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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Resting comfortably

My human, Lynettea, says I need to put on more weight. I do try, but I think I may be getting more skinny. I wonder if my bones will stick out of my furs. At the moment I am resting comfortably on my heater. We went outside into the sunshine earlier, which was nice, but Lynettea had to go out to meet a friend and have some green tea. She said she had to go out, but I really think she wanted to go. Maybe she didn't want to stay with me? Sometimes I have these negative thoughts. Lynettea tells me not to be negative, as it is important to have a sunny personality, not spend all your time peering into the yard next door from your pergola shelf to see if the black kitty there is doing something he shouldn't. I don't think he should be there. His human has built him a little enclosure so he can go out into the sunshine.
When Lynettea got back she tried to go out again to look for the letters (she said) and I rushed out and the door banged into my left thigh. Lynettea said sorrry sorrry Diamond, but it did hurt, even though she picked me up and cuddled me. Of course we cats don't show that we have had a nasty knock, so I said nothing, not even meow.

As she looked upset I let her give me some kisses and hold my pawsie - sorry 'paw.' She wasn't happy when she found this morning that I had been hiding some of my tablets around the house.

'I didn't know you could hold the tablets in your mouth so long, Diamond!' she said. I haven't had any tablets for ages now. I hope she doesn't force me to have any more.

The picture shows me relaxing after hiding one of the tablets.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Diamond, I wish you were feeling better. I am sending lots of purrs to you. My human has to give me pills, and when she does, she drops them deep into the back of my throat - I will spit them out otherwise. As much as I hate to admit it, her aim has gotten pretty good.

Princess Jasmine said...

Awwww Diamond, I hope you feel better soon. Mummy says she used to hide tablets when she was a little girl and had a bug. You look very snuggled up there prrrrrrrrrr

The Paw Relations said...

What a clever trick, holding the tablets in your mouth and then hiding them!

Cat said...

Diamond please be a good kitty and take your tablets!!! They will make you better :-)

OKcats said...

Oh Diamond, I'm supposed to be putting on some weight, too, but it's kind of hard sometimes. It's crazy - I'm 16 and like to lounge and sleep, and I DO eat, but I'm still mostly bones. My crazy sister is 5 and plays like a lunatic, running around like her butt is on fire, and she's getting fatter and fatter! My mom says she wishes she could lose weight like I do, just napping all day!

I do hope you're feeling much better, and I hope you start gaining weight. Purrs!

Your gray friend, Fuzzy

The Whiskeratti said...

Diamond, your Mom luffs you very much. We know how yucky meds can be, but it's impawtant to take them... and get plenty of rest.

The Cat From Hell said...

Oh Diamond!
Me has been worried about yous! It is nice to see yous is up and about. If me could, me would fly through the internet and gives you cuddles and purrs.
Kitty Kisses

Kari said...

Oh lovely Diamond. You poor, sweet kitty! What an absolutely horrible day for you! We' ll tell your mum for you: we kitties don't like to be left alone when we are unwell. It makes us anxious and feel sicker!
How is your poor leg? It must hurt like anything after getting hit by the door as your mum was leaving you. Bet it broke your heart too!
But you must take your medications. Our mum used to carry us around for two minutes after pilling us so we couldn't spit our pills out. But we did anyway! So now mum always gives us a treat we really love after giving us pills so we are sure to swallow. Then she opens our mouths and sweeps her finger in our cheeks to be sure the pill is down. We will continue to offer our prayers and our love to you.

meowmeowmans said...

We're so glad you're resting comfortably, Diamond. Please try to eat a little more, okay? We wouldn't want you to get too skinny!

Don't worry, our friend, we know for a fact that Lynettea loves you very much.

Hugs to you both.

The Island Cats said...

Hi Diamond, we sure hope you feel better soon. And we don't want you to think negative either...positive thoughts are always better. Sometimes when we get pills, our mom uses pill pockets...yummy treats that you can hide a pill in. Maybe Lynettea can try those.

Karen Jo said...

I managed to do that with my tablets several times, too, Diamond. It really is better to swallow them, as they make us feel better eventually. I hope you gain some weight. I wish I could send you some of mine. I have a bit too much.


MoMo said...

You need to take your tablets to get better and stronger, Diamond. I am sending my purrs to you.

Eat and gain some weight, you and I both.

Kari said...

Hello, dearest Diamond. Hope you are feeling better today. Are you taking your medications for your mum? We know they are nasty but we want you to be well. How is your little leggie feeling?
Lots of love to you.

Cheri said...

Older kitties do lose weight even if they eat. Mom puts digestive enzymes in our food to help us gain weight.

Cats of Wildcat Woods