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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Koala at the sale

Lynettea was at the Harris Scarfe sale today when she should have been at home looking after me. When she got up to the counter after a long queue, she saw that a lady ahead of her had a koala baby nestled up to her shoulder. This little koala was wrapped in a white cloth and peeked out at the top with his or her little arm on the carer's shoulder. The little koala seemed quite undisturbed by all the people and noise around.
What an amazing world!!!
Lynettea didn't say Miaouw to the little one, as she said koalas don't miaouww. I don't know how she knows this. She often says things I am expected to take on trust.


Princess Jasmine said...

Awwwwwwwwww, how cute. My big sister cuddled a koala when she visited Australia last year. She said it was the bestest thing she had done. She fell in love with her and bought a cuddly toy version and named it after her :)

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh my. Koala? How cute! And we know... the hoomins do expect us to take an awful lot of faith, don't they? But generally we think ours can be trusted on outside matters. Except maybe when she says things like " that is not for kittehs to eat/play with!".

Cheri said...

Oh how sweet - too bad she didn't get a pic!

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

How fun! My human always wanted a koala. Of course, here in the U.S., you need a special permit to have one. Not sure about your limits in So. Australia.

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond,
Me would like to see a baby Koala! Me used to have a koala toy until one of my hairy slobbery sisters chewed it up! And our peoples sure say things to us that we are supposed to believe. Like - a bath won't hurt you!

Kari said...

Oh goodness! A baby koala! What an amazing treat! Mum was at a zoo in California and an adult Koala held onto mum's fingers! It felt so wonderful she will never forget it. Finding something you want on sale and a baby koala too! It was a good day, wasn't it?

And how are you feeling, dear Diamond? We hope all is entirely well and you are back to your old self. Love to you.

meowmeowmans said...

A koala? That sounds pretty adorable, Diamond. We're with you, though ... does Lynettea know *for a fact* that koalas don't say maiouw? We suspect she might be making that up! ;)

Tillie and Georgia said...

We are happy that you are home Diamond,even if you do have to take pills :)
We are pretty impressed that you write haiku too :o
Bet it was cool that your person got to see a koala!!!
Purrs Tillie & Georgia

Karen Jo said...

It must have been really surprising to see a koala like that. They are so cute. I am glad that you are feeling better, Diamond.

ML said...

Hi Diamond, I was just checking in to see how you are doing.
I was worried, I know you haf been poked and prodded and had it posted all over the Cat Blogosphere.
I haf two brofurs that looks like Russian Blues, they's not, they's just big grey kitties, but they remind me of you. So that make me worry more about you.
Anyways, I hope you's feeling better now.
Love & Purrs,