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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am posting in a hurry, as the computer may be going away tomorrow. It may be a bit sick or something happened to its insides. I hope not too bad, as I rely on it for my correspondence. No pictures provided as yet.

This morning I heard Lynettea mention the Vet. She must think I am stupid. Well as soon as she went outside to hang out some washing I went out and stood around. I usually just stand around and look at the pots and the vegetables and sniff at my grass or perhaps lie under a tree for a bit while she is outside. She thinks that if she keeps an eye on me I won't do anything she doesn't want me to.

As soon as she went back for the second lot of washing I wandered off slowly down to the quince tree and I won't tell you what I did then, as Lynettea might see this and I don't want her to know. Well she couldn't find me anywhere and our neighbour also came in and they searched the house and garden. Finally I was sorry for her and came out.

We went inside and I lay on my chair in the kitchen, but when she tried to pick me up I got really tense. My limbs spasmed. In spite of this she was able to put me in the pet carrier. I miaouwed all the way to the Vet. The taxi driver asked if I was ill.

We had to sit in the waiting room for a long time. Some dogs came in and out. This Vet specializes in large dogs, I think. They don't look all that smart, but their humans follow them around, so they can't be all that silly. One dog had a lady with silky hair that looked just like her.

Finally the Vet got hold of me and took me to the BACK ROOM. I know about the secret room where they jab you with needles, but I didn't flinch.Useless struggle just wears you out.
He told Lynettea I was a perfectly behaved cat.

The Vet just rang to say all my blood tests were good.

No special treats for dinner, just the same old stuff. I don't mind the taste though and there is always plenty of it. But you would think after my ordeal ....

Monday, January 17, 2011


As I have not been able to get near the computer keyboard even to upload the comments from my loyal kitty friends.
I have mostly been resting under protest.
Only got one small and feeble looking raggy fabric mouse for Christmas, which is so long ago now. It amused me for around two and a half minutes.
I did manage to telepathically stun a rat on the footpath at the side of our house. Lynettea nearly fell over it.

And I was nearly able to stun a gecko on the kitchen ceiling with my thought waves, but Lynettea made me go into the bedroom and I had to sit on the bed in the dark dungeon while I could hear her scuttling around. When I finally got back to the kitchen the gecko had vanished.

I can't see any improvement in Lynettea for the new year. Well 2011 already and I can't see any resolutions she has kept. The year rolls on. I might feel a bit less jaundiced if I get to post some pictures next time. The camera is full of splendid poses of me me me.

Thank you to the kitties who posted me delightful cards and greetings. I posted a card back to the Kitty Quartet: Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla and Yuji. I hope you got my card. I loved the little ginger kitten on the front and the little black kitty inside.

Shumble from Wollongong and Sanker from Ipswich also sent greetings. Sanker has done really well at writing now he has taken literacy classes. This goes to show that it is never too late for a cat to improve himself. Sanker, I hope you managed to keep your humans under control during the flood and that you kept your furs dry.
Well that is all for today.