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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resting comfortably

My human, Lynettea, says I need to put on more weight. I do try, but I think I may be getting more skinny. I wonder if my bones will stick out of my furs. At the moment I am resting comfortably on my heater. We went outside into the sunshine earlier, which was nice, but Lynettea had to go out to meet a friend and have some green tea. She said she had to go out, but I really think she wanted to go. Maybe she didn't want to stay with me? Sometimes I have these negative thoughts. Lynettea tells me not to be negative, as it is important to have a sunny personality, not spend all your time peering into the yard next door from your pergola shelf to see if the black kitty there is doing something he shouldn't. I don't think he should be there. His human has built him a little enclosure so he can go out into the sunshine.
When Lynettea got back she tried to go out again to look for the letters (she said) and I rushed out and the door banged into my left thigh. Lynettea said sorrry sorrry Diamond, but it did hurt, even though she picked me up and cuddled me. Of course we cats don't show that we have had a nasty knock, so I said nothing, not even meow.

As she looked upset I let her give me some kisses and hold my pawsie - sorry 'paw.' She wasn't happy when she found this morning that I had been hiding some of my tablets around the house.

'I didn't know you could hold the tablets in your mouth so long, Diamond!' she said. I haven't had any tablets for ages now. I hope she doesn't force me to have any more.

The picture shows me relaxing after hiding one of the tablets.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Koala at the sale

Lynettea was at the Harris Scarfe sale today when she should have been at home looking after me. When she got up to the counter after a long queue, she saw that a lady ahead of her had a koala baby nestled up to her shoulder. This little koala was wrapped in a white cloth and peeked out at the top with his or her little arm on the carer's shoulder. The little koala seemed quite undisturbed by all the people and noise around.
What an amazing world!!!
Lynettea didn't say Miaouw to the little one, as she said koalas don't miaouww. I don't know how she knows this. She often says things I am expected to take on trust.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Litter tray and other matters

Dear friends, Lynettea says I should tell you at once that I seem to be better and better. I did take my tablet for a few days, but managed to spit it out this morning. I did swallow it after Lynettea said she was prepared to keep putting it in my mouth all morning if necessary. I think I may have had enough tablets by now, as I AM USING MY LITTER TRAY and EATING MY FOOD.
Now I have the nice basket on the floor near my computer I often use it for grooming sessions, sleeping at night and generally relaxing.
Lynettea read a few of my haiku at the State Library on Wednesday with her group, but she didn't say they were by me. She said that the authors were only mentioned together, not each haiku, but she showed me the video from her camera and I couldn't hear 'Diamond' mentioned. I think she is ashamed to acknowledge that I wrote some of the haiku.
She let me use her picture dressed in a kimono, as she was one of the musicians for the reading. She isn't a proper musician - she just banged the gongs occasionally. The library may be putting a film of the readings on their web site.
A pity that I won't be acknowledged, but I find there is such a lot of discrimination against cats. Now I am feeling better I will protest MIAOUWWWW MIAOUWWWW!!!!!!
I wonder if anyone will listen.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Diamond still resting

Lynettea said I could write a little bit, although I am spending most of my time lying in my basket, which she has put in the lounge room near my computer. For years the basket has been on top of the washing machine, but she got it down for me last night, as I only felt like sitting on the carpet, instead of jumping up onto one of my seats in the chairs.

I worry that Lynettea has made my private health problems so public. I tell her it can't interest anyone if I have used my litter tray. Anyway I have done a few little bits, if anyone is interested. I took my tablet this morning, as I felt sorry for Lynettea. She sat there brushing my coat a lot and worrying about me. I can tell that she is worrying, because she keeps on saying things like, 'I love you Diamond. Get well!' or, 'Do you want a cuddly now Diamond?'

I didn't like it at the Vet Hospital. They gave me a cosy to sleep in which rolled over when I turned around and threw me out. Lynettea came to visit and told the nurse about me falling out of the cosy. They gave me chicken to eat - but I don't like it. And they kept sticking things into me, which they called enemas. I felt really poked about and pulled about and my arm was bandaged so stiffly with the drip that Lynettea thought it was a sticking out part of the cosy, until she saw a bit of my furs coming out the end of the bandage.

I am trying to rest, so don't think I will write any more now. Thank you to my friends for all your wishes.

Diamond home

Diamond is not feeling up to posting yet. He came home this afternoon after a lot of blood tests, fluid drip, injections for nausea and enemas. The Vet is still not sure exactly why Diamond was vomiting.

He gave me some tablets and tried to give one of them to Diamond before we came home, then said he didn't realize a cat could hold a tablet in his mouth for so long and then spit it out. Diamond doesn't like tablets much. Eventually, after another try, he did swallow the tablet. I hope he takes them tomorrow.

Thank you to all the kitties who wrote to Diamond. He is sitting quietly on the carpet now, but still hasn't used his litter tray properly.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Visit to Diamond in Hospital

I visited Diamond in hospital this morning to take him some of his Kidney Diet food. He wasn't eating any of the chicken they had given him. He ate some of his regular food, picking at it slowly three times while I stayed with him. I was there about an hour.

He spent quite a lot of time grooming, had a good patting session and was settling down for a nap when I left. He stayed in the cosy they had provided for him while I was there, but I could open the door of the container ward and reach in to pat him in the cosy. I think he is quite nervous, and not surprisingly, as he has an arm bandaged up with a drip and has had a couple of enemas and extensive blood tests.

The blood tests show his kidney complaint, but they were not really bad. He is very blocked up with constipation and they are waiting to see if that clears. I have to ring at 3 pm for more discussion on his condition. Diamond asked me to keep his kitty friends posted.
best wishes,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Diamond in hospital

I am posting this message on behalf of Diamond. He suddenly had to go into hospital this evening and is staying overnight for some tests. I may know more later this evening.
He is a very brave kitty.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fern Hollow

This is a nice resting place in my garden. I call it Fern Hollow. I am not sure why Lynettea made this little hollow for me. She ripped out a lot of the sword ferns, in her usual brutal fashion. She may have been looking for rats or lizards, but gave up when she didn't find any.
I quite like to poke around in here and it is cool on a hot day. Not that I go out much on a hot day, as it is too hot for Lynettea. I don't want to be responsible for her getting dehydrated.
She is careless enough as it is. I have quite a big job supervising her. No wonder I get tired out. I heard we may be getting a new cat next door, but as it is going to be a house cat I might not see much of it.
Just a note to Sanka, if he gets a chance to read this blog: I haven't heard from you Sanka and hope you are not shut in the shed. Sanka went to literacy classes, but seems not to be able to get to the computer. His human must be quite thoughtless.