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Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am waiting nervously to see what happens next. The case is packed, in spite of my efforts to hide inside and there is no room for me to get in. I tried sitting on the lid, but Lynettea didn't like that. She picked me straight off, so I spent a long time lying on the couch checking the case was still there.
I am recuperating on my mat in the sunshine outside when I can, trying to relax before the cat hotel lady comes. Lynettea says she will be in Japan (where is that? I don't like the sound of it.)
She says she will try to go to a cat cafe and take me some photos. I would prefer her to be here and I notice her itinerary does not mention a cat cafe. I wonder if the cats sit around sipping milkshakes.

So I won't be away too many years. Lynettea says, 'Don't be silly, Diamond.' She is fond of saying that. 'I won't be away long and you will hardly notice.'
As if I won't notice being in a cat hotel, away from all my usual comforts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Does she really care for me?

I overheard a familiar voice on the phone last night. I remembered it from last year when I went to stay with 'Aunty Pam and my younger sister Katinka.' I sat there on the rug with my most mournful expression, but Lynettea didn't seem to notice. I wonder if she bothers about me at all!
I told her previously that I don't want to go to any cat holiday camps or cat holiday hotels.
I am on the alert now to see if she tries to get me into the cat carrier. Her suitcase is standing around and there are piles of assorted objects that look as if they are to be packed. No amount of her saying, 'You will be really well looked after, Diamond,' or, 'Well, I can't leave you alone here while I am away, Diamond,' will pacify me.
Maybe I should give her some sharp swipes with my paws so she can see I mean business this time. I don't mind staying here by myself as long as there is plenty of my special food left out for me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

More 'helpful' computer scammers

We had another group ring us yesterday, saying our computer was full of viruses and broadcasting warnings to their helpful computer service centre.
After our previous experience, in which Lynettea was annoyed to lose fifty dollars, (because she was too trusting and silly) we were most interested. Lynettea tried to keep the man in conversation.
It was difficult to understand him and he had to keep repeating things. At first we thought he was saying 'cure' and then 'pure' and then it turned out to be 'PC'. Lynettea asked him where they were located and he said the UK. When she tried to find out in which city they were operating he hung up suddenly.
I am thinking of starting up a cat detective agency to trace these scammers, but Lynettea thinks they are too tricky for me. At least I can post a warning to alert other kitties so they can advise their humans.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There was so much interest in my haiku writing that Lynettea thought I should really compose one instead of going to sleep 'as usual,' she said.

harvest moon
poking into crevices
for lizards

I particularly like writing moon haiku, as you can see from my winning entries. This one has a more feline flavour than usual.

the moon traps a face
in the fishpond

(Lynettea didn't like the one above. She said, 'whose face, Diamond?' I thought it was obvious, a fish face. Who would be interested in anything else.)

Monday, October 11, 2010

All quiet today

After all the excitement of THE GREAT ESCAPE I have had a quiet couple of days. Since it was pleasant sunny weather I took Lynettea out for her walk and supervised her while she did her favourite garden pastimes of snipping things and weeding things. (Yes, you are right there is a cruel streak there ... thank goodness it is not directed at me).

This morning after her outdoor expedition she spent some time reading The Narrow Road to the Interior (which is not about our hallway) at the table in my enclosure. I lay on the table too, with a couple of my carpet pieces to protect my sensitive body from the wood.

It is nice out there, with only a few popping noises from my goldfish to disturb the silence. I might even feel a haiku coming on as I sink into a dream.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Lynettea says I have at last earned my badge for the Naughty Kitties' Club. I think I was just asserting my right to be a NATURAL CAT. As you know I have long wondered what it would be like to adopt the free wandering life of a natural cat. To stretch my legs and sniff the wind on the open moor (more or less).

I took Lynettea out for a brief walk this morning and then I went back inside my enclosure. She refused to come back in and stayed outside pulling out tiny plants that she refers to as 'weeds'. I am not sure why she is always pulling out these harmless plants. She had removed my halter and was quite away from my supervision.

This rather annoyed me, so I went out quietly and climbed up the fence, then walked along the fence rail and jumped on the roof of the shed next door. By this time Lynettea had realized where I was and was running along below waving her arms and shouting, 'This way Diamond! You can get down here. There is a dog next door and it might bite you.'

She must think I am an idiot. Orla wasn't barking, so she must have been inside. It was nice up there and I could see all around. Finally I got back onto the fence rail and was walking towards the back of the yard to explore some more when Lynettea managed to grab my leg and pull me down.

Then we went inside, as she had 'had enough' she said. She thought she would change my bucket of water. So I sat on my scratching post near the tap and put out my paw to touch her shoulder in affection, as she was filling the bucket. She got a fright (she said) and the bucket tipped over and watered her shoes and socks and her slacks. This would have given them a good freshen up!
After that I went for a nap on my heated Snugglesafe, as the day wasn't all that warm.

Monday, October 4, 2010


This is Funi, up a tree. She is not trying to escape, just looking around.

Lynettea was at the Zoo, not me. I wouldn't like to live there, although Lynettea says they have meerkats. I am not a mere cat. I am Supercat Russian Diamond. Whenever Lynettea is out and can't see me I put on my supercat outfit and whoosh around supervising the fish. They are forced to hide under the waterlily leaves if they want privacy. Lynettea wonders why they are so timid about coming out.

But they all rush up to get their food. Even if I prowl around the edge of the pond they don't take much notice if they are concentrating on getting their food. Maybe they regard me as their Protector. I would like to think so.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday I was quietly taking Lynettea for a walk on the path at the side of our house. She had sat down on the edge of the front porch for a rest, after we had been into the street so she could look at the gazanias and tell me how well they were flowering and gaze around as usual (why do they do that) and I was just standing quietly, when I saw it!

So I ran quickly down the side of the house and I didn't know Lynettea could still run so fast. She was quick at coming up behind me and yelling stop Diamond, don't get into a fight with a cat.
But it jumped on top of the fence. So I let it go. It had been sufficiently warned. And Lynettea picked me up and gave me a cuddle and called me her Protector.

Then we went in and I had some fresh crispies for my dinner straight away. She doesn't like me to get into a fight and I don't. But I have to protect my place from intruders, even if there are a lot of rough kitties living round here.