fur is very pleasant. I even have my face brushed. Of course I close my eyes when my face is brushed, as I don't want bristles in my beautiful green eyes. (even if they are soft baby bristles).

After that I took Lynettea out for a quick walk in the sunshine. She fussed around a bit pulling out some weeds and held a piece of my tall grass clump down so I could take a few bites.
After a while I went back to bed to rest on my Snugglesafe warmer and spent the afternoon there.

When I got up I threw up in the lounge room. On the wood floor. Which Lynettea cleaned up quickly. We went for a walk outside then.
None of my kitty friends came for a visit. Lynettea says not to be disappointed. Maybe some of them will notice my post later at some time.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Birthday: I will be fourteen on 28 September 2010

Because it is my birthday tomorrow I have put on a few photos to share with my kitty friends.
I didn't think I would be able to post anything. I sprang on the computer to try to get Lynettea to listen to me, but she was busy and put me back on the floor. She can be quite thoughtless sometimes. After a while she looked around and saw I was still sitting there patiently and she suddenly remembered it was my birthday. She picked me up and took me for a 'special cuddle' on the lounge and then let me post my messages to my friends. She even took some portraits of me in my favourite places in the last few days. One on my airconditioner in the garden (with my halter on). I let her off the halter to take some photos, as long as she stayed in my sight.
I also have included a photo of me in the sun on the bedroom windowsill. The bluebells I can see from this position and the flowering crabapple is at the end of my garden.
You can see my grass too, in one of the photos. It has grown rather wild, I am afraid, as because of the rain I haven't been out often enough to get it under control. The white flowers in the garden are rocket, which Lynettea eats (the leaves not the flowers). All I can say to that is UGH!
And she won't even try any of the grass clumps. She got me to smell a violet the other day, so I humoured her, although the scent was so sharp my nose wrinkled.
If anyone wants to drop by for a visit you would be welcome. I can share any of my snacks with you, although I do like to have a nap in the middle of the day. We could have a nap together.

Friday, September 24, 2010

My Generous Nature

YES the beads do look nice on me, but I thought Lynettea should wear them. I hardly need enhancements for my elegant appearance. Besides don't you think that beads are a bit hippyish? No one would call me a hip cat. I write haiku, not beat poetry and I never rap. My fur is sleek and shiny, not full of dreadlocks.
Lynettea doesn't have dreadlocks either and she doesn't rap. So why does she want to wear beads?
This is a picture of me grooming myself. I have posted it as a treat for any of your humans who may be looking at my blog. Most humans seem mesmerized by my soft shiny fur. I have a heating pad under my beach towel from Adobe. They sent the towel to me because of all the art work I do on the computer. The red side is supposed to be underneath and the white side is really the underside of the towel.
As I lie there enjoying the winter warmth I sometimes feel as if I am gliding on a wave rushing towards the shore. Then I wake up in a fright, eyes staring and ears pricked up, until I realize I have been having a nightmare.
Sometimes I think I should write directly to the manager at Adobe to thank him or her for the towel and let the company know that I appreciate their generous gift and use it a lot. I have clawed at it here and there, so there are a quite a few threads sticking up.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I return

After all the fuss about which lot of humans were going to run the country, the green socks people and the Independents decided the red-haired kitty had the best food bowl and they all settled down for a feed together, while the men in business suits had to look hungrily in at the window. Life is sometimes fair and sometimes unfair, but a bowl of dried food is a good standby in hard times.

Lynettea put these special glass beads on me to see if they looked better on me than her. Well, I ask you! She makes them, so I couldn't be too rude. I suggested that they might suit her better.