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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Generous Nature

YES the beads do look nice on me, but I thought Lynettea should wear them. I hardly need enhancements for my elegant appearance. Besides don't you think that beads are a bit hippyish? No one would call me a hip cat. I write haiku, not beat poetry and I never rap. My fur is sleek and shiny, not full of dreadlocks.
Lynettea doesn't have dreadlocks either and she doesn't rap. So why does she want to wear beads?
This is a picture of me grooming myself. I have posted it as a treat for any of your humans who may be looking at my blog. Most humans seem mesmerized by my soft shiny fur. I have a heating pad under my beach towel from Adobe. They sent the towel to me because of all the art work I do on the computer. The red side is supposed to be underneath and the white side is really the underside of the towel.
As I lie there enjoying the winter warmth I sometimes feel as if I am gliding on a wave rushing towards the shore. Then I wake up in a fright, eyes staring and ears pricked up, until I realize I have been having a nightmare.
Sometimes I think I should write directly to the manager at Adobe to thank him or her for the towel and let the company know that I appreciate their generous gift and use it a lot. I have clawed at it here and there, so there are a quite a few threads sticking up.


meowmeowmans said...

That is indeed generous of you, Diamond. We're not sure why humans like to wear beads and such, but we suspect it's because they don't have beautiful furs like us cats.

Have a great weekend!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Most humans are not sleek and shiny like us cats because they just don't know how to groom properly

Kari said...

Lots of people wear beads now, sweetheart. But you,, being the fabulous Russian Blue that you are, need no adornment.
You do have the the most gorgeous fur. Our mum would love to rub her cheek along your handsome face.