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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fending for myself

More details of my being left (abandoned). I feel like the orphans in the wood in Hansel and Gretel. Lynettea says I would be Hansel, as I am a boy cat. You can see how indifferent she is!!!!

No suitcase has come out yet. I think I will stay on the sofa all the time so she can't put it there to pack. She says I can take all my special foods and my heaters and blankets with me and even my fur brush if anyone wants to brush me. I don't think anyone will brush me, as my fur was quite unkempt when I got home again last time. I am used to having my fur brushed with a soft baby brush twice a day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will she leave me alone again?

I heard her talking about going away again. Is it heartless to leave me in my less than peak condition?
She keeps pestering me to eat my food. I even have to try to eat my food when I am lying down in my blankets. Miaouwwww. I cannot help it if I am thinner and bonier. I have the same number of bones, but not so well covered.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back to my Vet

I haven't been feeling well again and Lynettea took me to my Vet in the taxi yesterday. My cat carrier tipped over in the cab when the driver swerved around a corner. It wasn't pleasant being tossed against the wire bars. Strangely enough the Vet who saw me was the same Vet who saw me at the specialist emergency centre a few weeks ago. He was thinking of putting me on the drip again, but then let me come home with some medications. Lynettea has been giving me the soft food and some water while I am lying down on my heated pad. I did manage to lick up some of the food and water and then in the night used my litter tray. I have to take some Cat Lax. That sounds a bit like 'lazy cat.' Lynettea put it on my paws a long time ago, but this time she put it on her finger and let me lick it off. I was doing her a favour really, as it is difficult to remove once it gets stuck on you. Sometimes I think of her as my Ignorant Little Kitten. The picture is of me resting after reading the TV Guide. There aren't many shows of interest for the intelligent cat viewer.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Lynettea told me that one of her friends told her my blog was really silly and she should concentrate on playing bingo instead. What will I do if she plays bingo instead of switching on the computer for me?

She said, "Don't worry, Diamond. I don't like bingo and am not going to take up playing bingo." But I am still worried. Miaouw Miaouw. I try to offer my honest opinions, although I haven't had the chance to go to University and get a good education. But I still regard myself as a thinking cat.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Food

Lynettea got me some new food which comes in small foil sachets. When I ate some she got very excited and went down to My Vet straight away to get some more for me. It is soft food for a kidney diet. She thinks it might help me if I eat some of this food. I don't really like talking about my Bowel Movements or Using My Litter Tray. All that stuff is too personal and who else could be interested. I haven't been able to get to my friends' blogs lately to post. but I will soon. I am feeling deprived not knowing what all of you are doing. Thanks to the dear friends who have come and put your nice messages on my blog.