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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New computer

we are supposed to be getting one tomorrow. I am hoping I get some time to write on it. Maybe some more of my haiku.
Lynettea is going to read some of my moon haiku in the State Library. I bet she doesn't say they are mine. She says that CATS are not a legal entity. I am not an entity, as I am a cat, but I am sure I am legal. Otherwise I would be arrested. Maybe I should stay inside if I am on the run. If I am illegal. It is all too confusing for me.

I am not allowed to go to the reading either. Cats, as usual are not allowed. I wonder if the library has a sign saying NO CATS ALLOWED. Cats are quiet, not like dogs.

How will we improve ourselves if we are not allowed to access books? Yet another case of discrimination against our species. if I am not allowed to improve myself I think I will go to sleep.

Friday, February 11, 2011


I hardly get to post with the computer playing up all the time. It doesn't know whether it is Arthur or Martha (that is what Lynettea says), but computers aren't alive, are they? it is just flickering lights and metal. Although something warm definitely lives inside the box, which is why it is so comforting to drape over in cold weather.

We are getting some new equipment in the post from Telstra: a new modem and a new T-hub. Maybe that will fix it up.

Lynettea says she is getting to be a nervous wreck and I am finding it difficult to keep her calm. Sometimes when I try to calm her by sitting on her lap she just pushes me off, so I go to sleep on my little special wool rug instead. Maybe I can calm her from my world of dreams ...

I haven't even been able to jot down any new haiku and we haven't seen the moon for a while. I hope it is still there.